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Portrait generally thought to be of Ghenghis Khan

Was Genghis Khan the cruellest man who ever lived?

27 June 2015
Genghis Khan: The Man Who Conquered the World Frank McLynn

Bodley Head, pp.648, £25, ISBN: 9780224072908

From the unpromising and desperately unforgiving background that forged his iron will and boundless ambition, Temujin (as Genghis Khan was named at birth) rose to build an empire that was… Read more


Revolutionary in spirit

7 July 2012
The Road Not Taken: How Britain Narrowly Missed a Revolution Frank McLynn

Bodley Head, pp.624, 25, ISBN: 9780224072939

A few years ago, a French reader congratulated me on my marvellous biography of Napoleon. Yes, I agreed, it’s a terrific read — an absolute blinder. But I had to… Read more


Forever waging wars

19 May 2012
The Plantagenets Dan Jones

Harper Press, pp.632, 25

Death by buggery. Death by castration. Even death by being scared to death. Or so we are led to believe for the Plantagenets’ world. They had a lighter side, too:… Read more