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Nobody really knows how the war is going, partly because our governments lie

5 April 2003

One of the paradoxes of this war is that most of us do not have very much idea of what is going on. That is at any rate what I… Read more

Anti-war journalists hope for the worst – because the worst will prove them right

29 March 2003

We journalists think pretty highly of ourselves. I don’t mean the chap who touches up photographs of Page Three girls; he may have a proper sense of his place in… Read more

We should toast the reporters who are staying behind to cover the war

22 March 2003

President George W. Bush has suggested that journalists should be pulled out of Baghdad. You may ask what business it is of his. On the other hand, perhaps he knows… Read more

Did Mr Mandelson and Mr Blair conspire to get rid of a troublesome editor?

8 March 2003

Our old friend Peter Mandelson is alleged to have engineered the removal of Harry Blackwood, editor of the Hartlepool Mail, a newspaper in Mr Mandelson’s constituency. Tony Blair is supposed… Read more

Carole must have known her film would damage Tony – so why is she still Cherie’s best friend?

22 February 2003

In the media age, life is a soap opera. For a time we are obsessed with a particular storyline. Then it is resolved, we move on to the next story,… Read more

Unless Piers Morgan is careful, Richard Desmond could buy the Mirror

8 February 2003

Piers Morgan, the editor of the Daily Mirror, is an opponent of the coming war against Iraq. Fair enough. Many of us are unhappy about it. But he has taken… Read more

Is it my imagination, or is the Sun getting smuttier?

1 February 2003

A couple of weeks ago I promised that this column would keep a watchful eye on Rebekah Wade, the new editor of the Sun. As is so often the case,… Read more

British hacks may be disgusting but we keep the politicians on their toes

25 January 2003

A very high-minded European recently complained to me about British newspapers. Why are they all so awful, he asked? Even the so-called serious ones look like comics, with their pictures… Read more

This column hereby promises maximum scrutiny of the private life of Rebekah Wade

18 January 2003

The appointment of Rebekah Wade as the editor of the Sun has given rise to much baseless speculation. It has been suggested that she may swing the paper behind the… Read more

The Sun and the Telegraph are collaborating with Blair’s cynical scaremongering

28 December 2002

Almost everyone assumes, whether they are pro or anti, that Britain will go to war against Iraq. President Bush seems set on invasion whatever Hans Blix and his team of… Read more

Did a conman help the Blairs buy two flats in Bristol? Yes or no?

7 December 2002

Anyone who has ever had breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other meeting with Gordon Brown will know that he gives very little away. Some ministers are known for their bluntness… Read more

Why does Downing Street encourage Dirty Des? Because he threatens the Daily Mail

30 November 2002

One of Richard Desmond’s heroes is Rupert Murdoch, who was profiled in glowing terms in the most recent Sunday Express. The proprietor of the Express group regards the Australian-born adventurer… Read more

In the last five years half a million AB readers have deserted the broadsheets. Why?

16 November 2002

There is one person in the world whom I would love to meet. Or maybe two. I am thinking of the propagandist who writes the monthly front-page ‘brief’ in the… Read more

How on earth can the royal family survive more calamitous revelations?

9 November 2002

The Burrell affair illustrates how much the press has changed over the past 20 or 30 years, and how powerful it has become. Not very long ago the majority of… Read more

Whatever the buzz, the Times is stuck in a groove

26 October 2002

My colleague Stuart Reid has been urging me to write about the Times for weeks. ‘There’s a buzz on the streets,’ he says. ‘Oh, yeah?’ ‘Yes, people are saying that… Read more

You read it here first: the Daily Mirror will be sold within six months

19 October 2002

Is the Daily Mirror for sale? It is, according to a well-placed City source. He says it is being offered around to ‘the buy-out boys’. My instinct is that he… Read more

Someone has it in for the Prince of Wales

28 September 2002

Prince Charles’s leaked letter to Tony Blair has not done him any good. The Mail on Sunday, whose first edition broke the story on Sunday, seemed to think that the… Read more

There are lies, damned lies and newspaper circulation figures

7 September 2002

Newspapers, as we know, love truth. They castigate evasive politicians and track down dodgy businessmen. They deliver ringing lectures in their editorial columns when ministers do not come clean. And… Read more

It may seem difficult to believe, but the media have shown some restraint in their coverage of Soham

31 August 2002

The very name of Soham induces a strange mixture of disgust, boredom and pity. I return to it with reluctance. But we have to consider the conduct of the media,… Read more

Sad truth about Daily Mirror readers: they like it dumb

24 August 2002

In April the Daily Mirror relaunched itself as a more serious newspaper. Its editor, Piers Morgan, got rid of its red masthead. He hired supposedly upmarket writers such as John… Read more