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Here’s the scoop: the Telegraph’s great strength is that it has a lot of older readers

15 May 2004

Last weekend the Observer media page published a photograph of the Daily Telegraph news conference. It looks to me a pretty standard affair. The camera shows the back of the… Read more

If those Mirror pictures are fakes, Piers Morgan will have to resign

8 May 2004

Are the Daily Mirror’s torture pictures fakes? Most of my friends, whether anti-war or pro-war, think that they probably are. Such is my own inclination. But let us for a… Read more

Why did No. 10 ignore the CIA’s advice that the 45-minute claim was nonsense?

1 May 2004

Bob Woodward of Watergate fame has just published an account of the background to the Iraq war called Plan of Attack. It has attracted a good deal of publicity in… Read more

Don’t worry: the ‘tabloid revolution’ is not going to carry everything before it

24 April 2004

It is becoming a commonplace that the ‘tabloid wars’ between broadsheet titles are transforming the newspaper market. There is a widespread belief that in producing tabloid editions the Independent and,… Read more

Why I can’t bring myself to join in the national rejoicing over Michael Grade

10 April 2004

Michael Grade’s appointment as the new chairman of the BBC has won universal praise from every quarter. Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, and Julie Kirkbride, her Tory shadow, both like… Read more

This is not the time to knock the BBC, but it should carry more news from Europe

3 April 2004

After the Hutton inquiry all fair-minded people should rally to the BBC. It is true that over the years the Corporation has sometimes displayed a bias in favour of New… Read more

Mr Howard will not impress the voters by sucking up to Mr Murdoch (and Mr Bush)

27 March 2004

In July 1995 Tony Blair famously travelled to Australia to grovel at the court of Rupert Murdoch, whose newspapers in Britain subsequently offered him their support. Last week Michael Howard… Read more

Is Gannett poised to swoop on the Daily Telegraph?

20 March 2004

Amid all the chatter about who may buy the Telegraph Group, the names one hears most often are those of the Daily Mail group, the Express group and Richard Desmond,… Read more

Is Mr Portillo the man to stop the BBC getting any dumber?

13 March 2004

Who should be the next chairman of the BBC? Should it be Terry Burns, the former Treasury mandarin and chairman of Abbey National? Or Michael Grade, the former chief executive… Read more

The most important thing now is that the Telegraph should be sold soon

6 March 2004

So the Barclay brothers’ bid for Conrad Black’s controlling share in Hollinger International has been vetoed by an American judge. We are back to square one. A lot of time… Read more

Why I believe there are 100,000 people willing to buy a new quality paper

28 February 2004

The editor of this magazine has asked me to write about a new publication I am planning. You may possibly have read about it. Two weeks ago John Gapper of… Read more

Why is Tony Blair being given such an easy ride over his WMD blunder?

14 February 2004

One of the most brilliant myths fostered by Alastair Campbell is the idea of our nihilistic media attacking the government morning, noon and night. It is utter bunkum. Until the… Read more

Why Andrew Neil would make a better editor than chief executive

7 February 2004

A few weeks ago BBC television news announced that the Barclay brothers were the new owners of the Daily Telegraph. It has since become plain that they may not be.… Read more

Trivia is all well and good, but a few facts wouldn’t harm the broadsheets

31 January 2004

As I write, I have in front of me page three of last Monday’s Daily Telegraph. The headline is ‘Outlook steamy as celebrities land in the jungle’. One large photograph… Read more

Conrad Black kept the flame alive. Let us hope the Barclays can, too

24 January 2004

The Barclay Brothers, it seems, have acquired the Daily Telegraph. And also, it should be said, The Spectator. What an incredible thing. Whatever their shortcomings as newspapermen — I shall… Read more

Should the Telegraph go tabloid? It’s a tough call

17 January 2004

The serious newspapers — what we used to call the broadsheets — have extracted themselves from the frying pan only to find themselves in the fire. For years they lived… Read more

We have never been closer to state control of the press

10 January 2004

I must confess that I have not watched the development of Ofcom with the care I should have. In the distance I heard the voices of colleagues muttering that the… Read more

Whatever Hutton reports, there is no case for getting rid of Andrew Gilligan

3 January 2004

Within the next few weeks Lord Hutton will publish his inquiry. None of us can know where, if anywhere, his axe will fall. Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, may be… Read more

Whatever happens, the Telegraph must not seem to be edited in Washington

27 December 2003

There seems scarcely to be a person alive who does not hope to acquire ‘ or know someone who hopes to acquire ‘ the Telegraph group in the coming year.… Read more

Is BBC 2 becoming so chippy that it will lose the plot — and therefore its point?

13 December 2003

Jane Root, the controller of BBC 2, has decided to axe the award- winning current affairs programme Correspondent. Thirty years ago there were a number of such programmes on the… Read more

Naked couples walking through cornfields ‘ anything else is evil

6 December 2003

As the days pass, more and more people are assuming that Hollinger International will be forced to sell the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator. Of the home-grown… Read more

The Times has gone tabloid: where will the broadsheet revolution end?

29 November 2003

First the Independent goes tabloid, now the Times follows suit, though both papers are still available in broadsheet form. The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian may not far be behind.… Read more

How incredible, how depressing, that Richard Desmond might buy the Telegraph

22 November 2003

Most people are assuming that Conrad Black will lose control of the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator. He has been forced to resign as chief executive officer… Read more

Strange as it may seem, the MoS believes the allegations about Charles are true

15 November 2003

Earlier this week my dear friend the writer William Shawcross left a message on my answerphone. I am sure he will not mind if I repeat it. ‘Hi, Stephen, it’s… Read more

If Michael Howard can disown the past, so can we all

8 November 2003

The Tory party’s embrace of Michael Howard has caused much wonderment, particularly in the liberal press. One moment shadow minister after shadow minister declares undying support for IDS, whose virtues… Read more