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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon Photo: Getty

None of the parties are telling the truth about Scotland. It's driving me crazy

21 March 2015

What a load of mendacious balls everybody talks about Scotland. It’s like a disease. It’s like, you know how they say Ebola probably started in some festering bat cave in… Read more

Welsh Conservatives Hold Spring Party Conference

Surprise! David Cameron was a Tory bastard all along

7 March 2015

I have a friend who was a Young Conservative. Just the one, I promise, and he’s grown out of it by now. I remember him, though, back from a party… Read more


How Alex Brooker made political interviews interesting again

7 February 2015

The other night on Channel 4, I watched the best political interview I’ve seen all year. It was with Nick Clegg, and conducted by a guy called Alex Brooker. And… Read more

James Blunt on stage at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards, 2014 Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty

Maybe it’s a problem when all artists are like James Blunt. But it’s worse when Labour MPs are like Chris Bryant

24 January 2015

What should we do with James Blunt? This is what I have been asking myself. And I am not looking for comedy answers here, such as ‘Lock him in a… Read more

Labours Investment In NHS Not Getting Through To The Front-Line.

So the near collapse of A&Es around the country is all my fault?

10 January 2015

Oh, I see. So it’s my fault. There I was, thinking that the general swamping and near collapse of accident and emergency services in hospitals across Britain might be the… Read more


Twentysomethings: you won’t miss being poor. But you will miss not knowing what you’re doing

13 December 2014

What I miss most about being very young is the cluelessness. It’s enormously liberating, cluelessness. The boundaries of life are simply not comprehended. The boxes into which others will put… Read more

Dapper Laughs Photo: Getty

You shouldn’t watch Dapper Laughs. But you really shouldn’t let the likes of me stop you

15 November 2014

As you’ll know by now, I’m big on thinking the right things. Should a thought strike me that m’colleague Rod Liddle would not describe as ‘bien-pensant’, then I will of… Read more

British television BBC presenter of moto

Argentina's six-week sulk is starting to make me feel sorry for Jeremy Clarkson

1 November 2014

Perhaps it’s a glaring and personal flaw in my observational skills, but if somebody tried to insult me via a number plate attached to their car, I’m not at all… Read more

UK Independence Party Wins Its First Seat In Parliament

Ukip is in the middle of the most cynical political repositioning ever

18 October 2014

I think I’ve cracked it. If you want to springboard your minor political party into the mainstream and take British politics by storm, then all you need to do is… Read more


Why my friends love the idea of a nasty, stupid mansion tax

4 October 2014

I see all the flaws with a mansion tax, I really do. And yet some little piece of me, some tribal chip within my soul, rejoices at the thought of… Read more


The ‘no’ campaign’s problem was that it sounded like me

20 September 2014

Journalistically speaking, it’s been a good year to be Scottish and Jewish. Had I been a Welsh Zoroastrian, say, I doubt I’d have had nearly so much to say. In… Read more

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" World Premiere

Is it really abuse just to look at Jennifer Lawrence's naked pictures?

6 September 2014

‘If you click on Jennifer Lawrence’s naked pictures,’ said the headline on the Guardian’s website, ‘you’re perpetuating her abuse.’ That gave me pause. Even though I haven’t. In all honesty,… Read more

Julian Assange speaks at the Ecuadorian Embassy where he has been holed up for two years Photo: Getty

Help! I've started to feel sorry for Julian Assange

23 August 2014

Poor Julian Assange. Call me a contrarian but I’m genuinely starting to feel sorry for the guy. He’s just made such a mess of his life, hasn’t he? And with… Read more


You’ll mock me, but I have to ask: why don’t any of my friends have holiday homes?

9 August 2014

This is to be one of those columns that makes the writer faintly wish there wasn’t an internet. It would be one thing merely in print — ephemeral, swiftly forgotten,… Read more

Israeli soldiers patrolling the shore Photo: Getty

I'm not comfortable with Israel any more. And I'm really not comfortable with that

12 July 2014

Glaring, the ennui over Israel. The way we drag our eyes to the page, and sigh, and want to read something else. Sympathy is hard. Even anger is hard. It’s… Read more


I may not know much about khat, but I know banning it is crazy

28 June 2014

Khat is a leafy stimulant chewed mainly, I gather, by Somalis. This week the government banned its possession and sale. And, for the life of me, I cannot figure out… Read more


Don’t blame the Guardian if criminals are getting better at hiding online. Blame iTunes and Netflix

14 June 2014

I wouldn’t wish to deny that all drug dealers and crime lords read the Guardian. Indeed, check the circulation figures, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that only drug dealers… Read more

Malcolm Rifkind (left) Photo: AFP/Getty

The truth about being a politician’s child

31 May 2014

It was a Friday morning in 1992, Britain had just had an election, and I was on an ice rink. No special reason. You’re in Edinburgh, you’re a posh teenager,… Read more


Scotland’s fate is more important than David Cameron’s

17 May 2014

‘It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.’ So wrote P.G. Wodehouse, and he wasn’t just talking about nationalists. And right… Read more

Celebrity Big Brother - Series Starts

If Ukip aren't racist, how come so many racists seem to like them?

3 May 2014

The most thought-provoking discussion about racism I ever heard took place five years ago on Channel 4’s Celebrity Wife Swap. No, it did. On the one side they had the… Read more

(Photo: Getty)

If Ed Miliband can’t be our first Jewish prime minister, he can still be our first atheist Jewish prime minister from Primrose Hill

19 April 2014

Last weekend, in a small New Jersey suburb, I found myself in a liquor store. Never been anywhere like it. The walls were lined with single malts of rare and… Read more


University tuition fees are a tax. It’s time to admit it

5 April 2014

Regardless of how many brains David Willetts has got, it’s not surprising that tuition fees are a mess. They’re a mess because they are a tax, and intended to do… Read more


Six months as a TV critic, and I’ve seen enough corpses to last a lifetime

22 March 2014

It was Shetland that tipped me over the edge. Not the place, but the TV series. Although that’s set in the place. So both, really. It’s a crime drama, see,… Read more

Residential villas stand empty near the main Emirates road in Dubai, 2011 Photo: Bloomberg via Getty

Why are we turning London into Dubai?

8 March 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what it will look like when we colonise Mars, the answer is ‘Dubai’. I was there the other week. Bloody hell, what a place. You sit… Read more

Scottish Referendum 'Better Together' Campaigners On The Streets Of Glasgow

It’s time that Scotland’s timid posh folk spoke out

22 February 2014

I took part in a documentary about Scottishness a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t bad at all. I mused, mainly, on my own border-hopping, fretful-about-independence Scottish-Britishness, and a decent… Read more