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Comforting domesticity: Alan Johnson with his stepdaughter Natalie and daughter Emma

Boy, can Alan Johnson write

27 September 2014
Please, Mister Postman: A Memoir Alan Johnson

Bantam Press, pp.327, £16.99, ISBN: 9780593073414

Alan Johnson’s first volume of memoirs, This Boy, is still in the bestsellers’ list, but the Stakhanovite postman has made a second delivery, timed impeccably for the party conference season.… Read more

Not good enough

23 October 2010
The Verdict: Did Labour Change Britain? Polly Toynbee and David Walker

Granta, pp.314, 18.99

Tony Blair gave his record in government ten out of ten, though an ungrateful electorate scored rather less well and his Cabinet colleagues performed even worse. Sadly, they were ill-equipped… Read more

Straining for effect

29 September 2010
Decline & Fall Chris Mullin

Profile, pp.443, 20

A saint of self-deprecation, Chris Mullin closed the first volume of his diaries A View from the Foothills ‘contemplating oblivion’ after his dismissal from ministerial office. A saint of self-deprecation,… Read more

Cold comfort on the wolds

28 May 2005
The Farm Richard Benson

Hamish Hamilton, pp.229, 15.99

Moving to a farm cottage 700ft up in the Pennines, surrounded by sheep and serenaded by curlews, and conscious of the dawn-to-dusk regime of the family next door, one begins… Read more