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9 August 2014

At the season launch for the 1987 Sheffield Shield, the South Australian captain, David Hookes, was seated next to Don Bradman.  After the usual preliminaries, the Crow-Eaters’ conditioning coach made… Read more

29 September 2012

For many readers, The Spectator Australia is like The Real Housewives of Orange County. Only the front bits are worth touching. After diving into Friday’s letterbox and piercing the Speccie’s… Read more

8 September 2012

Gerard Henderson is crackers. This is the only conclusion one can reach from his increasingly bizarre attacks on The Spectator Australia. As with all matters Henderson, this dispute started innocuously… Read more

25 August 2012

One of the grave concerns of parents is bullying at school, that unbearable circumstance in which good, hard-working students are harassed and bashed by ferals in the playground. Instead of… Read more

11 August 2012

This is the story of an Australian Opposition Leader who cried wolf about a new tax. In the months leading up to the introduction of the impost, he barnstormed the… Read more

28 July 2012

When Kevin Rudd was rising through the ranks of the Parliamentary Labor party a decade ago, his most diligent critic was Joel Fitzgibbon. No aspect of Rudd’s persona was immune… Read more

21 July 2012

In the public dispute over Labor-Green preferences, Sarah Hanson-Young, the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, made a telling contribution. ‘There’s a big difference between the Greens’ values and Labor values,’ she said… Read more

14 July 2012

One of the delusions of life in Canberra is that laws passed on Capital Hill have a big-bang impact on the rest of the country. In the latest manifestation of… Read more

30 June 2012

First, an important update. In September I reported on the new system by which the memory of journalists would be honoured through the naming of dogs. The NSW police service… Read more

23 June 2012

Nothing excites journalists more than a debate about the future of journalism. While this is not unusual among professional groups, the media is unique in that such debates are conducted… Read more

19 May 2012

For those who study the succession to the throne, last Friday was a red-letter day. Britain’s Prince Charles gave a wonderful cameo appearance reporting on Scotland’s weather, his most socially-useful… Read more

12 May 2012

In the 1980s classic Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr’s theme music gave rise to an enduring catchcry: Who you gonna call? It must be reassuring for the members of the Health… Read more

5 May 2012

Parliamentary service confers on its participants a wide range of life skills. One of these is an unerring ability to spot a particular personality type: the wacky fanatic. My introduction… Read more

28 April 2012

Each year with the commemoration of Anzac Day, there are some fascinating reflections on our national culture. I think the English satirist William Rushton got it right when he described… Read more

14 April 2012

There is a story, apocryphal perhaps, about the meeting between John F. Kennedy and the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna in June 1961. At one stage, the discussions became… Read more

7 April 2012

A common lament in political commentary is how parliamentary life has changed beyond recognition. The end of Cold War ideology and rise of the 24/7 news cycle are among the… Read more

31 March 2012

No one could accuse the Queensland Labor Party of over-intellectualising its political tactics. At a time when academics and commentators have been agonising over the ALP’s identity crisis — the… Read more

17 March 2012

Some of the new television programming for 2012 has been hard to follow. Last Sunday, for instance, I tuned into the ABC’s Insiders to monitor my old mate Gerard ‘Hendo’… Read more

10 March 2012

One of the mighty tales of American politics concerns the populist, Depression-era Governor of Louisiana, Huey Long. Campaigning for office, Long visited a rural district and promised the construction of… Read more

3 March 2012

The Gillard-Rudd struggle is not just about party politics. It is also about media politics. At the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Hartcher has sullied his claim to professional, independent journalism… Read more

25 February 2012

Kevin Rudd’s resignation as Foreign Minister is consistent with every other scene in this Rudd-inspired soap opera. The man who wrecked Labor’s 2010 election campaign with his vengeful leaks to… Read more

18 February 2012

Later this year, Labor’s new leader (either Stephen Smith or Bill Shorten) will have a strategic decision to make: what to do about Kevin Rudd. As long as Rudd remains… Read more

11 February 2012

One of the delusions of the nanny state is that laws made in the distant chambers of Parliament House can impact, command-and-control style, on the lives of ordinary citizens. Take… Read more

4 February 2012

The wonder of the Tent Embassy riot lies not in how or why it happened, but in the political judgement of Julia Gillard’s media advisor Tony Hodges. What was he… Read more

21 January 2012

Saturday morning at the nearest coffee shop, marvelling at the power of Murdoch self-promotion. One paper presents a profile of Elisabeth Murdoch, stepping over the strewn remains of brother James.… Read more