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28 March 2015

It was not only an evident reluctance to embrace economic reform that blighted Malcolm Fraser’s eight years of government and allowed the Hawke-Keating duo falsely to claim the reform initiative… Read more

Business/Robbery etc

14 March 2015

Bribery-prone foreign bank employees and do-gooder whistleblowers, we salute you! They, along with some long overdue international tax agreements, are at last bringing a sudden and, for many Australians an… Read more

Business/Robbery etc

28 February 2015

It was hidden away last week in the finance pages. But it will have a far greater impact on Australians than is normal for an overseas iron ore mining company’s… Read more

Business/Robbery etc

14 February 2015

While Gina Rinehart managed to emerge financially undamaged from her $300 million foolish five-year foray into Fairfax shares, she remained humiliatingly defeated in her attempt to have some influence over… Read more

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31 January 2015

The ghost of a long-dead Sydney stockbroking firm is hexing Queensland Liberal-National Premier Campbell Newman in the closing stages of his State election campaign. He and his deputy Jeff Seeney… Read more

Business/Robbery etc

17 January 2015

The Australian National University’s ‘ethical’ dumping of $16 million in Australian resource stocks last October has progressed from ‘stupid’ (as described at the time by Prime Minister Tony Abbott) to… Read more

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3 January 2015

Wow! Not a pretty sight, these wounds Australia is beginning to suffer in the word’s current cut-throat competitive commodities killing campaign. Before long, corporate victims will join the ‘disappeared’ off… Read more

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29 November 2014

Millions of Australian investors can now sleep safely in their beds knowing that in November 2014 Jacqui Lambie and Ricky Muir saved them from….the big bad bogeyman? When these two… Read more

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15 November 2014

No wonder so many Australians, from those with modest incomes to the very rich, now prefer to satisfy their compulsory superannuation obligations by dumping the existing super funds and doing… Read more

Abbott Flies Into Sydney To Campaign With Three Days To Go

Drowning in a sea of factional self-interests

16 August 2014

Are Tony Abbott and Mike Baird drowning or just waving? By not reaching for Liberal hero John Howard’s lifeline of fundamental reform of the NSW Liberal Party, they may be… Read more


Notes of a diplomat

1 March 2014

New York. One of the best overseas postings in Australia’s Foreign Affairs portfolio. So yet another politician is to enliven his retirement in stylish high-status accommodation at Beekman Place, a… Read more


A forgotten hero

2 November 2013

A spectre haunted the Sydney Opera House’s recent 40th anniversary. It was the disconsolate ghost of that foully treated Danish-bred man. No, not Jørn Utzon, the venerated architect of the… Read more

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott and Bruce Billson leave the Liberal party meeting at Parliament House Photo: AAP/PA/Alan Porritt

Go ahead, suspend me

19 October 2013

The trouble with the Liberal party is that it doesn’t realise how deeply it is in trouble. Liberals have missed the point that winning by default over chaotic or corrupt… Read more

Informal address

9 February 2013

The political ghost of failed Labor leader Mark Latham hovers over September’s federal election. Recall that it was only the ‘Latham factor’, resulting in the doubling to 360,000 in the… Read more

Diary - The Spectator Australia

13 October 2012

Beware! The most dangerous time in your life is, when leaving your doctor’s surgery after your annual check-up, being told that you are in perfect health. That’s when you are… Read more


25 February 2012

No official function is complete in NSW without the involvement of the indefatigable Governor, Professor Marie Bashir, whose congratulatory address at last week’s gala concert celebrating the 80th anniversary of… Read more

Running numbers

31 July 2010

Was it really only ‘blatant populism by both political parties’, as one business leader complained in the media, when opposition leader Tony Abbott transformed the previously farcical population debate at… Read more