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Why MPs have a duty to resist online petitions

15 August 2015

What should be the response of politicians to mass emailings and Twitter storms? The question is an urgent one, especially for Conservative MPs, given the general truth that mass petitions,… Read more

Ray Honeyford Headmaster At Drummond Middle School In Bradford. Pictured With Asian Pupils. (received In Library 24/10/1984)

Let's face it – Ray Honeyford got it right on Islam and education

5 July 2014

Thirty years ago, as editor of the Salisbury Review, I began to receive short articles from a Bradford headmaster, relating the dilemmas faced by those attempting to provide an English… Read more


Humans hunger for the sacred. Why can’t the new atheists understand that?

31 May 2014

Does the world have a purpose? The new atheists regard the question as absurd. Purposes emerge in the course of evolution, they tell us; to suppose that they could exist… Read more

The Prime Minister And Education Secretary Open A Free School In Birmingham

Schools need freeing from the right as well as the left

15 March 2014

Knowledge can be successfully transmitted and received only by those who recognise its value. If our governments have regarded education as valuable, however, it is usually as a means to… Read more


Stand up for the real meaning of freedom

4 January 2014

When pressed for a statement of their beliefs, conservatives give ironical or evasive answers: beliefs are what the others have, the ones who have confounded politics with religion, as socialists… Read more


Roger Scruton

10 August 2013

Hay-making was easy this year, and over in good time for a holiday. I am opposed to holidays, having worked all my life to build a sovereign territory from which… Read more


Celebrity fun vs scared joy

30 March 2013

Easter is the season of rebirth and renewal. It is hard to renew ourselves, not because we are weak and tempted only, but because our pleasure-seeking culture pours scorn on… Read more


Prayers in stone

10 November 2012

No institution is more vividly expressive of the English genius for creative muddle than the Anglican Church. A Protestant church whose liturgy declares it to be Catholic; a national church… Read more


Brain drain

17 March 2012

Neuroscience wants to be the answer to everything. It isn’t There are many reasons for believing the brain is the seat of consciousness. Damage to the brain disrupts our mental… Read more

The green and the blue

17 December 2011

For as long as I can remember, the word ‘conservative’ has been used in intellectual circles as a term of abuse, while to call someone ‘right-wing’ has been the next… Read more


We need the English music that the Arts Council hates

16 April 2008

Roger Scruton hails the glorious achievements of the English composers, and their role in idealising the gentleness of the English arcadia — so loathed by our liberal elite The English… Read more

An unhappy birthday to Sigmund the Fraud

18 May 2006

Roger Scruton says that the century and a half since Freud’s birth has been marred by his imagined diseases of the mind Freud was born 150 years ago, on 6… Read more

Hail Quinlan Terry

8 April 2006

Since the early 20th century, Western society has been in the grip of a culture of repudiation — rejecting one by one the institutions, offices, traditions and achievements of the… Read more

Dawkins is wrong about God

14 January 2006

Faced with the spectacle of the cruelties perpetrated in the name of faith, Voltaire famously cried ‘Ecrasez l’infâme!’ Scores of enlightened thinkers have followed him, declaring organised religion to be… Read more

Your countryside needs you

17 December 2005

Roger Scruton says that it’s time for rural residents to protect the land they love by clubbing together and buying it If you look at an electoral map of England,… Read more

The sound of silence

20 August 2005

The musical profession has never recognised borders. Composers, performers and ensembles have moved from city to city and country to country, learning and teaching, experimenting with local styles, adding to… Read more

The power of negative thinking

25 June 2005

Roger Scruton says that France has never recovered from Jean-Paul Sartre’s horror of the bourgeoisie and his repudiation of both Christianity and the idea of France Jean-Paul Sartre, born 100… Read more

INVESTIGATION: Shameless and loveless

16 April 2005

Sexual intercourse began, according to Philip Larkin’s famous poem, in 1963. Four decades have elapsed since then, and these decades have seen a growing recognition that sexual liberation is not… Read more

Know your place

27 November 2004

There can be no true society — and no social mobility — without hierarchy, says Roger Scruton The recent memo purloined from Prince Charles made the accurate observation that ‘child-centred’… Read more

The state can’t set you free

16 October 2004

The Human Rights Act has seemed to many to be an innocent adaptation of principles already contained within our common law, and indeed affirmed by statute once before, in the… Read more

The truth about meaning

20 September 2003

There is a certain tradition in American philosophy that combines logical rigour and systematic thinking in a style so concise and self-contained as to offer little or no purchase to… Read more