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Welcome to Italy: this is what a real immigration crisis looks like

20 June 2015

Let us suppose that along the coast of Normandy up to one million non-EU migrants are waiting to be packed like sardines in small unseaworthy vessels and to cross the… Read more

Nicole Minetti (with statutory sunglasses) in Milan in 2011. The bunga-bunga girl, catapulted into politics by Berlusconi, was accused of aiding and abetting prostitution and submitting fraudulent expenses

Italy on the brink: the dolce vita turns sour

7 February 2015
The Italians John Hooper

Allen Lane, pp.316, £20, ISBN: 9781846145445

Like so many Britons who chased the dream and woke up in Italy I have contemplated writing a book about the Italians. I even thought of what to call it:… Read more


The benefits of breeding like a rabbit

31 January 2015

Let’s face it. Whatever Pope Francis actually means when his head is in the clouds during those in-flight press conferences of his, we Europeans need to breed like rabbits if… Read more


Italy’s in terminal decline, and no one has the guts to stop it

25 October 2014

Rome   The Rome Opera House sacked its entire orchestra and chorus the other day. Financed and managed by the state, and therefore crippled by debt, the opera house — like… Read more


Libya's boat people, and Italy's tragic folly

6 September 2014

The next time you eat a fish from the Mediterranean, just remember that it may well have eaten a corpse. As the Italian author Aldo Busi told the press just… Read more


Does Nigel Farage really know who he's allying with?

28 June 2014

Nigel Farage turned down an alliance with Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament not because her ‘far right’ Front National party is in fact — unlike his Ukip —… Read more

Thatcher in Venice

Italians for Maggie

7 September 2013

Now that the forces of evil have transformed Silvio Berlusconi into a condemned man, there remains just one person on the planet who can save Italy: Roger Scruton. If the… Read more

Shocked By Nudity

Attack of the nudist lawyers

10 August 2013

Carla, my Italian wife, has a small house in a little town on the Adriatic near Ravenna called Lido di Dante, right next to one of the last unspoilt beaches… Read more


In defence of Silvio Berlusconi

29 June 2013

Ah Italia! Such a great place to get your head round great art and great women but what a crappy little country. How else can you describe a place that… Read more


Beppe Grillo: Italy's new Mussolini

2 March 2013

The stand-up comedian Beppe Grillo, like the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini before him, has a craving to take over the piazza and mesmerise the crowd. Where once young Italians chanted… Read more


Berlusconi bounces back

21 July 2012

As I for one predicted, the defenestration of Silvio Berlusconi last November in a palace coup orchestrated by Europe’s bores has made no difference. Italy may well be governed by… Read more

Ship of fools

21 January 2012

Ah, those Italians. Let’s just blame the bloody Eyeties for the catastrophe of the Costa Concordia and have done with it, shall we? That way we don’t have to think… Read more


Arrivederci il Magnifico

12 November 2011

Berlusconi is the only person who could have sorted out Italy’s problems Where the monstrous regiment of judges, journalists and the other toxic derivatives of Italian communism failed, the Germans… Read more

Nicholas Farrell

13 September 2003

Last week The Spectator interviewed Silvio Berlusconi, and there followed a political furore that dominated the Italian news for – well, at least a couple of days. The cause of… Read more