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Who was there when IDS needed support? Not the Tory press

1 November 2003

The Tories, we are told, are a party of unstable men who are genetically predisposed to plotting against their leader. I would certainly appreciate a learned piece on this subject… Read more

It is no longer possible to scoff at the idea that Diana was murdered

25 October 2003

If the Daily Mirror reported the Second Coming, would anyone believe it? Probably not. There is a general view in polite society that the newspaper and its editor, Piers Morgan,… Read more

Does the demise of the Dempster column signal the end of the aristocracy?

18 October 2003

Nigel Dempster was the most famous print journalist of modern times, even though he seldom appeared on television. I remember his coming down to Oxford in the early Seventies. A… Read more

An American-owned ITV would be even trashier than the one we have now

11 October 2003

The merger of Carlton and Granada may seem a matter of little importance. Who cares if two ITV companies, neither of which any longer produces very distinguished programmes, should come… Read more

Why all the hatred for Andrew Gilligan? His story was essentially correct

20 September 2003

It strikes me, as I follow the Hutton inquiry, that almost any human activity can be made to appear questionable, even dodgy. I think of my – not untypical –… Read more

The price war is over, and it is time to ask who won

13 September 2003

Last Saturday the Times raised its cover price to 90 pence, which is what the Daily Telegraph sells for on that day. On Monday it went up to 50 pence,… Read more

Alastair Campbell’s redtop values have contaminated our politics

6 September 2003

When I learnt of Dr Kelly’s suicide, my first thought was that he had been fatally drawn into Alastair Campbell’s world. It is what many people felt. It was a… Read more

Why some newspapers will always demonise Andrew Gilligan

16 August 2003

What is the view of the Andrew Gilligan affair at the Frog and Firkin? It is some time since I have been down to the Frog, but I feel I… Read more

New Labour is hated by its natural friends, so why don’t the Tories get a good press?

9 August 2003

To lose one loyal media friend may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness. Not long ago the government could depend on the instinctive support of… Read more

We may snigger at Richard Desmond, but we should not underestimate him

2 August 2003

Is Richard Desmond the new Murdoch? Many lips were curled when he acquired Express Newspapers in November 2000. People said that he had borrowed too much money. It was suggested… Read more

The sinister reason why the Murdoch press is attacking the BBC

26 July 2003

One person I have been feeling a little sorry for over the past few days is Charles Moore, editor of the Daily Telegraph. His newspaper was a fervent supporter of… Read more

Mr Rusbridger has no more right to be cross than any other middle-class malefactor

19 July 2003

Last week the Press Complaints Commission delivered two judgments which, taken together, seem highly perplexing. It exonerated the News of the World for paying £10,000 to a convicted criminal who… Read more

At least the government can still rely on the dumbed-down Times for support

12 July 2003

When Robert Thomson was made editor of the Times some 18 months ago he let it be known that he intended to take his paper up-market. There was also good… Read more

The persecution of Mr Gilligan by Mr Campbell has been odious

5 July 2003

Many people distrust the BBC. They may like the idea of it, but often deplore the practice. They suspect that journalists who work for it are metropolitan lefties. But such… Read more

The press shouldn’t join the government in its mindless obsession with security

28 June 2003

A favourite newspaper ruse is to sneak a journalist on to the flight deck of a Boeing 747 and then to suggest that we are all at risk as a… Read more

Eurosceptic newspapers are too competitive to work together on a referendum

21 June 2003

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian believes that the Daily Mail is responsible for most of what is wrong with this country. When she learnt that the paper was intending to… Read more

Why was the Times so eager to do the government’s dirty work?

14 June 2003

The Times’s campaign against the billionaire businessman Michael Ashcroft is now largely forgotten. At the time it was a sensation. In the summer and autumn of 1999 the paper ran… Read more

The NoW is bad news, but the police were just as bad in the Posh ‘kidnap’ case

7 June 2003

Almost everyone dislikes the News of the World, including many of its readers. It is coarse, intrusive, hypocritical and sanctimonious. It frequently puts itself above or outside the law –… Read more

Don’t assume that Conrad Black is about to meet his Waterloo

31 May 2003

Before I start this piece, which is about the future of the Daily Telegraph, I should make clear that it is written by me. When I last wrote at length… Read more

The government will face the biggest fight of its life over the European constitution

24 May 2003

It was in these pages four weeks ago that the idea of a non-governmental referendum on the new European constitution was first mooted. Paul Robinson explained how, if Tony Blair… Read more

Sly move: how poor young Piers Morgan is losing his grip on the Mirror

17 May 2003

Is the eight-year reign of Piers Morgan at the Daily Mirror drawing to a gentle close? Last October I wrote, ‘My bet is that in six months’ time the Mirror… Read more

If you embarrass the government, you may end up in police custody

10 May 2003

In the early hours of last Thursday, armed police arrived at the Belfast house of Liam Clarke, the Sunday Times’s Northern Ireland editor, and his wife, Kathy. They seized four… Read more

The day Lord Rees-Mogg made me want to cry out in pain

3 May 2003

If William Rees-Mogg had a fan club, I would be its president. I would lick envelopes for him and update his website, which would no doubt be full of his… Read more

It’s a great scoop, but the Telegraph is wrong to suggest that Galloway is a traitor

26 April 2003

The Daily Telegraph’s story about the Scottish Labour MP George Galloway is undoubtedly a cracker. In some respects it reminds me of the Guardian’s demolition of the Tory MP Neil… Read more

Independent readers wanted bad news from Iraq; Mirror readers didn’t

19 April 2003

This was not a good war for newspapers. I am not so much thinking of the journalism. Much of it was excellent, though newspapers are obviously at a disadvantage to… Read more