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Protecting Leftist dogma

29 August 2015

It’s hard to see what Dyson Heydon, Mark Latham and anal sex have in common, yet these are the three dominating political and cultural topics of the last seven days.… Read more


Clean-up required

22 August 2015

A Dyson cleaner is a slick, state-of-the-art invention, looking like an escapee from the set of Alien with its transparent body revealing its moving, dust-busting parts. Not cheap, Dyson have… Read more

22 August 2015

Justified bombing Sir: A.N Wilson’s suggestion that the 1945 nuclear bombing of Japan was “without any military or moral justification” (The Spectator 15 August 2015) is at best simplistic. The… Read more


15 August 2015

End of Entitlements Sir: Having read David Flint’s article on parliamentary “entitlements” (Bronny bad, Adam goodes, Spectator Aust, 8 Aug.) as well as other similar pieces in recent days, I… Read more


The martyrdom of Bronwyn

15 August 2015

The destruction of Bronwyn Bishop’s career stands as a stain of shame on this parliament. The entire affair exposes the greed, cowardice, and hypocrisy of the current crop of politicians… Read more


Travel humbug

Bob Hawke famously observed that if you can’t govern yourselves, you can’t govern the country. Allow us to update this wise dictum: if you can’t control your own spending, you… Read more

8 August 2015

Archibald axing Sir: The postmodernist practice of accompanying works of art with a written statement was introduced in my opinion because nobody understood what the work was trying to convey.… Read more


Same old, same old

If there’s one thing Labor always does better than the Liberals, it’s party conferences. Even in Government, Liberal snoozefests attract barely a handful of press gallery journalists, but last weekend… Read more


Don’t raise taxes, cut them

While the media’s attention is distracted by Madam Speaker’s and other politician’s curious choices in executive travel, this week is pivotal in the battle of ideas that will decide the… Read more


Shorten’s mensis horribilis

One problem of being Opposition leader is getting air time. They yearn for cut-through moments when the full focus of media and public attention is on them. Labor leader Bill… Read more

18 July 2015

Greek cowboys Sir: In the leading article in The Spectator Australia of 11 July 2015, the editor says: “Like the black sheriff of Rock Ridge in Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles,… Read more


Greek disease

This week, Greeks voted to reject a tough debt deal imposed by the European Union and the German-dominated European Central Bank. The overwhelming ‘Oxi’ vote was sought by hard-Left Syriza… Read more

11 July 2015

Heavenly choir Sir: Having just read Christopher Akehurst’s article on Pope Francis’ recent Road to Damascus-like conversion to Gaiaism, he doesn’t venture an opinion as to whether in his newly-found… Read more


4 July 2015

Response to Michael Easson Sir: I have been afforded an opportunity to respond to the review of my book “The Case for Palestine”, which review was written by Mr. Michael… Read more

Gotcha in reverse

The ABC, through its glamour couple Sarah Ferguson and Tony Jones, did Tony Abbott two huge favours this past month. Its brilliantly ruthless documentary The Killing Season has shown not… Read more