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Qualities of a leader

Decisiveness. Perseverance. Effectiveness. These are the three key words being bandied around by the world’s top diplomats to describe Australian leadership in the United Nations following the tragedy of the… Read more


You read it here first

In the digital age, weekly print magazines are not supposed to break stories, especially before the actual events have taken place. But sometimes one gets lucky. We refer to our… Read more


Hip, hip hooray for Tony Abbott’s carbon tax repeal

Barring any more sudden Ricky Muir-like surprises, it looks as if the Senate will repeal the carbon tax; so allow us a little gloating. When the Australian edition of The… Read more


Our best newspaper

In polite company, it is now well known that the Australian’s claim to be the best newspaper in Australia is not to be uttered unless accompanied by a knowing roll… Read more

Mugged by reality

When American neoconservatives rose to intellectual prominence in the 1970s, they were invariably described — not least by themselves — as ‘liberals mugged by reality’. Four decades later, that definition… Read more


Hillary and us

So it was the quail what done ’er in. Asked to give an example of the ‘outrageous sexism’ that brought down Julia Gillard, all wannabe US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton… Read more

21 June 2014

Malcolm was hopeless Sir: The attempts by Mungo MacCallum (‘Turnbull lives on’, 7 June) and Richard Ferguson (‘One of us’, 14 June) to paint Malcolm Turnbull as a future prime… Read more


14 June 2014

Old cabby’s tale Stephen Rommei’s London cabby story (Diary, 7 June) reminded me of catching a cab one cold night with a few compatriots back in the Seventies. The driver… Read more

Tanya powder keg

Yet again, Tanya Plibersek has shown herself ill-equipped for the critical and sensitive portfolio of foreign affairs. Launching into a crass and erroneous attack on Tony Abbott, the woman who… Read more


Unrepresentative swill

Once again a majority of Australian voters find themselves in the infuriating position of having their clearly established wishes frustrated by an electoral system that seems hell-bent on putting mavericks… Read more


Morrison and the critics

Every Australian government since Ben Chifley’s has defined our immigration policy in terms of guaranteeing border control and an orderly process of migrant selection. As The Australian’s Paul Kelly argues:… Read more


24 May 2014

An independent policy Sir: James Curran’s review of my book Dangerous Allies (‘Radical nationalist’, 17 May) showed a significant and detailed knowledge of events that have occurred over the last… Read more

Get serious about debt

‘This is something we have to take seriously.’ So said Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson in his post-budget address to business economists, emphasising the need for productivity-enhancing measures across the nation.… Read more

Two cheers for Mr Fraser

Many Liberals and conservatives have been disgusted by Malcolm Fraser’s lurch to the Left since he lost office in 1983. But not everything the former prime minister espouses is outrageous.… Read more


Degrading tribalism     Sir: It’s hard to ignore the irony that a week after my receiving the praise of Andrew Neil (Diary, 3 May) who is, I think it’s… Read more