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Here we go again: the drumbeat for sending troops back to Iraq has begun

29 August 2015

Is it going to happen again? Will the next 12 months really see western armies return to Iraq? Last year was meant to signal an end to wars of intervention… Read more

Detail relief depicting warriors on horses, from Palace of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, Iraq

When Isis destroy ancient monuments, it’s not always true that ‘people are more important’

14 March 2015

Perhaps we need censorship. The Isis vandals now destroying the greatest sites in ancient Mesopotamia have no care for history, so why do they bother? The answer is to get… Read more


The myth of the housing crisis

28 February 2015

There is no such thing as the English countryside. There is my countryside, your countryside and everyone else’s. Most people fight just for theirs. When David Cameron told the BBC’s… Read more

Construction Of Europe's Largest Manmade Coastal Nature Reserve Begins On Wallasea Island

Don't blame the 'green blob', Owen Paterson. Blame your boss

9 August 2014

Why did David Cameron send Owen Paterson to Environment if he meant to sack him? Paterson knew and cared about his subject. He wore green wellies with panache, loathed Europe… Read more


Simon Jenkins's notebook: Why a wind farm will never be as beautiful as a railway viaduct

12 October 2013

Until I plotted a book on England’s best views I had not realised how much people cared. Ask them to nominate a favourite church or house or even town and… Read more

The church of Owlpen, in the heart of the Cotswolds

Nostalgic nationalist piety

10 November 2012
Our Church Roger Scruton

Atlantic, pp.199, £20, ISBN: 9781848871984

Parish churches are the sentinels of England’s past. They soar over every town and village, pinning it to the nation’s soil. The nave may be empty, the graveyard unkempt and… Read more


6 August 2011

Simon Jenkins opens his Diary PHONE-HACKING MADNESS Would you come on the programme to put the other side on the phone hacking? There is no other side. We need someone… Read more


Who do you Trust?

30 October 2010

Visitors to Thomas Hardy’s birthplace in Dorset, a small thatched cottage built by Hardy’s great-grandfather, used to be met by a bare house and a guide book. Now they are… Read more

Complete the Thatcher revolution

27 September 2006

Simon Jenkins says that the Iron Lady’s work will not be complete without the devolution of power to local communities. Is the Tory leader ready to embrace this mission? The… Read more

Nobody has been left out

5 November 2005
City of Cities Stephen Inwood

Macmillan, pp.537, 25

Histories of Victorian London now come two a penny. They are the left-wing historian’s answer to biographies of Good Queen Bess. What is there new to say? We start with… Read more

People power

20 November 2004

The rebuilt town hall of the ancient Borough of Henley still stands brave over its market place. This was Henley’s forum and seat of government, a one-stop shop of civic… Read more

Nothing to fear but fear itself

13 March 2004

Simon Jenkins says that Tony Blair’s Sedgefield speech was just another attempt by the Prime Minister to scare us into believing that we are all in mortal danger. We are… Read more

Speaking of God

11 October 2003
Discovering England’s Smallest Churches John Kinross

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, pp.186, 14.99

Where is England’s smallest church? The question must have preoccupied nerdish retired vicars for centuries and is probably best answered then forgotten. Despite the title of this survey, John Kinross… Read more

Famous and forgotten faces

15 March 2003

Liverpool University Press, pp.520, 62.50

Paperback edition £29.95 I was much attached to Kaled. She stood at the corner of Fleet Street and Chancery Lane, pert, stylish, mocking the scribes and hacks scurrying round her… Read more