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Twelve Years A Slave

Oscar and the oppressors

30 March 2014

As the host Ellen DeGeneres joked at the Academy Awards, there were two outcomes that night: ‘Possibility number one: 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture. And possibility two: you’re… Read more


The one good thing we're leaving in Afghanistan

2 November 2013

 Kabul A strange new institution is rising from the dust in the mountains west of Kabul. The foreigners here call it the Sandhurst in the Sand. Those who work at… Read more


The great aid mystery

5 January 2013

One of the more bizarre mysteries of contemporary British politics is the ironclad, almost fanatical intensity of the government’s commitment to foreign aid spending and the activities of DFID, the… Read more


‘How many must be shot before Kashmir is news?’

7 August 2010

It was unfortunate timing. At the very moment David Cameron was pleasing his Indian audience by criticising Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism, security forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir were gunning down civilian… Read more

The terrible price that is paid by the forgotten casualties of war

19 August 2009

Jonathan Foreman says that the focus upon the death toll in the Afghan conflict obscures the high numbers of soldiers who have suffered catastrophic wounds — and the scandalously inadequate… Read more