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Sutton Hoo Helmet on display at the British Museum Photo: Getty

For my family, the Vikings exhibition was about as much fun as being raped and pillaged

12 April 2014

Have you managed to book tickets to the Viking exhibition at the British Museum yet? If you haven’t, my advice is: don’t bother. I know what the critics have been… Read more


How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bomb

29 March 2014

Just as every child now thinks he’s going to die of global warming, so those of us who grew up in the Seventies and Eighties all thought we were going… Read more

Sen. Rand Paul addresses CPAC Photo: CQ-Roll Call Group

I’ve seen the future of conservatism at CPac – and it doesn’t work

15 March 2014

About the coolest guy I saw at CPac this year was this wild-eyed, middle–aged crazy wearing ‘statement’ spectacles, faded Levis and a badge on his immaculately cut, grey wool Timothy… Read more

NRA Gathers In Houston For 2013 Annual Meeting

Why are journalists so scared of giving people what they want?

1 March 2014

Since I landed my new job as executive editor at Breitbart London, my old Fleet Street friends and colleagues have reacted with a mix of envy and horror. The envy… Read more


The martyrdom of Mark Steyn

15 February 2014

When I first read, many months ago, that the notorious US climate scientist Michael Mann was suing the notorious right-wing bastard Mark Steyn for defamation, I admit that I felt… Read more

Alain de Botton (Photo: Getty)

How the MPs' expenses scandal proved the wisdom of Alain de Botton

1 February 2014

Whenever I’m tempted to pretend to be nicer so that fewer people hate me, I remember my old friend Alain de Botton. Alain is a genuinely delightful fellow — charming,… Read more


When trolling pressure groups cause real harm

18 January 2014

My grandmother, Nanny Nancy, is 99 and going strong. But it can’t be denied that while she’s all there mentally, physically she’s not the lithe young thing she was in… Read more


James Delingpole: Those bitcoin weirdos might just be right

4 January 2014

Here’s a thought to kindle a lovely warm glow of smugness and schadenfreude as we enter a new year: you didn’t lose your fortune in the great bitcoin bubble of… Read more


James Delingpole: In defence of cocaine

14 December 2013

‘Is anyone here even remotely shocked that Nigella Lawson has done cocaine?’ I asked. Everyone shook their heads. Well of course they did: it was the after-show drinks in the… Read more

Forget climate change, the African clawed frog is responsible for the extinction of the golden toad

Delingpole: Here's what I learnt from the extinction of the golden toad — ecologists have sold out to the religion of global warming

7 December 2013

When I was a child — in the days before it became illegal under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) and Schedule 2 of the Conservation of… Read more

What the kids won't learn here is how to rebel. That's where James Delingpole comes in...

James Delingpole: I told Radley school pupils how to rebel. But I'm not sure they want to

23 November 2013

For two blissful days last week I was at Radley College — what you might call the posh person’s Eton — as the school’s Provocateur-in-Residence. Delightful place: like an especially agreeable gentleman’s… Read more

David Tennant as Richard II Photo: Kwame Lestrade/RSC

James Delingpole: I'm in love with Shakespeare — and with David Tennant's Richard II

9 November 2013

‘Dad, it’s three hours long,’ says Boy, worriedly. ‘Yeah. And whose bloody fault is it we’re going?’ I want to reply but don’t because I know, as a dad, you’re… Read more

Is an expert on garden snails really the best person to discuss climate change?

James Delingpole: Why can't the BBC be impartial in the climate change debate? 

26 October 2013

 ‘Well, you’re arguing facts against opinions. OK, I mean, the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has rocketed up since the Industrial Revolution, and continues to… Read more

Granddaughter Of Emmeline Pankhurst, Dr Helen Pankhurst Leads A Lobby Of Parliament On The Erosion Of Women's Rights

James Delingpole: I don't automatically support Piers Morgan. So why should women automatically support Julia Gillard?

12 October 2013

I’ve been racking my brains to think what I might have in common with Kim Jong Un and Piers Morgan. But apart from owning a spectacularly tiny penis, I simply… Read more

Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

James Delingpole: What's wrong with being right?

28 September 2013

I’m trying to imagine what Britain would look like under a Ukip/Conservative coalition with Cameron as PM and Farage as his deputy. The idea fills me with horror. I think,… Read more


The RSPB is fighting for wind turbines. The birds can fend for themselves

14 September 2013

The RSPB has come out against fracking and urged the government to ‘rethink its shale gas policies’. And of course the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds would know.… Read more

Author Ayn Rand On City Street

The tao of Ayn Rand

31 August 2013

I’m now half way through Atlas Shrugged and I’m loving almost every moment. But Ayn Rand isn’t someone you read for pleasure, I’m beginning to realise. She’s someone you read… Read more

The UKIP 2013 Spring Conference

Ukip are playing it safe – so they’ve rejected me

17 August 2013

So farewell then £80,000 salary, £150,000 expense account, secretary, team of assistants, constituency office, first-class travel, immunity from prosecution, Brussels blowouts, ludicrous pension and all the other perks I’d been… Read more

concept of online porn

Do women really watch as much porn as men?

3 August 2013

You may be aware that David Cameron — as part of a secret, Lynton Crosby-inspired operation codenamed Suck Up Shamelessly To The Embittered Authoritarian Killjoy Harpies At Mumsnet — has… Read more


Books are a load of crap - the sporty kids have got it made

20 July 2013

What a glorious sporting summer it has been so far. For some the highlight will have been Andy Murray at Wimbledon, for others that nailbiting first Test against the Aussies.… Read more


It’s the secret of a successful marriage: my wife treats me like a dog

6 July 2013

‘Here, Wolf,’ says the Fawn to me, showing me a saucer. ‘Look at this! This is the new place where you put your mouth things. See! See the saucer? Look… Read more

Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

Am I politically correct enough to stand for Ukip?

22 June 2013

A few weeks ago I drove to Market Harborough for my test as a potential Ukip candidate. The process was very thorough. There was a media interview section, where one… Read more

A truck carries away timber in the upper

Why you shouldn’t believe the green attacks on Ben Fogle

8 June 2013

Just because the environmentalists have been proved so epically wrong about global warming doesn’t mean they’re right about everything else. Ocean acidification, overpopulation, species loss… you’re going to hear a… Read more

Dick Delingpole's Photoshopped image

Here’s why Tories shouldn’t do smear campaigns

25 May 2013

‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it and polarise it.’ This is the best-known of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, and even if you haven’t heard of the man or… Read more

John Maynard Keynes known as the 'Queen of King's'. Photo Getty

Niall Ferguson's enemies can't accuse him of racism, so they hope the homophobe charge will work its poison.

11 May 2013

Is it homophobic to argue that it’s mainly gay men who keep the flame of popular culture alive? If so, then Simon Napier Bell has some grovelling to do. Napier… Read more