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Fort Denison (Photo: Gred Wood/AFP/Getty)


26 October 2013

We have chartered a ferry to take our 180 guests from Circular Quay to Fort Denison for the dinner to celebrate Quadrant magazine’s 500th edition. As we go aboard, with… Read more


A deal with the Devil

23 March 2013

Despite plummeting government revenue, the Gillard government in February found an extra $10 million to give to the ABC. The sum did not emerge through the normal channels of government… Read more

Why Robert Manne dislikes the Oz

17 September 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s flagship tolerates dissent while it gives prime real estate to defenders of the prevailing wisdom Robert Manne must be chuffed. He published a 25,000-word Quarterly Essay denouncing the… Read more

There were no Stolen Generations

9 December 2009

In 1997, the Human Rights Commission made the most notorious accusation ever directed against Australia. It accused this country of committing genocide against the Aborigines by stealing their children. The… Read more