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The wind turbine that could ruin Norfolk

20 April 2013

Want to see a beautiful corner of old England? Come to north Norfolk, its gentle landscape dotted with houses, halls and cottages built from flint and clay dug from north… Read more


Letter from the Foodbank

19 January 2013

It’s our foodbank’s first winter. We started collecting food and giving it to people who haven’t got any in August. Since then we have had to open two more distribution… Read more

Blots on the landscape

27 August 2011

On a walking holiday in France a couple of weeks ago, I was making my way along the ridge that forms the very edge of the plateau of the Vercors… Read more

Mendicant ways

5 March 2008

The Gospel according to St Matthew teaches, ‘Give to him who begs from you’, but St Matthew didn’t take his holidays in Rome. If that’s where you plan to spend… Read more

Charlie don’t surf. Nor do I, alas.

6 February 2008

In Newquay, women are taking their clothes off in the streets. Men are too, mind, though I find this less of a distraction. My brother John, who lives on the… Read more


Heaven scent

31 October 2007

‘Let’s go to that house, for the linen looks white and smells of lavender, and I long to lie in a pair of sheets that smell so.’ Izaak Walton, The… Read more

Coup de thé

24 May 2007

There are two invaluable rules for a special correspondent — Travel Light and Be Prepared …remember that the unexpected always happens. Evelyn Waugh, Scoop Huge potholes scar the road from… Read more

Holy orders

18 January 2007

‘No flash! No flash! Mama mia, four times I tell-a you, ma you do it again!’ The anger of the sacristan of the church of S. Agostino rolled past Caravaggio’s… Read more

Religious conversions

27 November 2004

With half the kingdom now designated by New Labour as a grey Lego baseboard to press soul-less plastic bricks into, there is an ever-growing demand for properties of age and… Read more

WINTER TRAVEL SPECIALThe great escape from other people

13 September 2003

There is rust on the griddle of the barbecue, dust on the shoulder of the Pimm’s bottle and must in the air in the summerhouse, where the cushions and the… Read more

Luxury Goods SpecialTreasures in Heaven

17 May 2003

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the fullness of Time, even Rolexes rust. Fast cars, foxy clothes, fancy wines and fine jewellery are fun while you can enjoy them,… Read more