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Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What’s Left and You Can’t Read This Book.

Women only: The Gift of Fire

Why is a festival of Israeli film fighting for censorship in London?

20 June 2015

You might think that Jews, faced with a relentless campaign to ban their culture, would think once, twice, a hundred times, about instituting bans themselves. After they had thought about… Read more

BA Cabin Crew Staff Meet To Discuss The Recent Strike Action Ballot

Why is Len McCluskey paying Carter-Ruck to threaten me?

30 May 2015

It is not only Russian oligarchs and multinational corporations who run to the ‘capitalist courts’ — as we used to call them on the left. Have an argument with Len… Read more

The Spears 500

Posh, educated and energetic: meet the servants of the super-rich

16 May 2015

‘Let me tell you about the very rich,’ said F. Scott Fitzgerald. ‘They are different from you and me.’ Indeed they are. They can afford to live in London. Just how… Read more

Special Representative of the Secretary-

Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all

28 March 2015

If the cries of ‘Je suis Charlie’ were sincere, the western world would be convulsed with worry and anger about the Wallström affair. It has all the ingredients for a… Read more

Muslims Celebrate The Festival Of Eid In London

Where the battle for the future of British Islam is being fought – and perhaps lost

7 March 2015

Tell Mama is Britain’s most prominent opponent of anti-Muslim prejudice. It monitors everything from criminal assaults to everyday abuse. The far right loathes it, and the Conservative press sells the… Read more


If ‘incorrect’ English is what’s widely understood, how can it be wrong?

7 March 2015
Accidence Will Happen: The Non-Pedantic Guide to English Usage Oliver Kamm

Weidenfeld, pp.301, £12.99, ISBN: 9780297871934

In a cheeringly Dickensian fashion, the names of our supposed experts on grammar imply they want to bind writers (Lynne Truss); send them awry (Kingsley Amis); besmirch their prose (H.W.… Read more


How liberal Britain is betraying ex-Muslims

28 February 2015

A few days ago Imtiaz, a solar engineer; Aliya, a campaigner for secular education; Sohail, a gay Somali in his twenties; and Sara, a bright student, went to Queen Mary… Read more

Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Mexico - Day 3

As a republican, I used to look forward to Charles III. Now I’m scared

31 January 2015

When republicans meet, we console ourselves with the thought that our apparently doomed cause will revive. The hereditary principle guarantees that eventually a dangerous fool will accede to a position… Read more

UK Braced For Further Storms As Rain And Snow Bring More Flood Misery

How long will it be before the climate forces us to change?

17 January 2015

This time last year, homeowners in Oxfordshire and Berkshire were recovering after storms had brought down power lines and blocked roads. Soon, power cuts were the least of their problems.… Read more


Our suicidal newspapers are throwing press freedom away

11 October 2014

With the possible, although far from certain, exception of the men and women who hire me, it is fair to say that Britain’s editors have a death wish. They suppress… Read more

British Treasury Secretary Danny Alexand

How an Oxford degree – PPE – created a robotic governing class

27 September 2014

If graduates from an architecture school designed buildings that were unfit for human habitation or doctors from a university’s medical faculty left death in their wake, their teachers would worry.… Read more

Celebrity Sighting At Monte Carlo Grand Prix - May 27, 2012

Now that everyone’s a journalist, anyone can be sued

12 July 2014

Trying to count posts on the web is like trying to number grains of sand on a beach. In June 2012, a data management company called Domo attempted the fool’s… Read more

The Trip to Italy Screening - Sundance London Film And Music Festival 2014

Since when has Steve Coogan stood against censorship?

21 June 2014

I have looked everywhere. I have Googled, and asked around. But I can find no evidence that Steve Coogan has ever taken the trouble to defend freedom of speech at… Read more

Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hasan and Mo Ansar on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman.

How did Mo Ansar become the voice of British Muslims?

17 May 2014

If a curious stranger asked you to name a British Muslim commentator, I guess you would name Mo Ansar. So omnipresent has he become, he seems at times to be… Read more

Tracey Emin's work (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Why can't we admit we're scared of Islamism?

9 November 2013

Firoozeh Bazrafkan is frightened of nothing. Five foot tall, 31 years old, and so thin you think a puff of wind could blow her away, she still has the courage… Read more


They used to catch crooks - now they trawl Twitter. Are our police turning into spies?

26 October 2013

Just before the hacking scandal broke, the Sun sent a young and by all accounts decent reporter to meet a woman who said she had a story — a ‘walk-in’… Read more

Artist Jan Fabre Honoured in University of Antwerp

Richard Dawkins attacks Muslim bigots, not just Christian ones. If only his enemies were as brave

24 August 2013

It’s August, and you are a journalist stuck in the office without an idea in your head. What to write? What to do? Your empty mind brings you nothing but… Read more


How social media helps authoritarians

8 June 2013

Have you heard? Do you know? Are you, as they say, ‘in the loop’? When the Mail on Sunday said a ‘sensational affair’ between ‘high profile figures’ close to Cameron… Read more

Leveson: Don’t let the state frighten you

26 March 2013

  If David Cameron had any sense, he would stand up in the Commons and say “I am withdrawing the Royal Charter. The law officers have assured me that Lord… Read more


Christopher Hitchens’s lefty publisher begged from him – and then betrayed him

16 March 2013

Before the crash of 2007, as aid agencies were asking the governments of what we once called ‘the rich world’ to wipe out poor countries’ debts, Christopher Hitchens received a… Read more


'Murdoch betrays everyone in the end'

9 February 2013

My guard goes up when people in power say that they believe in investigative journalism. Everybody says they do, of course. Then everyone says they have a sense of humour,… Read more

Export-only justice

Export-only justice

8 December 2012

In the last few years lawyers have begun to gush about the ‘Sumption effect’. They were not thinking of Jonathan Sumption QC’s fine legal mind — which was of such… Read more


Whose freedom? Whose press?

3 November 2012

A love for freedom of the press inspired Milton, Voltaire, Jefferson, Madison, Mill and Orwell. Ringing declarations of the right of citizens to read and write what they choose have… Read more


Nowhere to hide

15 September 2012

Ever since the millennium, I have wondered how long the utopian faith in the emancipatory potential of the web will last. Of course, we know the new technologies give the… Read more


Censorship Olympics

14 July 2012

The guards would not let me walk round the Olympic park. ‘We’re in lockdown because of a security alert,’ one explained. The rain fell. The overbearing policing intimidated. ‘London is… Read more