Editor’s letter

28 March 2015

Seven years ago I came up with a list of Conservative would-be MPs to photograph and profile: the now infamous ‘Tatler Tory Totty.’ When the piece came out, David Cameron… Read more

The Index

28 March 2015

APR RAVILIOUS Dulwich Picture Gallery, from 1 April Remarkably, this is the first major retrospective of Eric Ravilious’s watercolours. It includes many of the best-loved, among them ‘Westbury Horse’ (above)… Read more

The spy who snubbed me: 007's Etonian side

28 March 2015

The ginger-haired man in the three-piece suit had been standing at the bar all night, ordering gin and tonics in a proprietorial voice that conveyed unvarnished delight in belonging to a gentleman’s club.… Read more

Why James Bond ran away to Fettes

28 March 2015
Ian Fleming Photo: Getty

Ian Fleming went to Eton in the autumn of 1921 and left, aged 17, in 1926 for a crammer in Newport Pagnell to be prepared for Sandhurst and a career in the… Read more

'You're very Canadian!': Sarah Gadon on the challenge of playing a young Elizabeth II

28 March 2015

Sarah Gadon has been in no fewer than three David Cronenberg films. She was cast in A Dangerous Method, his account of the friendship between Freud and Jung, while she was… Read more

To write a bestseller, I had to change sex

28 March 2015

It’s remarkable the efforts some authors will make in order to achieve literary fame. Take the American writer James Frey. A few years ago he decided that his hitherto rejected… Read more

New York has lost its sleaze and gained – well, what?

28 March 2015

When Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, moved to New York from smalltown New Jersey in the late 1960s, you could live in the city for next to nothing. These… Read more

London's new owners are Chinese

28 March 2015

It used to be just the ducks in the windows on Gerrard Street. But now Chinese investment in London is on a whole different scale. And some of it’s threatening to annoy the… Read more

This is the young painter to watch

28 March 2015
‘App for Replacement Characters III’, Benedikt Hipp, 2015

Like a lot of the most interesting work now, Benedikt Hipp’s paintings are a fusion between figuration and abstraction. There’s a lot of strange ornamentation on the figures and a… Read more

How I screwed up in Hollywood (and how not to)

28 March 2015

I took a trip to Hollywood because I’m a budding screenwriter. ‘Budding’ in this context means ‘unsuccessful’. Here’s Tennessee Williams on being an unsuccessful writer: ‘A life of clawing and scratching… Read more

David Cameron's secret A-list

28 March 2015

The Conservative party elected Britain’s first ethnic minority MP, Sir Mancherjee Bhownagree, as long ago as 1895. It also gave us our first Jewish and women prime ministers. Yet something… Read more

Stay in the picture

28 March 2015

1. Das Central, Austria It’s not a Bond film without a snow scene and Sam Mendes’s choice of location for Spectre is hard to beat. 2. Mosaic Palais Aziza,… Read more

The terrified fat blokes of Westminster

28 March 2015

A couple of years ago a perky female MP stood up in the Commons with a bit of boob on display. There were titters from Twitterers and raised eyebrows about her… Read more

The plot to replace the internet

28 March 2015

The internet has changed its character dramatically several times over its short life. It started in the late 1960s as a military project, morphed into an academic network in the… Read more

Holidays in Rwanda? No, this is not a sick joke

28 March 2015

Here’s my first proper view of Rwanda: an improbably blue lake, endless hills striped with different shades of green stretching into the distance, and thousands of little corrugated iron roofs winking in… Read more

Flashy floristry is for oligarchs. The terrarium is the elegant way to bring plants inside

28 March 2015

Was it the Russians? The Saudis? Or Elton John, who once received a florist’s bill for £293,000? Someone’s to blame for having sacrificed Britain’s great floral heritage on the altar… Read more

My little oligarch: inside the playrooms of the 0.1%

28 March 2015
Dahlia’s design for a plane bed

When Lewis Carroll created Alice’s wonderland, he sent his diminutive heroine down rabbit holes and through looking glasses and in doing so created an imaginative kingdom that has lived in… Read more

Tune in, drop out, cash in: fake Sixties spirit – and the survival of the real thing

28 March 2015
Hippy Protestor

I’m what you call a Sixties person. I still believe in sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll, and radical democracy. You may or may not share these ideas, but… Read more

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28 March 2015

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28 March 2015

The Wish List


Above. Clockwise from left: Sea urchin spine necklace, £525, Patrick Mavros; Daisy Tryst ring, £21,500, Theo Fennell; Chrysoprase Amulette de Cartier, £1,840, Cartier; Soleste® yellow, white and pink diamond ring, £41,500,… Read more

28 March 2015

It was the only local meeting that I managed to get to in the NSW election campaigns. I expected the usual rough and tumble, with plenty of fiery heckling and… Read more

The totalitarianism of marriage equality

28 March 2015

Elton John has managed to leap back into the limelight by calling for a boycott of luxury fashion label Dolce & Gabbana. His plea for the trophy wives of the… Read more

Election diary

28 March 2015

It’s just six days before the Israeli elections. Bibi versus Buji and Tzipi. Labor’s Isaac ‘Buji’ Herzog and Hatnuah’s Tzipora ‘Tzipi’ Livni are running together on the Zionist Union ticket… Read more

Memories of an Eminent Person

28 March 2015

For three decades I have been dreading the day Malcolm Fraser would die. Not because I was a huge fan; quite the opposite. Having written an infamous article in the… Read more