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Sorry, but I can’t join in the China panic (especially not while I’m on a cruise)

29 August 2015

 MS Queen Victoria, 38°N 19°E I’ll do my best, but I’ve got to be honest: being surrounded by shining Ionian waters and convivial Spectator cruisers isn’t helping me channel the… Read more

Andrew Ritchie with his Brompton bike (Photo: Getty)

Why the boffin behind the Brompton is Britain’s greatest living designer

22 August 2015

Asked to name Britain’s greatest living industrial designer, most people might cite Sir Jony Ive of Apple or Sir James Dyson of the bagless vacuum cleaner. I’d certainly shortlist Ive,… Read more

Nuclear power plant

The triumph of nuclear weapons – and the defeat of nuclear power

15 August 2015

‘I visited the black marble obelisk which marks the epicentre of the explosion, and I saw the plain domestic wall-clock retrieved intact from the rubble with its bent hands recording… Read more


This time we really are getting tough on dodgy bankers (just don’t expect it to reach the boardroom)

8 August 2015

Fourteen years is a long stretch. The punishment imposed on former UBS and Citigroup trader Tom Hayes for his role as ‘the hub of the conspiracy’ to rig yen Libor… Read more

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I remember Nikkei’s journalistic values – and I’m not sure they’re much like the FT’s

1 August 2015

It’s nearly 30 years since I worked in Japan, but I still have a few words of the language and a certain idea of how the place worked. The role… Read more

Former FCA chief executive Martin Wheatley (Photo: Getty)

Why the City might yet miss stroppy regulator Martin Wheatley

25 July 2015

A City insider at last month’s Mansion House dinner told me the Financial Conduct Authority had become ‘a bit of an embarrassment’ — or rather, that was my bowdlerisation of… Read more

Iranian Foreign Minister,  Mohammad Javad Zarif, and the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, negotiate a deal with world powers in Vienna (Photo: Getty)

Some good came out of the negotiating chamber this week, but it concerned Iran rather than Greece

18 July 2015

As an occasional lecturer on the abstruse topic of the efficacy of sanctions in conflict resolution, I find myself much more excited about the emergence in Vienna of a settlement… Read more

George Osborne meets former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis (Photo: Getty)

A Budget to show how it should be done – as the Greeks show how it shouldn't

11 July 2015

George Osborne’s Budget was good politics: not so much in terms of tactical point-scoring, though there was plenty, but in terms of striving for big objectives of fiscal rectitude and… Read more

Christine Lagarde (Photo: Getty)

Christine Lagarde didn’t create the Greek crisis. But she might not survive it

4 July 2015

The Greek drama took a turn few of us expected last week, when the world thought compromise was imminent. What happens after Sunday’s referendum is anyone’s guess — but recrimination… Read more

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (Photo: Getty)

The only certain winner in the Greek stand-off: cliché

27 June 2015

The clear winner in the Greek crisis is the author of The Little Book of Negotiating Clichés, whose royalties must have been pouring in as the clock ticked towards midnight… Read more

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, the Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow and the Govenor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney at Mansion House (Photo: Getty)

The dinner where laissez-faire banking died

20 June 2015

Last week’s deadline did not allow me to report from ringside at the Mansion House dinner, but there was so much to observe that I hope you’ll forgive a late… Read more

Businessman Alan Bond and Prime Minister Bob Hawke (Photo: Getty)

From surfing to takeovers: the story behind the richest man in Brazil

13 June 2015

The tectonic plates of economic life rumble and shift. As ever, market watchers are obsessed by big themes — and the demand for predictions about them even though so many… Read more

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American justice is behaving as the world’s CCTV system – and the fall of Blatter doesn’t make that right

6 June 2015

‘In matters of criminal justice,’ said NatWest Three defendant David Bermingham after a London court extradited him and his co-defendants to face Enron-related US fraud charges even though nothing they… Read more

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Which behaved worse: callous Thomas Cook or cynical Barclays?

30 May 2015

Which is worse, morally and reputationally — to be Thomas Cook, shamed by its refusal to show proper human concern, for fear of being taken to admit responsibility, over the… Read more

Powerhouse Jim O'Neill (Photo: Getty)

On Jim O’Neill, the new ‘Northern Powerhouse’ supremo

23 May 2015

A doff of my flat cap to Jim O’Neill, the former Goldman Sachs economist who has been made a peer, a Treasury minister and George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ supremo. The… Read more


Can Cameron bring us full employment? And do we want it?

16 May 2015

‘Two million jobs have been created since 2010 — but there will not be a moment of rest until we have reached our goal,’ said David Cameron in a Telegraph… Read more

And the award goes to... (Photo: Getty)

Why Yanis Varoufakis is my politician of the year

After the heat of battle: the accolades, the recriminations, the telling of history by the victors. It’s six months early for our Parliamentarian of the Year shortlist, but my nominee… Read more

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Why David Cameron is best placed to win the crucial Ikea vote

If Ikea were a constituency, it would be a three-way marginal. That was my thought one morning last week as I walked a mile and a half round the Batley… Read more


Why so many bankers secretly like Labour’s non-dom proposal

25 April 2015

The interesting thing about Labour’s pledge to abolish non-dom tax status — a squib designed to trap Tories into expressing sympathy for the rich, in the knowledge on the part… Read more

Ben van Beurden (Photo: Getty)

How Helge Lund’s humungous salary helped Shell to a bargain

18 April 2015

Helge Lund was widely expected to go into domestic politics when he ended his successful tenure as head of Statoil, the Norwegian state oil and gas company. Instead, he was… Read more

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis Photo: Getty

A Greek default is coming – as soon as next month

11 April 2015

Bored with the election? Switch over to the Greek debt drama. In this week’s cliffhanger, silver-tongued finance minister Yanis Varoufakis visited IMF chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday, promised to meet… Read more

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Airport wars: why I'm betting on Gatwick

4 April 2015

Easter is a good time to talk about airports — or perhaps a bad time, if you bought your Spectator in the shopping labyrinth that impedes your path to the… Read more


If you really want to make money from the FTSE100, be a chief executive

28 March 2015

The FTSE100 index has at last breached 7,000, surpassing its peak of 30 December 1999 and provoking moderate celebration among investors who have enjoyed such poor returns all these years.… Read more

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Here’s what a real reform of business rates would look like

21 March 2015

Of all the measures talked up ahead of the Budget, the reannouncement of a ‘radical’ review of the business rates was the least concrete in content but the most important… Read more


Won’t someone please unleash the challenger banks?

14 March 2015

In my Yorkshire town of Helmsley the NatWest branch, originally an outpost of Beckett & Co of Leeds, has closed down — collateral damage of its crippled parent RBS’s continuing… Read more