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The Mornington after Budget night

23 May 2015

On the Friday evening after each federal budget senior Liberal ministers and adjoining local MPs, Bruce Billson and Greg Hunt, hold an annual fundraising dinner. The Gunnamatta Room at Victoria’s… Read more


Right wing hunting pack

28 February 2015

It’s possible that Australia soon will have a new Prime Minister. Tony Abbott, seriously wounded by the recent spill, struggles to survive. Every move he makes, every breath he takes,… Read more

No Aussie knighthood for Winston

31 January 2015

January marked fifty years since the passing of Winston Churchill. In commenting on the anniversary, Prime Minister Tony Abbott recalled what Sir Robert Menzies said at the funeral in 1965:… Read more

Darkness descends on Patterson Lakes

6 December 2014

The jewel in Victoria’s Carrum electorate is the canal suburb of Patterson Lakes, a place well known to regular readers of this magazine. Patto reflects its upwardly-mobile residents’ material success:… Read more

Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right

1 November 2014

In the early 1970s, Scottish pop group Stealers Wheel (featuring the late, great Gerry Rafferty) had their one international hit, Stuck in the Middle with You. Its chorus sums up… Read more

John Key Elected 39th Prime Minister Of New Zealand

But would you have a beer with them?

4 October 2014

Last month, New Zealand prime minister John Key won a thumping election victory. His National party was not only returned for a third term: it increased both its share of… Read more


It’s time to stop funding ‘elite’ sports

9 August 2014

Something just shook to the core Australians’ boundless confidence in their own manifest destiny: the Poms creamed Australia in the medal count in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  For the first… Read more


Tony the tradie can fix it

21 June 2014

The Top Tucker Takeaway near my Melbourne suburban office just changed owners, and the other day I ordered a large hot chocolate and was charged $5. Previously the price was… Read more


8 February 2014

Here in Patterson Lakes — Melbourne’s Mecca for cashed-up tradies and tattooed ladies — Tony Abbott has an image problem. Being a man so often pictured in his swimwear, the… Read more

Treasurer Joe Hockey Photo: Firdia Lisnawati/AP/PA Images

End the Age of Entitlement

19 October 2013

Recently my wife ran into a spot of bother. At the motor registry to pay her overdue rego, she discovered that it was just past the grace period for late… Read more


The Spectator correctly predicted that Australia would regain the Ashes

31 August 2013

Australia have regained the Ashes, much to the dismay of the British side. But did the Spectator predict this might happen months ago? Here’s Terry Barnes’s piece from August, in which… Read more

Media regulation begins at home

23 March 2013

As Julia Gillard surveys the smoking ruins of her leadership amid Stephen Conroy’s ill-judged media regulation push, and a panicked Labor caucus run hither and thither looking for the last… Read more

Lights out in Kath & Kim country

5 January 2013

Patterson Lakes is a bayside suburb on the southern fringe of Melbourne. Reclaimed from swamp in the 1970s, ‘Patto’ is built on a network of man-made coves and canals opening… Read more