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Taki Theodoracopulos has written The Spectator’s High Life column since 1977.

One of the Kardashians (Photo: Getty)

The unspiritual life is in sad decline (except on Michael Chandris's yacht)

29 August 2015

According to Somerset Maugham, in material terms one must live on the razor edge between poverty and minimal subsistence in order to cultivate the life of the spirit. I’ve always… Read more

Outdoor piano bars can be dangerous things — especially when one is under the influence

22 August 2015

These are the languid, sensuous days of summer, and I’ve had another birthday, which is the bad news. But it’s the silly season, so I’m going to be silly yet… Read more

Mykonos: a beautiful nightmare

Mykonos has turned into hell (I still blame Jackie Kennedy)

15 August 2015

The wind is maddening and constant, and gets stronger as the sun falls below the horizon. The streets are lined with plastic and rubbish, the beaches covered with greasy bodies… Read more


What Greece needs is less Europe and more entrepreneurship

8 August 2015

Nestled under the Acropolis, snug and safe among the ancient ruins of a long-ago grandeur, Plaka is the only remaining protected area of Athens. Greedy developers are as welcome there… Read more

"After you" (Photo: Getty)

Manners matter, even at an orgy

1 August 2015

We all agree that a world without manners would make this a pretty grim place to live. Offensive informality is pretty much accepted nowadays, and manners are at times seen… Read more


The Greece I once knew is now just a myth

25 July 2015

I think back to my Greek childhood and longing for the once cosiest and most romantic of cities overwhelms me. Actually it’s too painful to think back: all the blood… Read more

King Fahd with his son Abdul Aziz, 1978 (Photo: Getty)

Let’s read the riot act to the kleptocrats who are buying us out

18 July 2015

I have signed an affidavit for a hearing in the High Court stating that Janan Harb was, to my knowledge, married to Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who later became king… Read more

Our readers’ tea party

The staff of The Spectator are straight out of a painting by Norman Rockwell

11 July 2015

Wow, what a week. London may be bad for one’s health, but it sure makes it fun on the way to where we’re all going. I’m determined not to mention… Read more

Greek PM Urges A No Vote In Sunday's Referendum As Greek Economic Crisis Deepens

My big embarrassing Greek royal wedding

4 July 2015

Tempus sure fugit, and how. Twenty years ago, on Saturday 1 July 1995, monarchs from around the world descended on London for the wedding of Greek Crown Prince Pavlos to… Read more


Me, Jeremy Clarke and a bottle of absinthe

27 June 2015

Last Wednesday, 24 June, Pugs held a luncheon in honour of our first member to depart for the Elysian Fields, or that large CinemaScope screen up above, Sir Christopher Lee,… Read more


The topic of mass immigration has become a means of entrapment

20 June 2015

When I founded the American Conservative 13 years ago — the purpose being to shine a light on the neocon shenanigans that led to the greatest American foreign policy disaster… Read more

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Putting Greece on a sound footing is like cleaning out the Augean Stables

13 June 2015

There’s nothing to add to Martin Vander Weyer’s item about Hellas of two weeks ago in these here pages except a Yogi Berra pearl, ‘It ain’t over till it’s over.’… Read more

Future President? (Photo: Getty)

Take it from Taki — Hillary Clinton will be the next US president

6 June 2015

The last week in Gotham was exceptional fun. I saw a Broadway play, Finding Neverland, compliments of the producer, my NBF Harvey Weinstein.It had me clapping with one hand due… Read more

F Scott Fitzgerald dances with his wife Zelda and daughter Frances 'Scottie' (Photo: Getty)

Taki, the greatest literary critic of our time, picks Fitzgerald’s greatest novel

30 May 2015

An operation on my hand after a karate injury has had me reading more than usual. I even attempted Don DeLillo’s Underworld, but soon gave up. Truman Capote famously said… Read more

Memory lane: Taki and Joan Collins

I once tried to buy coke from the head of Manhattan detectives

23 May 2015

This is as good as it gets. A light rain is falling on a soft May evening and I’m walking north on a silent Park Avenue hoping to get into… Read more

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Take it from Taki: this could be the start of something really big

16 May 2015

OK. Magnanimity in victory is a sine qua non among civilised men and women, so let me not be the first to rub it in. Last week I wrote that… Read more

Ed Miliband Completes His Election Campaign In The North Of England

I’d move to Kosovo if Ed Miliband became prime minister

9 May 2015

If any of you sees Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair, walking around with a begging bowl in his hand, it’s because he took me to dinner recently. I… Read more

Henry Luce (Photo: Getty)

RIP, Time magazine

2 May 2015

Talk about how the mighty have fallen. Time magazine was for the better part of the 20th century the model for American newsweeklies. Its style of epigrammatic terseness and punchy… Read more

Vienna's Belvedere Palace

Neither London nor New York will be livable in ten years’ time

25 April 2015

A recent column in the FT made me mad as hell. The writer, Simon Kuper, calls Vienna a backwater, which is a bit like calling the Queen a busted flush… Read more

Great escapes (Photo: Getty)

The lost talk of old Noo Yawk

18 April 2015

New York ‘Gimme a BLT on rye and hold da mayo’ is a great Noo Yawk sound. So is boid for bird, and toerty-toird for 33rd Street. True working-class accents… Read more

Taki has found a new love

For the first time in my life I felt like a rock star

11 April 2015

Ah, spring! The spring of our frostbitten age. At the Polish Club in London, a wonderful place studded with portraits of Polish patriots who have fought and sacrificed for the… Read more

Don Giovanni at Haus fuer Mozart Photo: Getty

Even a perfect opera such as Don Giovanni improves with a good red

4 April 2015

End of season is always bittersweet, the melting snows a bit like autumn leaves. But the days are longer and soon spring will chase away any remaining winter blues. The… Read more

Elton John Photo: Getty

Make no mistake: the Top Gear brouhaha is cultural warfare

28 March 2015

It’s a famous quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one that Elton John should ponder (when he’s not out shopping, that is): ‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability… Read more

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No man ever wanted a dumb broad for a wife

21 March 2015

As I was flipping through some television garbage trying to induce sleep, I came upon an old western starring Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone and Rock Hudson. Once upon a time… Read more

Acropolis Hill, Athens

Where Alcibiades once walked, amateur tax spies are trying to entrap poor pistachio-sellers

14 March 2015

 Athens I am walking on a wide pedestrian road beneath the Acropolis within 200 meters of the remaining Themistoclean wall and the ancient cemetery to eminent Athenians. One side is… Read more