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Clerical Crowd

God’s management consultants: the Church of England turns to bankers for salvation

18 July 2015

A new mood has taken hold of Lambeth Palace. Officials call it urgency; critics say it is panic. The Church of England, the thinking goes, is about to shrink rapidly,… Read more

Let there be light: Saint Peter’s at dawn

Rise early to see the Vatican at its best

28 March 2015

The sun has only just risen in Rome and we are standing bleary-eyed in a short queue outside the Vatican. Our guide, Tonia, takes us through security, and within minutes… Read more


British watchmaking strikes again

30 November 2013

In a studio above the Clink prison museum near London Bridge, Richard -Hoptroff shows me his latest invention: the world’s first atomic pocket watch. It’s more accurate than any other… Read more


The charity that could make you love social workers

31 August 2013

Is any public service more reviled than social work? Policemen, when not drinking with journalists, chase down baddies; firefighters save babies, and doctors cure diseases. Social workers, on the other… Read more

Inside The Victorian Graveyard Of The Glasgow Necropolis

Recycled graves – coming soon to a cemetery near you

15 June 2013

Two marble graves are side by side. One is grey and encrusted, with moss growing over the top. The other is smooth and shiny white. It looks new but, in… Read more

Quarr Abbey stock

Two months as a monk

2 February 2013

Kieran Viljoen’s life sounds like a parable. Not long ago, back in South Africa, he spent his days in the depths of the ocean searching for diamonds. But for the… Read more


‘We rot. Don’t we?’

15 December 2012

Joanna Lumley and Sister Elizabeth Obbard are seated at the front of the church. Lumley is perched elegantly on the edge of her chair; Sister Elizabeth settles deep into hers,… Read more


Spiritual athletics

23 June 2012

Sister Catherine Holum remembers her first Olympic speed-skating race very clearly. The crowd, she says, was very loud. Three men with television cameras knelt in front of her as she… Read more


Read more, speak less

26 May 2012

Marilynne Robinson, Obama’s favourite contemporary novelist, says we all have a duty to raise our intellectual game As a child Marilynne Robinson was enthralled by writing poetry. As an adult,… Read more


Let there be light

20 August 2011

The bare brickwork of Westminster Cathedral’s ceiling was always meant to be covered in mosaic. Mark Greaves meets Tessa Hunkin, who will bring the project to life Three years ago,… Read more


Wild Life

2 June 2011

Bear Grylls on family, filming and how to pick up a snake  Bear Grylls’s TV series Man vs Wild may be watched by about a billion people across the globe,… Read more


Hand of destruction

29 January 2011

Mark Greaves talks to the artist Peter Howson about his latest commission and his demons Peter Howson started hallucinating last summer. Lying awake at night, he saw what he describes… Read more