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Abbott’s Asia accolades

Abbott-watchers amateur and professional are still having trouble coming to grips with the Prime Minister’s foreign policy. The latest intellectual fad is to abandon analysis and either dismiss casually his… Read more

(Photo: Alan Wolf/NZ Govt)

A royal welcome

Australia prides itself on being a young country. For generations after independence in 1901, we still saw ourselves as essentially a British people. But when the Mother Country withdrew its… Read more

5 April 2014

Chapter and verse on Islam Sir: Irshad Manji’s generally very sensible article on ‘Reclaiming Islam’ (29 March) suggests using the Qur’an sura 3:7 as a verse to challenge Islamists who… Read more

Joe’s Thatcherite message

The greatest accolade that can be granted to a public figure is not a knighthood, an OA or any such other title; it’s an ‘ism’. Margaret Thatcher will always be… Read more


Our Watergate?

When we say the drama surrounding Arthur Sinodinos’s dealings at Australian Water Holdings brings back memories of Watergate, we do not mean the sorry saga will bring down a government… Read more

22 March 2014

That’s not entertainment Sir: How very disappointing — and quite shocking — to see The Spectator Australia (15 February) featuring a cover illustration of the psychopathic protagonist of Wolf Creek… Read more

The Bolt crucible

Yes to free speech, no to racism. It should be a pretty simple formula but, of course, the devil is always in the details. Despite all the heat being generated… Read more


Consumer vs taxpayer

Remember Kim Carr’s dire warning: ‘The government has effectively signed the death warrant on Australia’s last fresh-fruit cannery, ensuring the destruction of thousands of jobs.’ Bear in mind the Labor… Read more


8 March 2014

Long Labor Sir: The insightfully worded editorial ‘The Sins of Craig Thomson’ (22 February) has historical echoes. The original ‘Blind Freddie’, ostensibly Sir Frederick Pottinger, a dissolute, apparently incompetent yet… Read more

Is Tony Abbott a dry?

At six minutes past eight on the evening of Monday 3 March, the camera panned unexpectedly off the face of a fiery, defiant Prime Minister and across to his grim-looking… Read more

Politics is not a blood sport

Mocking, abusing or vilifying Labor leaders is morally repugnant. Mocking, abusing or vilifying Liberal leaders is cool. Such is the philosophical bent of what passes for the Left in Australia… Read more

1 March 2014

Oh, the horror! Sir: I think the enthusiasm of Dean Bertram for genre horror and sci-fi films (‘Terror Australis,’ 15 February) which, he claims with delight, are now ‘42 per… Read more


Breaking windows

22 February 2014

Smash! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. As one energy-reliant manufacturer after another shuts up shop; as our energy prices continue to go through the (solar-panelled) roof with little sign… Read more


15 February 2014

Keep the Lord’s Prayer Sir: Chris Ashton has outlined three reasons why recitation of the Lord’s Prayer should be removed from Australian parliamentary proceedings (‘Lose the Lord’s Prayer’, 1 February).… Read more

Creative destruction

15 February 2014

In Labor’s telling, the decision by Japanese Toyota executives to pull the plug on their Australian operation is Tony Abbott’s fault. After all, his government is phasing out ‘industry assistance’… Read more