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Holiday diary

10 January 2015

Holidays are a time to abandon the comfort zone and try new things. So when my mate Adam Brereton, an editor at the Guardian Australia, graciously offers to introduce me… Read more

On the Contrary

29 March 2014

Dame Gina Rinehart — for services to coal transportation, journalistic freedom and family law, we confer upon you this country’s highest of honours. Long may your passion for special economic… Read more

On the contrary

22 March 2014

I was on the edge of a rather hairy deadline when disaster struck. Tired of being cooped up in an office, I had determined to complete the home stretch down… Read more

On the Contrary

15 March 2014

It is welcome news that the government might consider tightening the means test around the seniors’ health card. The card is currently restricted to those on incomes less than $50,000… Read more

On the Contrary

22 February 2014

Once again, Labor seems genuinely baffled that there aren’t more votes in propping up dying industries. The (non-existent) canneries and production lines of the future would be well-served by a… Read more

On the Contrary

15 February 2014

Once upon a time, I liked the boats. I thought the absence of boats to be a lamentable prospect. I saw them as the ultimate sign of respect; that families… Read more

On the contrary

8 February 2014

Last October, the ABC aired two consecutive episodes of its flagship science programme, Catalyst, which claimed the causal link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease was ‘the biggest myth… Read more

On the contrary

1 February 2014

I’ve lost a lot of friends this week. News travels fast and the idea of someone writing a weekly column for a magazine like the Spectator doesn’t wash particularly well… Read more

Australia Politics

Draconian Barry

25 January 2014

I’m writing this from a bar in central Sydney, moderately soberly — although I have just ordered another beer, so who knows? — not because it’s a regular pastime at… Read more

CORRECTION Australia Politics

Julia Gillard's myth makers

21 September 2013

In recent weeks the Left — which is of course not a singular herd, though it sometimes acts like one — has rushed adoringly to the former PM’s aid. Her… Read more


In praise of people smugglers

10 August 2013

It’s not the sentiment de jour, but has anyone considered that people smugglers might not be the root of all evil? Yes, they could probably seek out a more positive,… Read more

How does Julia sleep?

30 March 2013

The year is 1999 and the Labor caucus is debating whether to support a Howard government amendment to capital gains taxation. The Victorian Right faction is in favour, and one… Read more

Cashed-up bogans can take a hike

19 January 2013

I love free speech as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is Nicola Roxon, of course). I subscribe whole-heartedly to its underlying principles: that the criminalising of… Read more

Foreign notes

29 December 2012

New York – I arrived three days after Adam Lanza tore the nation’s soul apart, killing his mother and then 26 other people at an elementary school in Connecticut. That… Read more

Clive Palmer

Put Palmer in charge

17 November 2012

It happened again. Without any measure of irony, an Australian political party has done the exact opposite of what it ought to do. Last week, it was the suspension of… Read more

Party politics

8 September 2012

I did not hit the town to celebrate on the night of 24 March 2011, when Barry O’Farrell swept to power in New South Wales. I imagine many did, however.… Read more

Lament of a progressive

19 May 2012

So it has come to this: we are so disillusioned with the characters and plot of Australian politics that we’ve started fantasising about a Peter Costello comeback. The famous ‘low-altitude… Read more