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Whither America?

16 June 2010
The Ask Sam Lipsyte

Old Street Publishing, pp.296, 12.99

At the beginning of The Ask, Horace sits with Burke and proclaims that America is a ‘run down and demented pimp’. At the beginning of The Ask, Horace sits with… Read more


Love and vulgarity

24 February 2010
Little Hands Clapping Dan Rhodes

Canongate, pp.313, 10

When I was about half way through Little Hands Clapping, Dan Rhodes’s fifth published book, I started a list of the innocent characters on whom fate and their author play… Read more

Philosopher in transit

14 October 2009
A Week at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary Alain de Botton

Profile, pp.107, 8.99

The answer is Heathrow Airport’s newest terminal, as seen through the eyes of Alain de Botton, who agreed over the summer to become its first writer in residence. It was… Read more