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A multitude of voices

20 July 2013
Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World Jane Caro (ed)

UQP, $29.95, ISBN: 9780702249907

‘Consider, too, the world’s fisheries.’ This line more or less sums up the tone of Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World. It’s a collection of essays,… Read more

It happened one night

17 November 2012

Tales from the Political Trenches By Maxine McKew Random House, $29.99, pp 256 ISBN 9780522862218 The spectre of disgruntled ex-colleagues dropping a bomb or two via dramatic tell-all memoirs haunts… Read more

Fresh Crabb for dinner

17 March 2012

The ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet has shown us something press conferences can’t – and discovered a star in Amanda Vanstone’s dog You wouldn’t think many people would hear ‘top political journalist… Read more

’Tis the season to be sorry

17 December 2011

These things are always worse when they sneak up on you. I arrived at work last Monday expecting nothing more exciting than new biscuits in the kitchen, and was greeted… Read more

Australian Books: Learn some manners

2 April 2011

My grandmother gave me a copy of Ita Buttrose’s 1985 A Guide to Modern Etiquette for Christmas many years ago, in what may have been a not-particularly-subtle hint. A Guide… Read more

Dimming of the light

26 February 2011

The Way They Were: The View From The Hill Of The 25 Years That Remade Australia is Alan Ramsey’s latest compilation of columns, following 2009’s A Matter of Opinion. The… Read more

Built on columns

27 November 2010

The timing was obviously important: there’s a guaranteed post-election market for books about the campaign, usually made up of people who followed the real thing slightly too closely. The timing… Read more

Nothing personal

7 August 2010

Hawke: the Prime Minister by Blanche d’Alpuget Melbourne University Press, $54.99 pp. 416, ISBN 9780522856705 Blanche d’Alpuget writes romance novels and books about Bob Hawke. It can sometimes be hard… Read more