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Climate change, the movie

19 April 2014

With the release last week of the exciting third instalment of the mighty IPCC trilogy ‘Assessment Report 5’, it’s clear that the climate change industry has been closely studying the… Read more


5 April 2014

I’ve recently rediscovered the lost, forbidden pleasure of the smoko. My earliest memories of enjoying a smoko were back at school, when my friend Simon and I would scurry across… Read more


Under the house with Hergé

22 March 2014

‘Ten thousand thundering typhoons!’ I curse loudly as my head crashes into a concrete beam in the darkness. I’m deep in the bowels of the unexplored netherworld beneath our house,… Read more

2014 Australian Of The Year Announced In Canberra

Black armband

8 March 2014

Adam Goodes does not deserve to be Australian of the Year. The appointment was questionable in the first place, but has since become a joke. Last week, in the Fairfax… Read more


Satirising anti-Semitism

1 March 2014

The scene: a redneck bar in Tuscon, Arizona. Sacha Baron Cohen, under the pseudonym of ‘Arote and his Cowboy Astana Band from Kazakhstan’, takes to the stage to perform a… Read more


An Aussie wolf on Wall Street

8 February 2014

We turned up, drunk, to the Porsche showroom and demanded to test-drive the new Carrera Turbo. No doubt the salesman could smell the three glasses of Dom Pérignon, the two… Read more

Rolf Harris faces new allegations

Rolf and Operation Gumtree

25 January 2014

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris is believed to have pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of embarrassing a large amount of Australians. The embarrassment charges relate to serial offences against good… Read more


11 January 2014

‘A bunch of Y-front wearing pansies’ is how one of my conservative friends describes the Abbott government. It’s an interesting observation, built around a common right-wing view that Team Abbott… Read more


Speccie scoop: Snowden files in full

4 January 2014

In a world exclusive, The Spectator Australia today publishes highlights of the remaining 19,999 files of Australian intelligence stolen by NSA fugitive Edward Snowden; which we secretly stole from him… Read more

Notes from a Media tart

14 December 2013

One of the drawbacks of writing for a magazine as esteemed as the Spectator Australia is that you are assumed to be a person of some vague intellect with informed… Read more


End of McTernanism

7 December 2013

Last weekend in Canberra a murder took place. It was no ordinary killing. In fact, it involved a horribly painful but decisive act of self-mutilation. At some point in the… Read more


Confessions of a climate denier

23 November 2013

OK, I got it wrong. My climate change denialism has collapsed under the sheer weight of contradictory evidence. ‘Still think it’s all a hoax now?’ mock my leftie buddies, gleefully… Read more

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Another clue for you all

9 November 2013

The tragedy of Paul McCartney is that he didn’t die when he was supposed to. Had he been killed in a car crash in early 1967, as was rumoured to… Read more

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Fire, fire!

26 October 2013

The brazen stupidity of the Greens and the climate change religion has been on display throughout the current bushfires in all its sickening hypocrisy. Let’s just get one thing straight… Read more

Australia Labor Leadership

Forget ‘Alborten’

12 October 2013

No, I don’t think so.’ One raised bushy eyebrow, a slight cocking of the head, a piercing glint in the steely blue eyes and a faint, almost imperceptible downward movement… Read more

Australia Labor Ladership

How was it for you?

28 September 2013

Julia Gillard recently wrote that ‘Losing power is felt physically, emotionally, in waves of sensation… [with] odd moments of relief as the stress ekes away and the hard weight that… Read more

Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns

Where to now for Labor?

14 September 2013

It’s not such a big deal. One term, maybe two, and Labor will be back in power. Abbott will prove to be a disaster, and as soon as a successful… Read more

Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns

The cult of Labor

31 August 2013

Last week, former Howard cabinet minister Nick Minchin spoke out against Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme, describing it as ‘indefensible’. The next day WA’s Liberal Premier Colin Barnett let… Read more

Australian PM Rudd Begins Campaign In Canberra

September 7 is our Spring Clean-up day

17 August 2013

Spring is in the air, even though it’s still winter. During these past two or three weeks Sydney has bathed in gorgeous sunshine, the frangipanis have started to bloom and… Read more

Demotix 28th July 2013

Rudd’s foreign policy mess

3 August 2013

Welcome to al-Qa’eda in Papua New Guinea. Our very own terrorist network right on our doorstep, funded by the Aussie taxpayer. Kevin Rudd’s PNG boat people deal is potentially the… Read more

Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Summit

Strange bedfellow

20 July 2013

I thought I should share with you something you didn’t already know about Kevin Rudd. I mean, let’s face it — it’s getting harder and harder to find unusual stories… Read more

Tony Blair Hits The Campaign Trail In Scotland

Blame culture

6 July 2013

The phone call came out of the blue early one morning last summer following an appearance I’d made the night before on Sky’s The Nation. My advertising friend, to whom… Read more

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

22 June 2013

Now I’m confused. Is it OK to be gay or not? Or is it only OK to be gay if you say you’re gay? What if you’re gay but don’t… Read more


Off with his head

8 June 2013

No doubt Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II heaved a sigh of relief as news came through that the reign of the House of Windsor over Australia is now safe for… Read more


25 May 2013

Could there be a more frustrating creation than name-tags? The typeface is always too small, or the thing has twisted at an odd angle on the lapel, or there is… Read more