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An avalanche of achievements

22 November 2014

Under what strange law of nature is it that the more successful a political party is, the further it slumps in the opinion polls? This must be the question plaguing… Read more


G’day G20

15 November 2014

Where the United Nation’s tends to wallow in popstar navel-gazing, climate change self-flagellation and tedious bouts of Israel-bashing, it is reassuring to have one international forum that might actually make… Read more

8 November 2014

Well-meaning Whitlam Sir: Over recent months we have been subjected to an unprecedented amount of vainglory from the ALP and its handmaidens in the print and electronic media. The Whitlam… Read more

Farming carbon

8 November 2014

And so the great farming nation that rode to prosperity on the sheep’s back and through harvesting wheat now looks to turn its hand to farming, um, carbon. How this… Read more



1 November 2014

The title of Australia’s First Popularly Elected Female Prime Minister is still up for grabs, and the obvious two contenders are Julie Bishop and Tanya Plibersek. As John Howard has… Read more


Whitewashing Whitlam

25 October 2014

The tears flowed in time for the seven o’clock news, a bizarre long march all the way from new parliament house to old was enacted by the motley crew who… Read more


25 October 2014

Cultured Brisbane Sir: Re Culture Buff 11 October. One sore point. I could do without the patronising remark about Brisbane and festivals. ‘Even Brisbane!’ Brisbane has had a Musica Nova… Read more

Getting shirty

18 October 2014

Several recent events highlight the fragile faultlines between jingoism, patriotism and national security; a fissure that the Left are desperate to crack open into a major chasm in the seemingly… Read more


Redeeming Joe

11 October 2014

There is a grain of truth (for once) in Julia Gillard’s assertion that for Peter Costello ‘it was easy to be Treasurer’. Certainly, the debt Paul Keating left behind pales… Read more


We are all Israelis now

4 October 2014

‘ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree,’ asserted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week in a fiery speech to the United Nations. ‘When it comes to… Read more


Silver fern leaf

27 September 2014

The extraordinary victory of John Key and his National party in New Zealand’s recent election came as a relief to many on both sides of the ‘dutch’ (including, of course,… Read more


27 September 2014

Waiting to die Sir: Forgive my delay, only getting around to reading the UK content of the 12 July issue of Spectator Australia now. Referring to the euthanasia debate –… Read more

Burkean activism

20 September 2014

‘For those who are political advocates within Palestine itself, I will never know the bravery that comes with putting your life on the line and at risk, in engaging in… Read more


13 September 2014

Leave her alone Sir: I refer to the article “Shorten comes clean” by Rowan Dean on page vii of The Spectator Australia 30 August. Having endured three years of malicious… Read more