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Crucifixion by Michele da Verona - 1501 (Photo: Art Archive/ DeA Picture)

BBC radio gets Easter right

19 April 2014

Given the decline of Christian belief in the UK, it’s surprising to discover there’s quite so much about the Easter story on the airwaves this week. You might have assumed… Read more

Pickets in Thoresby (Photo: STAFF/AFP/Getty)

Police and miners clash again over Orgreave on Radio 4’s The Reunion

12 April 2014

Four could have been dubbed the Frank Radio network this week as the sharp skills of Sue MacGregor, Alan Dein and Fi Glover teased out some stark opinions and revelations.… Read more


Radio that makes you feel the wind on your cheek

5 April 2014

After a walk in Richmond Park beset by rush-hour traffic, the Heathrow flight path and a strange swarm of flying ants (strange because so early in the year), it was… Read more

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo

How Radio 5 Live transformed the airwaves

29 March 2014

It’s amazing to think that it’s 20 years since the launch of Radio 5 Live. But it was bright and early on the morning of 28 March 1994 (long before… Read more


Lives captured in transit

22 March 2014

It’s such a simple idea. Take a tape recorder. Hang around at the entrance to a railway station or in the departure lounge of an airport. Look for an intriguing… Read more


The sound of growing rhubarb

15 March 2014

When the BBC proposed to do away with 6 Music a few years ago, the media-savvy fans of the station created such a fuss on Twitter and Facebook that the… Read more

Over half a million people were massacred in Rwanda by government forces, militiamen and nationalist Hutus Photo: Getty

Listening to genocide – and what came next

8 March 2014

It doesn’t take long for an international event of historic importance to fall off the news agenda. Ukraine is still there, making headlines, but soon it will be forgotten as… Read more

Anti-government protestors outside a parliamentary building in Kiev Photo: AFP/Getty

The Today programme's 'Phwoof!' moment

1 March 2014

‘Phwhoof!’ exclaimed Evan at 8.27, before reluctantly turning us over to the sport report on Saturday morning’s Today (Radio 4). His intense connection with what he had just listened to… Read more

People pay their respects for the war dead at the Yasukuni Shrine Photo: Getty

When a Chinese and a Japanese visit Tokyo's Yasukuni war shrine

22 February 2014

What does freedom mean to you? That’s the question the BBC World Service has been asking of us through its season of programmes Freedom 2014. The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield… Read more

A stowaway jumps from a ferry to avoid police checks Photo: Getty

Ali risked his life to escape Afghanistan — and now teaches Britons how to survive there

15 February 2014

‘Brown is very good — no Cameron. David Cameron no good,’ he said. Just in case we weren’t sure what he meant, he repeated, ‘Brown I like. Labour government I… Read more


Some things are better heard on radio, than seen

8 February 2014

A double dose of BBC1 drama at the weekend (Silent Witness, Casualty) left me wondering whether there’s a link between the falling crime figures announced last week and the levels… Read more

Germaine Greer (Photo: David Levenson/Getty)

Radio 3 needs to stay relevant, and world music is just the ticket

1 February 2014

When my colleague Charles Moore first began accusing Radio 3 of becoming ‘babyish’, and talking down to us as if we’re too ignorant to understand anything complicated, I had to… Read more

June Spencer, 94, plays the canny Peggy Woolley Photo: Getty

Two women, ages 94 and 83, completely own The Archers

25 January 2014

You might think the main storyline in The Archers is all about Helen’s affair with dastardly Rob. (What does she see in him? It’s so obvious he’s a mean-spirited control… Read more

Key Scenes From Jo Yeates Murder Case

When did you last hear a news report you could trust completely? 

18 January 2014

‘It put a lot upon us,’ said Christopher Jefferies’s aunt. ‘The ripples went on and did not stop for a long time.’ She was talking about the after-effects of the… Read more


Bye-bye Bric, hello Mint — are Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey really the new boom economies?  

11 January 2014

New year new ideas as we woke up on Monday morning to find ourselves in Lagos with Evan Davies trying to convince us that Nigeria really is undergoing an economic… Read more

(Photo: Frank Hurley/Hulton Archive/Getty)

How radio — and the digital age — help us to remember the first world war

4 January 2014

Perhaps the most moving programme of all amid the huge range that will mark the coming centenary of the Great War will be on 28 June, the day when in… Read more

Just imagine what the BBC schedules might look like in Christmas Future Photo: Diane Diederich

Just imagine what BBC schedules might look like in Christmas Future

14 December 2013

Is it time to scrap the licence fee? That’s a question we’re going to hear more and more about in the next couple of years. Why should the BBC retain… Read more

Joshua DuBois with President Obama Photo: Pete Souza/Landov/PA

The man who looks out for Obama's soul

7 December 2013

Just in time for Advent, that season of preparation, of getting ready, of making sure we are in the right mind to weather the excitements of Christmas, the World Service… Read more

Author Robert Preston With Political Book Browns Britain

Why didn't financial journalists blow the whistle on Paul Flowers? Robert Peston can't tell you

30 November 2013

As I listened to Robert Peston early last Friday fluffing on about the Revd Paul Flowers and the possible effect of his indiscretions on the future of the Co-operative Bank,… Read more

John Kennedy Jr. playing in the Oval Office, one month before his father was assassinated, October 1963 Photo: Getty

What Jackie did after JFK was assassinated

23 November 2013

A surfeit of anniversaries this week reminded us that on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination, C.S. Lewis (born 1898) and Aldous Huxley (born 1894) also died. Three such different… Read more

(Photo: BBC)

Radio 4's All In The Mind is a perfect example of why we still need the licence fee

16 November 2013

Best line of the week came on Monday from the composer John Tavener, and was given added poignancy by the announcement the following day that Tavener had died. He told… Read more

The Scala Theatre (Picture: H.O/AFP/Getty)

You lost Aled Jones and Catherine Bott, Radio Three — but all is forgiven

9 November 2013

It’s hard to stay cross with Radio 3 for long. Just when I thought the network had stretched my loyalty too far by not only allowing Aled Jones to decamp… Read more

Your life is not like a Detroit assembly line — it's worse

2 November 2013

This year’s Free Thinking festival at the Sage in Gateshead has been asking the question,  Who’s in Control?. Oddly, or perhaps presciently, as soon as I typed that last word… Read more

Grayson Perry (Picture: BBC)

Grayson Perry is an inspired choice for the Reith Lectures

26 October 2013

You’ve probably already read or heard somewhere that the inspiration for Grayson Perry’s current series of Reith Lectures on Radio 4 was none other than Lynda Snell. (I wonder if… Read more

(Photo: BBC)

Last week's all-female Today proved women make for a more uplifting show

19 October 2013

Boy, we’ve had to wait a long time for this. But last Thursday morning something unusual happened on Radio 4; something so unexpected, so rich with potential. It happened at… Read more