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Closed for business

7 December 2013

Pity the Australian people. In 2007, they elected Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, a man who billed himself as an ‘economic conservative’ and turned out to be a reincarnation of… Read more


9 November 2013

‘Terrifying.’ ‘Scary.’ The ABC’s Annabel Crabb is worried about the rise of digital media and the slow yet steady decline of print journalism. Putting out a newspaper used to be… Read more


16 March 2013

If a conservative in Canberra asserts that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement are fighting the same battle (crony capitalism) and that President Obama isn’t well liked… Read more

The Wayne Principle

29 September 2012

Nothing’s certain in politics, and if you don’t believe me, ask President Al Gore. But there may be an emerging exception to the rule: the man from Nambour, Wayne Swan.… Read more

You’re wrong about the Boss’s home town, Treasurer

11 August 2012

It’s not hard to slag off New Jersey. Just ask a New Yorker. Where else can voters elect a 300-plus-pound governor who recently called a gay male state legislator ‘numb… Read more

A post-Howard roadmap

9 December 2009

Mary Kissel reviews Battlelines (second edition) by Tony Abbott Melbourne University Press, $34.99, pp. 206, ISBN 9780522856064 In any politician’s book billed as a manifesto for a triumphal return to… Read more