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The deep instinct that Britain’s immigration debate still ignores

10 January 2015

The issue of immigration won’t go away, because it threatens the soul of the nation. Nobody in political authority uses such language today, because they are unsure of the validity… Read more


Two stonings and a beheading – witnessing Islamic justice

7 June 2014

Attending public executions, whether beheadings or stonings, is not my predilection, yet one does come across them in the course of life in Arabia and Pakistan. Beheading and stoning are… Read more


African Adventure

23 September 2011
Explorers of the Nile Tim Jeal

Faber, pp.510, 25

Every day in Kensington Gardens I jog round the bleak granite obelisk inscribed IN MEMORY OF SPEKE. VICTORIA NYANZA AND THE NILE 1864, which my family calls ‘Speke’s Spike’. That… Read more

We need the occasional war or economic collapse

15 December 2008

Tom Stacey says that there is a part of man’s collective soul that yearns for tribulations like the financial crisis and the philosophical and spiritual questions they force us to… Read more

Sick heart river

8 March 2007
Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa’s Greatest Explorer Tim Jeal

Faber, pp.545, 25

Love can drive a man to his grandeur. H. M. Stanley, greatest of all of Africa’s explorers — let us agree with this fine biographer, Tim Jeal, on Stanley’s pre-eminence… Read more

Expel foreign crooks? No, we’re far too nice

19 May 2006

Tom Stacey, a prison visitor for 30 years, says that jails devote scandalous resources to ‘diversity’. No wonder the Home Office has so little time to manage deportations Political defenders… Read more

Window of opportunity

13 December 2003

Tom Stacey on how, as an act of penance, his great-great-uncle donated the great west window to King’s College Chapel As the choristers of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, fill our… Read more

Shooting lions and lines

1 November 2003
Hemingway in Africa Christopher Ondaatje

HarperCollins, pp.237, 24.95

It’s not fair to blame a book for its subject — a book by a decent fellow who delights in Africa in the wild, a book of charm and perception,… Read more

The all-purpose bogeyman

23 August 2003

One has to be careful of saying anything nice about people like Idi Amin, even when they are dead and gone. It is easy to get a reputation for being… Read more