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Inside George Osborne’s empire: how the Chancellor rules Westminster

1 August 2015

Against the heavy artillery fire of the Labour leadership battle, the struggle of the Conservative leadership contest goes almost undetected outside Westminster. It is no less intense, even though the… Read more

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Why housing associations are the true villains of the property crisis

25 July 2015

Housing associations are a bit like Network Rail. They are what Tony Blair christened his ‘Third Way’ between capitalism and socialism, in the hope they would combine the best elements… Read more


Why can't I invest in buy-to-let landlords?

23 May 2015

Here’s an oddity. It might make an essay question for an A-level in personal finance, if there is such a thing. Given that every other taxi driver claims to have… Read more

Test match: revamped GCSEs versus IGCSEs

Now more than ever the ‘I’ in IGCSE is for ‘independent’

14 March 2015

I always thought that rugby was invented so that there was no chance of public schoolboys having to meet grotty kids from football-playing state schools on the playing fields. But… Read more


Should you buy an office block?

7 March 2015

From taxi drivers to hairdressers, half the world seems to own residential buy-to-let property. But why does hardly anyone own an office building or a lock-up industrial unit? That was… Read more


As oil prices plunge, I want to profit from the next spike. Here’s how

14 February 2015

Buy jerry cans and fill them while you can. You won’t want to be caught out by the great oil shortage of 2016. Maybe that is exaggerating a little, but… Read more

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Gives Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

Why Ed Miliband's class war rhetoric is Tony Blair's fault

24 January 2015

Peter Mandelson’s famous quote about New Labour being intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich has a suffix that is often mischievously omitted: he added ‘so long as they pay… Read more


Hot tips for investing in property overseas

29 November 2014

There has never been a better time to buy a foreign property, or so the developers tell us. In fact, for as long as I can remember there has never been a… Read more

The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit Tower seen from Green Way

You’re paying £175 million to give West Ham a new stadium

22 November 2014

In 2006, on the day that the government’s estimated cost for the 2012 Olympics was jacked up from £2.75 billion to £4.25 billion, I promised to eat my hat on… Read more

Increase In Council Houses Being Brought Through Right To Buy

Buy-to-let has a dark side for landlords, too

8 November 2014

Among the villains of modern life, buy-to-let investors feature somewhere between people who text while they’re eating and dog-walkers who leave bags of poo dangling from trees. If you are… Read more


My investment secret: be as boring as you can

11 October 2014

Have a read of the following list and see if you can guess its significance: lubricants, iron ore, steel, oil, pharmaceuticals, ships, telecoms, food packaging, oil, property. With the exception… Read more

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Is London’s property bubble about to burst?

20 September 2014

The question came to me the other week when I read about a youngish graduate in London living in a space — I won’t call it a room, still less… Read more

Probably not coming to Holyport College: the Eton Wall Game

A new way over the wall

6 September 2014

Want your sprog to be toughened up on the playing fields of Eton but can’t afford the fees? From September there is an intriguing alternative. You can send him instead… Read more


The strange death of individualism

2 August 2014

Hell, as one of Jean-Paul Sartre’s characters said, is other people. Unless, that is, you happen to be British and born after about 1980, in which case hell is the… Read more


Leave us to mind our own business, please

12 July 2014

The most excruciating advert I have ever seen was a British Leyland one from the 1970s featuring a crowd of Lederhosen-clad Germans, together with an assortment of other European stereotypes,… Read more


Investment special: Sell your Ferraris

26 April 2014

Here is a paradox. Study the photographs of the flats and houses being sold in London’s prime property boom and you see one minimalist interior after another. The huge, empty… Read more

Women Pickets

The equal pay bomb that could wipe out public sector jobs

29 March 2014

I have just decided that my work is of equal value to that of the feminist supermodel Cameron Russell. Neither of us, admittedly, is quite as useful as a plumber,… Read more

Night view of the fountain at the juncti

Power struggle

7 December 2013

It is ‘immoral’, asserted Michael Fallon at this week’s Spectator energy conference, to force basic-rate taxpayers to subsidise wealthy landowners’ wind turbines and the solar panels of well-off homeowners. It… Read more


End of the party - how British political leaders ran out of followers

14 September 2013

If Cyril Northcote Parkinson was still around he would devise a law for party political conferences: that the significance of what is discussed in the conference centre is inversely proportional… Read more


Why some of Britain's top schools are replicating themselves in the Far East

7 September 2013

In China you can see replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid, St Peter’s Square and a large slice of Amsterdam. But more remarkable than any of them in… Read more

Irish budget airline Ryanair CEO Michael

Welcome to Ryanair Britain

31 August 2013

Which businessman is the most influential in the making of government policy? The answer came to me when I received a letter fining me £80 for forgetting to renew my… Read more

Phase Two Route Of The Proposed HS2 Rail Link Announced

As high speed rail is being dropped in California and France, it's time for Britain to take the hint

24 August 2013

In June last year I predicted in these pages that the government would allow High Speed 2 to die a quiet death. Although the government has since reaffirmed its commitment… Read more


Wasted! How 'Austerity Osborne' is still squandering billions

22 June 2013

When the Chancellor stands up to present his spending review next Wednesday it will be with the reputation of a crazed axeman. Much of the country, whether it thinks it… Read more

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Has Died

Why are lefties so sycophantic to Margaret Thatcher?

13 April 2013

I’ve been scratching my head for the past half hour trying to work out how I would react if I were a Conservative MP and a BBC reporter stuffed a… Read more

Community Centre, Botton_Village

Why I fear for my daughter

30 March 2013

To listen to many disability pressure groups, adult social care for people with learning disabilities is being slashed by a heartless government. What few of them want to tell you,… Read more