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Adultery websites should be as unacceptable as race-hate websites

13 June 2015

The website connects married people who are interested in straying, in cheating on their spouses. Or, as the website puts it, people who are ‘looking for a little romance… Read more


Tinder went looking for fresh flesh – and accidentally found me

2 May 2015

Through some freak accident of PR, I was invited to an event organised by Tinder. If you’re over 40 or have become prematurely married, you might not know what Tinder… Read more


Why calling for an ‘Islamic Reformation’ is lazy and historically illiterate

7 February 2015

It’s been said for years now: Islam needs its reformation. Some centuries ago, Christianity ditched its theocratic impulse and affirmed modern political values — let Islam do likewise! Let its… Read more

Dr Rowan Williams, then Archbishop of Canterbury, waits to greet the Pope in 2010. Photo: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Rowan Williams has been reading too much Wittgenstein

27 September 2014
The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language Rowan Williams

Bloomsbury, pp.224, £20, ISBN: 9781472910431

It used to seem rather obvious that the world was full of evidence for God. These days, theologians no longer beat this drum — but some of them still give… Read more

Mass Protests Are Held During The G20 World Leaders Summit

A gangster called Capitalism and its vanquisher The Common Good

12 July 2014
Mammon’s Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now David Marquand

Allen Lane, pp.276, £20, ISBN: 9781846146725

Once upon a time, a powerful unkillable beast menaced the nation. It had to be tamed. It could only be tamed by a robust ethos of the common good. This… Read more


The return of God: atheism's crisis of faith

19 April 2014

Like any movement or religion, atheism has ambitions. Over the years it has grown and developed until it has become about far more than just not believing in God: today… Read more


The Church of England needs a compromise on gay marriage. Here it is

27 April 2013

It is a wearyingly obvious observation, but the Church of England remains crippled by the gay crisis. It is locked in disastrous self-opposition, alienated from its largely liberal nature. Maybe… Read more

Atheist advertising campaign launched

Richard Dawkins has lost: meet the new new atheists

13 April 2013

The atheist spring that began just over a decade ago is over, thank God. Richard Dawkins is now seen by many, even many non-believers, as a joke figure, shaking his… Read more

False idols

8 September 2012

It is widely agreed that 9/11 had a silver lining: that frightening day prodded us into thinking about religion, into taking it seriously. It nudged us away from our embarrassed… Read more

False idols

8 September 2012

It is widely agreed that 9/11 had a silver lining: that frightening day prodded us into thinking about religion, into taking it seriously. It nudged us away from our embarrassed… Read more

‘Jesus hung out with freaks’

1 January 2011

Why does the American religious right get all the attention: is there not also a religious left? Why is it always on the back foot? Why, though such a basic… Read more

Sex by sat-nav

7 July 2010

Theo Hobson is depressed by the media’s rapturous welcome for Grindr, a new software device that helps gay men locate each other for impromptu sex I am not a homophobe.… Read more

In search of disorganised religion

26 May 2010

Theo Hobson attends Grace, an alternative Christian service in west London, and finds it arty, irreverent, postmodern — and full of people seeking a new way to worship I went… Read more

The C of E should follow John Milton’s lead

12 December 2008

It’s the debate of our day, the meta-debate if you like. It unites the issues of Muslim extremism, creationism, irritable atheism, faith schools, Britishness, the future of the monarchy, Sarah… Read more

A very English coup — and the end of our national church

2 July 2008

On the eve of the General Synod and the Lambeth Conference, Theo Hobson says that the sleeping giant of evangelical and orthodox Anglicanism has been awoken by liberal agitation and… Read more


‘It’s harder for straights to feel Christian charity than gays’

7 May 2008

Theo Hobson meets Gene Robinson, the only openly gay Anglican bishop, who says that homosexuals are more open to the Christian ‘message of radical change’ I am sitting in St… Read more

Don’t blame religion

13 August 2005

Theo Hobson says that the suicide bombers are not inspired by a belief in an afterlife so much as by political ideology — like the kamikaze pilots of the second… Read more

Where Blair has gone wrong

23 April 2005

Frank Field tells Theo Hobson about Christianity, socialism — and the Prime Minister’s failure of leadership I am expecting to meet Edmund Blackadder’s Puritan uncle, who frowns on suggestively shaped… Read more