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Arthur Phillip: high-minded idealism

Our founding father

25 January 2014
Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy Michael Pembroke

Hardie Bank Books, pp.354, $45, ISBN: 9781742705088

Founding fathers of proud nations are venerated. From an early age, children learn about their achievements and sacrifices. A King Kong-sized statue will often abound the founding city. The nation… Read more

No heroics

9 February 2013

Who would have thought that wearing a tin piss-pot on your head and murdering police officers was a passport to greatness? Only, it seems, in Australia. January might be a… Read more

Arthur Phillip, the man who made us great

21 January 2012

Filled up the gas bottle? Purchased the BBQ budget meat pack? Stacked up on cases of Tooheys New? Rummaged around in the cupboard for the tomato sauce-stained, Chinese-manufactured Australian flag?… Read more