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Portrait of Pepys, after John Hayls. The Diary for 17 March 1666 reads: ‘This day I begin to sit [for Hayls], and he will make me, I think, a very fine picture.... I sit to have it full of shadows, and do almost break my neck looking over my shoulder to make the posture for him to work by.’

Spend 116 hours with Samuel Pepys

22 August 2015

We all know about Samuel Pepys witnessing the Great Fire in his Diaries, but how many have read the definitive Latham and Matthews nine-volume edition, published between 1970 and 1983,… Read more

Sir Hugh Walpole

An epic performance that brings a lost novelist back to life

11 October 2014
The Herries Chronicles Hugh Walpole, narrated by Peter Joyce

www.assembledstories.com, pp.83 CDs, £149.99, ISBN: 9781860151538

Hugh Walpole, now almost forgotten, was a literary giant. Descended from the younger brother of the 18th-century prime minister Robert Walpole, he was a prodigiously fast writer who seldom revised… Read more

Granta Best of Young British Novelists 4 - a review

20 July 2013
Granta Best of Young British Novelists 4 Read by ten authors and eight narrators

www.audible.co.uk, pp.£7.99 with Audible membership, £25.99 download

This year marks the fourth Granta ‘Best of Young British novelists’, begun in 1983, but it is the first time that an audio version has been produced. Granta’s American editor,… Read more

The Spoken Word: Short Stories, Volume II - review

4 May 2013

Largely unheard since their original performances or BBC broadcasts between 1939 and 2011, these readings of 12 short stories by their authors are a treasure trove. * E.M.Forster’s 1948 reading… Read more

Portrait of Proust by Jacques-Emile Blanche

Length and quality

24 November 2012
The Complete Remembrance of Things Past Marcel Proust, read by Neville Jason

Naxos Audio Books, pp.120 CDs, 150 hours (also available in separate volumes), £380

The final volume of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, released at the end of last month, is a landmark in audio publishing. The seven volumes — over twice the length… Read more