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Chris Patten (left), chairman of the BBC Trust, with Tony Hall, the new Director General of the BBC

Why does the BBC so love lefty journalists?

25 May 2013

My response to the appointment of Ian Katz, deputy editor of the Guardian, to the editorship of BBC2’s Newsnight has been one of disbelief and amusement. Of course there’s nothing… Read more

on March 25, 2010 in London, England.

Farewell, Independent on Sunday

16 February 2013

On Tuesday the Culture Secretary Maria Miller announced to a breathless world the latest development in the Leveson saga. The government wants a royal charter to oversee a new press… Read more


Save our speech

24 November 2012

In 1644 John Milton appealed to parliament in the Areopagitica to rescind its order to bring publishing under government control by creating official censors. I wonder what he would make… Read more

A new climax in the historic feud between two big fat rude Tory journalists

19 November 2005

Many people naturally assume that the final round of the Tory party leadership is between David Davis and Dave Cameron. They are seen together on the hustings, smiling at each… Read more

The Times it is a-changin’

19 November 2005
The History of the Times: The Murdoch Years Graham Stewart

HarperCollins, pp.727, 30

Because the Times is, or was, a newspaper like no other, it has enjoyed the distinction of successive volumes of official history. The last, written by John Grigg, covered the… Read more

The Cameronians are wrong if they think they have humbled the Daily Mail

22 October 2005

North Oxford is not one of the most deprived areas of Great Britain. When its generally quite large houses come on to the market — which is not often —… Read more

Why is the Times so down on the Tories? And is it to do with Katharine Raymond?

12 February 2005

Political parties should not sue newspapers: that would certainly be my general view. But one can understand why the Tories should have issued a writ against the Times. It follows… Read more

Is Murdoch about to cut the cover price of the dumbed-down Times?

5 February 2005

To read the mind of Rupert Murdoch is difficult and not necessarily pleasant — difficult because he is cleverer than almost any other publisher who has ever lived, and not… Read more

Our modest war heroes may be forgotten by the state — but not by the Telegraph

29 January 2005

Every morning, when I am faced by my pile of newspapers, almost the first thing I do is to turn to the obituary page of the Daily Telegraph. Obits in… Read more

Can the Guardian be a newspaper both of the Left and of the establishment?

22 January 2005

John Lloyd has become a much lauded guru of serious journalism. A former member of a fascinating group called the British Irish Communist party, he is now a loyal Blairite,… Read more

However bad things may seem, the news for newspapers is good

1 January 2005

As another year looms, I cannot remember such despondency in what used to be called Fleet Street. It is not just that several newspaper groups are losing money: it was… Read more

Did he kiss and tell? Blunkett’s NoW transcript seems to absolve him

11 December 2004

Last week I suggested that in August David Blunkett leaked news of his affair with Kimberly Quinn to the News of the World. My reason for doing so was not… Read more

The who, what, where, when of the Blunkett-Quinn business

4 December 2004

Who is more in the wrong, David Blunkett or Kimberly Quinn? Everyone has a view. Let me tell the story. I have deliberately chosen not to talk to Kimberly Quinn,… Read more

Sacking Johnson is by far the best thing Howard has done since becoming leader

20 November 2004

One of the hazards of writing a column about the press is that sooner or later you are bound to be cornered by an editor or journalist whom you have… Read more

What next? Will Richard Desmond soon be lecturing us on declining moral standards?

30 October 2004

When Richard Desmond acquired the Daily Express four years ago there was an outcry. That committed Christian, Tony Blair, immediately had the pornographer turned press baron round for tea, but… Read more

Why might Dr O’Reilly want to sell 30 per cent of the Independent?

16 October 2004

The news that Tony O’Reilly may be willing to sell 30 per cent of the Independent newspaper seems utterly astounding. It has enjoyed a considerable succès d’estime by going tabloid.… Read more

Why poor Mr Howard can’t get a good press, even from Tory newspapers

9 October 2004

The Tory party conference began on Monday, and Radio 4’s Today programme gave it the kind of send-off reserved for truly hopeless causes. Item after item emphasised the Tories’ unfitness… Read more

The coverage of the Iraq hostage crisis has been no victory for terrorism

2 October 2004

The Bigley affair has not brought out the best in anyone. Naturally I exclude Kenneth Bigley himself, who can hardly be blamed for being kidnapped and should be freely forgiven… Read more

The work of P.G. Wodehouse is immortal, but he was guilty of a moral lapse

18 September 2004

The debate about P.G. Wodehouse’s wartime radio broadcasts from Nazi Germany has been raging for more than 60 years. It is re-ignited by Robert McCrum’s admirable new biography of the… Read more

How Putin silences the journalists who criticise his brutality in Chechnya

11 September 2004

The Prime Minister has enjoined us to be ‘in complete solidarity with Russia and the Russian people’, and invites us to draw a parallel between the terrorist threat from al-Qa’eda… Read more

It is now up to Lord Black to prove his innocence to the rest of the world

4 September 2004

The excesses of Lord Black, former proprietor of the Telegraph Group, which owns this magazine, are mind-boggling. Of course they have not yet been proven in a court of law,… Read more

Why is the British taxpayer supporting a Sinn Fein newspaper group?

24 July 2004

Whenever a new newspaper launches in any part of the world, a little voice inside one’s head cheers. Naturally that voice is all the louder when the paper is in… Read more

The FT can no longer be described as a British newspaper

17 July 2004

Ever since he became editor of The Spectator, which must be about five years ago, Boris Johnson has been urging me to write a column about the Financial Times. It… Read more

Isn’t it time British papers apologised for being wrong about WMD?

19 June 2004

Unlike British newspapers, the New York Times enjoys beating its breast. It recently published a lengthy ‘editor’s note’ which acknowledged that its coverage in the months before the invasion of… Read more

Piers Morgan may be a charming and lovable rogue, but he was not a great editor

22 May 2004

The sacking of Piers Morgan as editor of the Daily Mirror has been greeted with ululation from media commentators, former and existing editors and several newspapers. Piers, we are told… Read more