Cartoon from April 21, 2007 issue

  • Steg Stegsson

    I’ve printed this article out, it’s been a great help to me.

    Every time I bump into a Melanie Philips rant, I just re-read this piece and realise objective research is not Philips’ strong point.

  • DaveK

    LOL, you’re dead right there. These are the rantings of an obsessive compulsive and she’s just swallowed the lot whole. Without a hint of corroborating evidence. Just because someone has worked for military intelligence doesn’t mean they aren’t a liar – in fact, it means they quite specifically are and have been paid and rewarded for being one for many years.
    Gaubatz, incidentally, is currently seeking to raise money for some daft crusade or other.
    There’s more reason to believe there were fairies and loch ness monsters in Iraq than WMDs.