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Martin Vander Weyer is business editor of The Spectator. He writes the weekly Any Other Business column.


Should the Co-op be preparing for its own funeral?

19 April 2014

‘Care, respect, clarity and reassurance’ are what the Co-operative funeral service says it offers the bereaved, and the parent Co-op Group may soon find itself in need of just such… Read more

Don’t blame ministers for the Royal Mail sell-off. Beat up the bankers!

12 April 2014

Vince Cable and Michael Fallon, ministers responsible for the Royal Mail sell-off, have been summoned for another select committee grilling after Easter. Meanwhile, Labour’s irritatingly smug business spokesman Chuka Umunna… Read more


Is full employment just another of George Osborne’s political stunts?

5 April 2014

‘Full employment’ usually means the lowest achievable rate of unemployment — somewhere south of 5 per cent compared with 7.2 per cent today, or to put it in numbers, fewer than… Read more


Why I’ll join the silver stampede to cash in a pension

29 March 2014

At the beginning of the last decade, a young man who claimed to be my ‘premier banker’ paid me a visit. He was accompanied by his boss, evidently there to… Read more

David Higgins outside Kings Cross station Photo: Bloomberg via Getty

HS2’s boss is right – it’s push on or be rubbed out

22 March 2014

I’m sure HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins is right to argue that if we’re serious about building a new north-south rail network, we should get on with it. The greater… Read more

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Any other business: Turn down those token directorships, girls, and tell them you want to be chairman

15 March 2014

Last Saturday was International Women’s Day, but we celebrated early in Helmsley when my Yorkshire home town was featured in national news last month as a beacon of recession-beating female… Read more

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 14.30.51

Any other business: Britain’s chaotic energy policy puts us in Putin’s hands

8 March 2014

To have written last month that the headline ‘Kiev in flames’ looked like a black swan on the economic horizon hardly makes me Nostradamus — but sure enough, the tension… Read more

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Race

Any other business: Why a trillion dollars of dividends is a milestone worth celebrating

1 March 2014

Dividends paid by listed companies around the world passed $1 trillion for the first time last year, we learn from a report by Henderson Global Investors. The total is 43… Read more

Previews - Winter Olympics Day -2

Any other business: The friends of Putin taking home gold from the Sochi Olympics

22 February 2014

Imagine if the BBC’s excitable commentators had been asked to cover the building of Sochi’s facilities, rather than the Winter Olympics themselves. ‘Yeesss!!’ Ed Leigh might have yelled, ‘That’s the… Read more

Antony Jenkins of Barclays Plc. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty

Where I’m looking for the next great banking blow-up

15 February 2014

A reader likens me to Dr Pangloss, the quack philosopher in Voltaire’s Candide who insisted that ‘all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds’ even after… Read more

Any other business: The £1 bet that built a 1,000-strong company

8 February 2014

At a charity lunch in Manchester, I meet a cheerful ‘engagement manager’ from AO.com, formerly Appliances Online, a fast-growing internet seller of fridges and washing machines headquartered at Horwich near… Read more

Virgin Australia Unveil Regional Airline In Perth

Richard Branson deserves (some) respect

8 February 2014
Branson: Behind the Mask Tom Bower

Faber, pp.384, £20, ISBN: 9780571297092

Tom Bower’s first biography of Sir Richard Branson, in 2000, was memorable for its hilarious account of the Virgin tycoon’s accident-prone ballooning exploits — and for its trenchant thesis that… Read more

Ed Balls's secret: he doesn't care whether his tax plan makes sense

1 February 2014

There were a million people who voted Labour in the 2005 general election but not in 2010, when the party fell from a 66 majority to 48 seats behind the… Read more


Any other business: How François Hollande let France miss the global recovery train

25 January 2014

I’ve always respected stationmasters, but that sentiment is not universally shared. A distinguished friend of mine across the Channel described François Hollande the other day as ‘un chef de gare,… Read more

Photo: Bloomberg via Getty

Any other business: Oh dear... perhaps Standard Chartered isn't as dull as it looks

18 January 2014

The cautionary tale of the Co-operative Bank, its black hole and its naughty chairman has recently taught us that if a financial institution has the reputation of being dull, earnest… Read more

(Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg/Getty)

Martin Vander Weyer: Why I’d rather run M&S than Tesco

11 January 2014

This first working week of January is apparently the time when we’re most likely to think about a change of career; and last Friday was the 30th anniversary of the… Read more


Martin Vander Weyer: In my hospital bed, I saw the future of the NHS

4 January 2014

I blamed the pheasant casserole, but I did it an injustice. Its only contribution to the drama behind my disappearance in mid-December was a residue of lead shot in the… Read more

Rocamadour Castle on a hill, Dordogne river valley, Périgord region

The pleasures of the Dordogne

4 January 2014

Call me a trencherman or worse, but I tend to think of the Dordogne as a giant restaurant-cum-farm shop, set in a wooded riverside picnic park. And I have a… Read more

Sir Kenneth Cork and Governor Gordon Richardson Photo: Getty

Martin Vander Weyer: How many times must we save the City?

14 December 2013

Top of my Christmas reading pile is Saving the City by Richard Roberts, a new account of the largely forgotten crisis which afflicted global markets at the outbreak of the… Read more


Lord Bamford on why JCB is staying independent

30 November 2013

‘If I can’t see a factory from up here,’ I mutter to myself, throwing the car round an uphill bend of the B5032 south of Ashbourne, ‘I must be in… Read more


You'll probably find this book about the ruthlessness of Amazon at a sharp discount on Amazon

30 November 2013
The Everything Store Brad Stone

Bantam, pp.372, £18.99, ISBN: 9780593070475

Do you love Amazon? I have to admit that I do, and that I buy books from it far more often than I buy them anywhere else — or bought… Read more

Branches Of Co-operative Bank To Be Cut By 15 Percent

Martin Vander Weyer: The Reverend is just a funny sideshow — here's who to blame for the Co-op mess

23 November 2013

The naughty Reverend Flowers will be a comic footnote in the history of the financial crisis — but no more than that. In terms of making ministry relevant to modern… Read more

Enda Kenny (Photo: Getty)

Ireland's back, and luck had nothing to do with it

16 November 2013

My man in Dublin calls with joy in his voice to tell me ‘the Troika’ — the combined powers of the EU, the European Central Bank and the IMF —… Read more

(Photo: Getty)

Now the economy is recovering, is it a good idea to buy Poundland shares?

9 November 2013

‘Satan seizes control of saintly bank’ would be a fair summary of much of the coverage of the deal that has rescued the crippled Co-operative Bank from oblivion, or ‘resolution’… Read more


Martin Vander Weyer: Arise, Sir Jim, the hero of the Grangemouth affair

2 November 2013

You know my theory that Unite leader ‘Red Len’ McCluskey is a Conservative secret agent? Well, having watched events at Grangemouth last week, I’m convinced his Scottish comrades Pat Rafferty,… Read more