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Devil in her ayatollahs

Looking like a cross between Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, our glamourous foreign minister last week rocked into – of all places – Tehran. Her mission? To convince the Iranian… Read more


Spill Bill?

The major problem facing the Labor party today is one of logistics: how do you get rid of a floundering leader when the person most adept and experienced at stabbing… Read more


11 April 2015

Fraser’s Folly Sir: Thoroughly enjoyed the tributes to Mr Fraser (Spectator Australia 28 March). So Peaches has his trousers; I thought that was a myth. I’ll tell you of one… Read more


Year of ideas

‘Today, I say very clearly, Labor will support reform which is fair. Labor will fight reform which is unfair,’ said Bill Shorten over the Easter break. And with that simple… Read more


The Conversation

In Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 cult movie The Conversation, Gene Hackman’s character Harry Caul becomes obsessed analyzing the precise meaning of fragments of a conversation he has scrupulously recorded from… Read more

The wrong trousers

In 1986, the year after he officially became an Eminent Person courtesy of both the United Nations and the Commonwealth, Australia’s 22nd prime minister lost his trousers in a Memphis… Read more


Trinity of mediocrity

This was the week when the stark contrast between the relative talents of the top three individuals in the federal government and the opposition were on proud display for all… Read more

21 March 2015

White Ribbon Sir: Tanveer Ahmed wrote an article in The Spectator Australia (14 March) about the various ramifications of the opinion piece he wrote for The Australian on 9 February… Read more


Lynch mob-ette

There is a disturbing current of vilification running throughout the Australian feminist movement. Even as Australians proudly celebrated International Women’s Day recently, it became clear an angry, vocal, left-wing group… Read more

14 March 2015

Praise indeed Sir: Congratulations on the best arguments, articles and editorial I have personally witnessed so far in the history of The Spectator Australia. Best issue yet. Neil Brown for… Read more


Rape of the Libs

Perhaps the commentariat now realise that they do not, in fact, run the country, and cannot replace prime ministers on a whim. Readers will recall we were quick to point… Read more

7 March 2015

Vale of Praise Sir: Michael Baume’s article on Iron Ore’s Vale of Tears (Business/Robbery etc 28 February) was the best I have seen on the subject in the Australian press.… Read more

28 February 2015

Bad behaviour Sir: A good number of years ago I was at the University of NSW with a pleasant fellow called Donald McDonald. I understand he went from there to… Read more

Tough talk

28 February 2015

‘Crack down on welfare rorters. Get tough on radical Islam.’ If there’s a whiteboard in the Prime Minister’s office (or his much-maligned Chief of Staff’s), and those words or some… Read more


Fair maiden

21 February 2015

It goes without saying that when one of our most popular columnists, Peter Coleman, instructs his band of loyal readers to check out a certain speech on a certain website,… Read more

21 February 2015

Japanese numbers Sir I refer to the article No Aussie Knighthood for Winston (31 January). Whilst I agree with the overall gist, the author must be corrected regarding the true… Read more