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Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx with Jenny, Eleanor and Laura Marx, 1864

Caught between Marx and a monster

5 July 2014
Eleanor Marx: A Life Rachel Holmes

Bloomsbury, pp.503, £25, ISBN: 9780747583844

‘Curious to see Mrs Aveling addressing the enormous crowd, curious to see the eyes of the women fixed upon her as she spoke of the miseries of the dockers’ homes,… Read more

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron a

Tristram Hunt

19 October 2013

ONE OF THE MINOR sociological treats of being appointed shadow education secretary is a frontbench view of David Cameron’s crimson tide — that half hour journey, every Question Time, during… Read more

Eastleigh by-election

How Eastleigh will show Labour is working

23 February 2013

Politics offers few greater pleasures than watching a by-election candidate self-immolate. Not a day goes by without Maria Hutchings, the Conservative party’s prospective MP for Eastleigh (so plainly hating the… Read more

Indian Finance Minister Mukherjee Unveils FY13 Federal Budget

This old House

29 December 2012

‘If the Palace were not a listed building of the highest heritage value, its owners would probably be advised to demolish and rebuild.’ Heartlessly, this concludes the latest official report… Read more

Gove’s paradox

21 April 2012

By any standards, the Education Secretary is good news for history. He knows the subject, he likes the subject, and his ‘English Baccalaureate’ is already producing a marked upturn in… Read more


Wedgwood Museum: At risk

18 December 2010

We are fairly certain that the late Robert Maxwell never met the even later Josiah Wedgwood, but Cap’n Bob’s nefarious legacy is now being keenly felt by Wedgwood’s descendants. For… Read more


2 June 2010

Along the dank corridors of the House of Commons and in the airy cafés of Portcullis House, new Members of Parliament still swap tall tales from the campaign. Part of… Read more

Eat, drink and be communist

15 April 2009

In 1890 Friedrich Engels, co-author of The Communist Manifesto, celebrated his 70th birthday. ‘We kept it up till half past three in the morning,’ he boasted to Laura Lafargue, daughter… Read more