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Monarchy’s golden future

2 June 2012
Prince William: Born to be King Penny Junor

Hodder, pp.432, £19.99

In a recent issue of The Spectator Freddy Gray warned that some royal press officers now resemble celebrity publicists, spoon-feeding whole narratives to lapdog hacks, ultimately to the detriment of… Read more


The real Diana was our future Queen

15 August 2007

‘Oh God, not more Diana.’ We’ve all heard it this summer and Di-fatigue is unlikely to be reversed by the official programme of remembrance. The Wembley concert was truly moving… Read more

What Kate should know

27 December 2006

Kate Middleton and Prince William are widely expected to announce their engagement in 2007. Patrick Jephson, who was Diana’s private secretary, says there is much the original ‘People’s Princess’ could… Read more