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Russia's President Vladimir Putin And Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban News Conference

Why Viktor Orban could be David Cameron’s new best friend

30 May 2015

The Spanish, in their local elections, just elected a bunch of radicals who oppose the austerity needed to keep Spain in the euro. Poland on Monday elected a Eurosceptic challenger… Read more


The difference between real journalism and Russia Today

6 December 2014

Anyone making the journey to Westminster by public transport will be confronted by a series of posters warning them about the state of British media. The word ‘redacted’ is in… Read more

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

What we don't know about Ferguson, Missouri

23 August 2014

The ongoing Ferguson crisis in America is really two stories rather than one. The first story is the straightforward mystery of what happened when Darren Wilson (‘the white cop’) killed… Read more

A grand reunion for the revolutionary class of '89

28 June 2014

I’m an old conference hand going back to the Tories’ annual get-together of 1958. My headmaster, an Irish Christian Brother of firm nationalist sympathies, almost certainly felt that attendance was… Read more


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain – what Putin's really up to

7 June 2014

Vladimir Putin has won in Ukraine. Russia is on the verge of getting de facto control of eastern Ukraine, destabilising the remainder, and establishing its president’s cherished Eurasian Union. The… Read more


Europe's 'new world order' is letting Vladimir Putin run riot

8 March 2014

If Vladimir Putin’s invasion and occupation of the Crimea brings to an end the Pax Americana and the post-Cold War world that began in 1989, what new European, or even… Read more


The real deal

7 September 2013

Since the 2006 mid-term congressional elections that began the Republican party’s decline, American pundits have been scanning the horizon for models of conservatism that the GOP might usefully emulate. David… Read more


Why zig-zagging Obama can't be taken seriously on Syria

7 September 2013

President Obama’s decision to seek  the endorsement of Congress for an attack on Syria fits into one or more definite patterns of behaviour, if not strategy. His preference, much praised… Read more

Minogue copy

A tribute to Ken Minogue

13 July 2013

It seems odd to describe the death of a man of 82 years as untimely. Yet the fact that Ken Minogue died on a plane returning from a conference in… Read more


Benedict’s reformation

16 February 2013

Shock is probably the predominant emotion evoked by the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign at the end of February. Given that the last papal resignation took place 600… Read more

US Election 2012

Obama’s new majority

10 November 2012

‘I’ve come back to Iowa one more time to ask for your vote,’ said President Obama at an emotional ‘last ever’ campaign meeting. ‘Because this is where our movement for… Read more

Boarding the sinking ship

12 May 2012

How Obama drove central and eastern Europe towards the eurozone – at the worst possible time On 1 January last year, while the euro was staggering drunkenly across the exchanges,… Read more

Washington Diary

14 April 2012

Washington, DC John Gross, the great literary critic and high gossip, who died just a year ago, once lamented to me that no one had written the great novel about… Read more


5 May 2010

In every election campaign the world turns upside down. Ministers and shadows grovel before voters in their moment of power. The limelight shines briefly on outsiders and eccentrics. This time… Read more


Republicans must heed the voters to beat Hillary

12 December 2007

Washington After almost a year of the candidates manoeuvring for position in the national and state polls, one aspect of the 2008 presidential election campaign remains as constant as the… Read more

How Dear Bill became editor

22 August 2007

In 1974 the Daily Telegraph was teetering on the edge of unaccustomed conflict. Maurice Green’s long and successful reign as editor was ending at the very moment when the paper’s… Read more