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19 April 2014

Monday nights are back to normal and I can watch the new season of Game of Thrones, the brilliant dungeons and dragons fantasy. You will recall that, many months ago,… Read more

12 April 2014

I was thrilled to see the implacable enthusiasm of Afghani voters as they lined up in their thousands for hours to vote in the presidential election, despite the threats of… Read more

5 April 2014

It was good to see the government’s decision to amend Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, as the reforms will strike a neat balance between freedom of speech on… Read more

22 March 2014

The next step has been taken in Victorian barristers’ consideration of changing their titles from the rather anodyne Senior Counsel to the more traditional Queen’s Counsel. Of all those eligible,… Read more

15 March 2014

I don’t want to harp about the ABC and I hope this will be my last contribution on that subject, or at least on the widespread concern about the most… Read more

8 March 2014

During my illustrious career as Minister for Employment and Youth Affairs I had a visit from my counterpart in the Chinese government. We had a pleasant chat about the bonds… Read more

1 March 2014

I see that Kevin Rudd has been appointed to a teaching job in international politics at Harvard University, specialising in China-US relations. The appointment reminded me of the remark of… Read more

22 February 2014

I wonder why international leaders make decisions that are clearly against their own interests. There have been two recent examples. The first was the release by Israel of another tranche… Read more

15 February 2014

There are some loose ends about the ABC controversy that should be tidied up. First, it is interesting that the ABC’s own case was put by the managing director and… Read more

8 February 2014

Writing about the need to reform the ABC is profoundly depressing. You can draw attention to its failure to provide balance in its coverage of current affairs, its perpetual axe-grinding… Read more

1 February 2014

What an inspired choice for Governor-General! General Cosgrove will acquit himself well and be a distinguished occupant of that high office that is so pivotal to our Constitution and the… Read more

25 January 2014

A few days ago I went on another of my nostalgic returns to St Kilda. As you know, I no longer live there, as I foolishly believed Professor Flannery and… Read more

18 January 2014

It is good to read something worthwhile in the press and I had the opportunity to do exactly that the other day when up popped Ms Mary Thompson in the… Read more

11 January 2014

To let one ship become embedded in Antarctic ice that was supposed to be melting might be understandable. But to allow it to happen to two ships at the same… Read more

Kim Jong-un (Photo: Ed Jones/AFP/GettyImages)

4 January 2014

I am pleased to report that the Christmas season was full of peace on earth and goodwill towards men. Well, that was pretty much the case, except that it was… Read more

14 December 2013

There must be few cases in Australia or any other country where an incoming government and its ministers have been hit with such a series of issues, not of its… Read more

7 December 2013

I have just spent several wonderful days watching the unfolding of a magnificent drama about dragons, crazy sisters, narcissists, misfits, egomaniacs, backstabbers, dungeons, giants, dwarfs, earthlings, Balmain weavers and sacrificial… Read more

30 November 2013

There was one really interesting aspect of the revelation of the salaries being paid to top ABC presenters, apart from the more obvious ones. The latter group included the amusing… Read more

23 November 2013

Everyone was supposed to burst into howls of protest when the government announced last week that it was abolishing 20 advisory bodies. Well, now I know what that 1960s song… Read more

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

16 November 2013

The launch of Twitter on the New York Stock Exchange the other day was a momentous event. I do not go in for it myself and I have a fundamental… Read more

9 November 2013

When the Sri Lankans launched a determined effort to rid their country of Tamil Tiger terrorism they made a big mistake. They succeeded. The secessionist rebels were beaten back into… Read more

2 November 2013

What an eerie coincidence there was last week between Tony Abbott’s visit to Afghanistan, the virtual end of the war there and the proposal for the official vandalism of the… Read more

26 October 2013

During my illustrious career as one of Her Majesty’s ministers, an incident occurred that senior public servants still talk about over lunch at the Canberra Club in hushed tones and… Read more

19 October 2013

Last Monday I watched Bill Shorten’s press conference with the Canberra press gallery, covered lovingly in every excruciating detail by the ABC. You really have to watch one of these… Read more

12 October 2013

It is good to see that another personal memoir of Sir Robert and Dame Pattie Menzies has been published, this one by their daughter Heather Henderson. When I say ‘another’,… Read more