Cartoon from May 19, 2007 issue

  • carol jewell

    Sally and her family deserve justice for her and her family. To cover up the fact the little baby had had a combination of chemicals pumped into it’s body should have those involved in administering this lethal cocktail in the High Court. There is a link between the condition of the little baby and the administering of the injections. The baby was said to have been sniffeling before the injections were given. This was a sign all was not well and to then inject the baby with these chemicals was an appalling act of medical irresponsibility. The all too freely of flooding synthetic chemicals into the body just has to be vigorously opposed. In the case of babies who are showing signs and symptoms ( as Sally’s little boy did ) of a weakness in the pituitary gland, the chemicals would have a further devastating effect on this gland and major organ failure would result. The most common cause of the symtoms the baby was showing would be the presence of the viruses Measles; Mumps; Chicken-pox; Rubella in the central nervous system..

  • Jack Humphries

    It is probable that the person who vaccinated the child killed the child, complicit with the person who instructed that the child be vaccinated, and the parent/s of the child who consented for the child to be vaccinated.

  • Nick Hewes

    “No lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you should never trust experts”

    Lord Salsbury, (letter to Lord Lytton), 1877

  • Lisa Blakemore-Brown

    It may be of interest to readers of this article that Sir Roy Meadow has now mysteriously removed himself from the General Medical Council Register. Read about it in the following article I have just written: