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Figures in a landscape

7 April 2012
As They Really Were Keith Middlemas

Frances Lincoln, pp.176, 25

As you cross the Trent, you are very much aware that you have moved from the south to the north country. The next great divide is the Tyne, with the… Read more

Firing the youthful imagination

16 April 2008
British Children’s Fiction in the Second World War Owen Dudley Edwards

Edinburgh University Press, pp.744, 150

I must first declare an interest, now almost subliminal, in the subject of this vast, comprehensive, polymorphous and wholly captivating book. I was six when the war broke out and… Read more

A mixed bag of memories

30 November 2006
Out of Print And into Profit: A History of the Rare and Second-Hand Book Trade in Britain in the Twentieth Century edited by Giles Mandelbrote

British Library/Oak Knoll Press, pp.414, 30

In 1958, half way through the century here recorded, the late and much lamented National Book League put on the first ever antiquarian book fair, with 24 members of the… Read more

Birds in the hand

4 June 2005
The Life and Times of Allen Lane Jeremy Lewis

Penguin/Viking, pp.484, 25

Penguin By Designby Phil BainesPenguin/Allen Lane, £16.99, pp. 255, ISBN 0713998393 Publishers do not make popular heroes. Who has heard of Humph- rey Moseley, who published the Caroline poets? Or… Read more

Royal taste in reading

26 March 2005
The Books of Henry VIII and His Wives James P. Carley

British Library, pp.161, 20

Henry VIII is the first English monarch whose features everyone knows. The sharp little eyes in the massive head, the golden beard, above all the commanding stance in which Holbein… Read more