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Who or what is a fair dinkum First Australian?

27 September 2014

The last thing that Aboriginal people need is affirmation in the Australian Constitution that we are in some way ‘special’ and ‘different’. Instead, we need help coming to terms with… Read more

The Recognise T-shirt. Display solidarity, $18.70

Recognise what?

28 June 2014

The Recognise brand offers a great deal to the consumer-activist. The website provides advice on how to get involved in this ‘people’s movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait… Read more

March For Peace Held After Sydney Racial Unrest

Repeal section 18C

26 April 2014

I am a person of Aboriginal descent, and I have a strong personal view on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Apparently my ability to claim Aboriginality lends me… Read more

The final insult

5 January 2013

On 18 February, the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee will report on submissions from the public regarding the Exposure Draft of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012. Among… Read more