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Matt Damon in Davos (Photo: AFP/Eric Piermont)

Davos Diary

1 February 2014

‘Shaping a better world’, the theme for this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, was nothing if not ambitious. ‘I used to say it was a gathering of… Read more

Progress and its critics

27 April 2013

The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class By Nick Cater HarperCollins, $29.99, pp 309 ISBN 9781743098134 Australia is a ‘lucky country’, said Donald Horne in his… Read more


29 December 2012

It was my third visit to Afghanistan or, rather, to the fortress of Tarin Kot where most of the Australian forces are based. There was the same immense activity inside… Read more

Tradition meets change

24 November 2012

An Indian Summer of Cricket By Malcolm McGregor Barrallier Books, $39.50 ISBN 9780987168559 For those who think that sport can be a metaphor for life, this is the best sort… Read more

Notes from abroad – 28 July 2012

28 July 2012

Private meetings shouldn’t normally be discussed but it’s permissible, I think, to break this rule in order to reflect well on another participant. Along with Kevin Rudd, Julie Bishop, Craig… Read more

London Diary

19 November 2011

I was in Britain last week for the International Democrat Union conference, the bi-annual meeting of the leaders of nearly 30 liberal-conservative political parties. John Howard is the IDU chairman.… Read more


5 February 2011

A feature of being in politics is that about 50 per cent of the public are constitutionally inclined to be critical of whatever you do. Others, of course, give you… Read more

Almost an indigenous monarchy

4 December 2010

Support for the royal family is not the product of any ‘British race patriotism’ The engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton has produced more than the usual excitement associated… Read more