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Australia Day

24 January 2015

At this time of year, perhaps more than any other, it is easy to see why Australia is the envy of the world in so many ways. The long, lazy… Read more

24 January 2015

Lucky Country Sir: I run a slashing contracting business and cattle at Byron Bay. I just sat down here at Broadbeach for a few days with my three boys and… Read more


17 January 2015

Even as we were putting the finishing touches to our editorial last week, in which we ‘joined the dots’ between the Islamist terrorism that has destroyed Australian lives all the… Read more


17 January 2015

No Stitch Up Dear Qanta: Our names are Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright, and we were the hosts who interviewed you on Weekend Sunrise. We were also partially behind the… Read more

Year of living dangerously

10 January 2015

With the nightmare of the Sydney siege still fresh in Australian minds comes the not entirely unexpected heightened terrorist alerts regarding Indonesia, and indeed the threat of civil unrest and… Read more


10 January 2015

No Christmas Sir: To follow up on Chris Ashton’s ‘the real War on Christmas’ (Spec Aus Christmas Special) might I provide support for his article in so far as the… Read more


Rebooting the government

3 January 2015

Among the many dubious gifts the digital age has endowed us with is an abundance of new ways of expressing old ideas. We have ‘selfies’, ‘default positions’, ‘command and control’,… Read more

13 December 2014

Gay Marriage Sir, I don’t give a tinker’s curse about gay marriage (Brendan O’Neill 6 Dec.) and am tired to death of hearing about it. However I do eagerly await… Read more

Morality tales

13 December 2014

‘And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?’ A question, originally set to an agreeably festive tune by one John Winston Lennon, that plagues most of us at… Read more


The art of persuasion

6 December 2014

‘Our job is to simplify, to tear away the unrelated, to pluck out the weeds that are smothering the product message.’ These words, written by one of Madison Avenue’s finest,… Read more

6 December 2014

Friend or foe? Sir: The editorial piece ( Spectator Australia, 29 Nov.) and following article by James Allan deal broadly with the matter of displaying unity with a government in… Read more


Advising Abbott

29 November 2014

All of a sudden the world and his pet poodle purport to have crucial advice for Tony Abbott, as the prime minister struggles in the polls and comes under effective… Read more

29 November 2014

Creative writing Sir: When Geoffrey Robertson gets it wrong he is calamitous. He ends his Diary note defending ‘a young librarian who in some felonious way misused a computer in… Read more


An avalanche of achievements

22 November 2014

Under what strange law of nature is it that the more successful a political party is, the further it slumps in the opinion polls? This must be the question plaguing… Read more


G’day G20

15 November 2014

Where the United Nation’s tends to wallow in popstar navel-gazing, climate change self-flagellation and tedious bouts of Israel-bashing, it is reassuring to have one international forum that might actually make… Read more

8 November 2014

Well-meaning Whitlam Sir: Over recent months we have been subjected to an unprecedented amount of vainglory from the ALP and its handmaidens in the print and electronic media. The Whitlam… Read more