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Think Cameron’s small majority will hold him back? Not with his new army of loyalists

29 August 2015

Time was when the Conservatives believed that a small majority — which puts a government at the mercy of backbench rebels — would be worse than no majority at all.… Read more

Labour Leadership Contender Jeremy Corbyn Talks To Supporters In The North West

Labour MPs’ next choice: which leadership coup to back

22 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s close friend Tony Benn had five questions he always asked of those in power: ‘What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests… Read more

Labour Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Continues His Welsh Tour

Labour's already running out of time to regain its lost voters

15 August 2015

The Labour leadership contest was supposed to be a debate about the party’s future. Instead it has oscillated between petty personality politics and bickering. Nobody is addressing the question of… Read more

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty)

Hillary Clinton is a hopeless candidate – and Democrats are finally realising

 New York Remember the fizz around Gordon Brown’s election campaign in 2010? The excitement he brought to the trail? The eerily intimate connection with the electorate? No, nor can I.… Read more

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Whoever wins the Labour leadership, Blairism is at death’s door

1 August 2015

The exhausted Labour leadership contest takes a bucket-and-spade holiday next week, with all four candidates agreeing to an uneasy truce on hustings — but probably not hostilities. It’s clear everyone… Read more

Scottish National Party politician Angus Robertson (PA Images)

The SNP surge at Westminster might just accidentally save the Union

25 July 2015

There are few quicker ways to annoy an MP than to suggest that they are on holiday when the House of Commons isn’t sitting. Such a suggestion will be met… Read more

Potential Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (Photo: Getty)

The Tories can only benefit from the rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn

18 July 2015

It wasn’t meant to work out this way. A month ago, Westminster watched to see if Jeremy Corbyn could get the support of the 35 MPs he needed to enter… Read more


George Osborne's real plan: erase every trace of Gordon Brown

11 July 2015

To understand George Osborne, it is important to realise that he cut his political teeth at the height of the New Labour ascendancy. He remembers the humiliations that were visited… Read more

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Berlin

Why won't Cameron seize his chance on the EU?

4 July 2015

Few European leaders have been luckier than David Cameron. First he was sent Ed Miliband. Now events in Greece may be about to present him with a solution to the… Read more

King Abdullah Of Jordan Visits Berlin

Merkel's crisis is Cameron's opportunity

27 June 2015

For generations, ambitious politicians have dreamed about having the power to run Europe — but as Angela Merkel can attest, it’s a horrible job. She didn’t want to end up… Read more

Yvette Cooper with Ed Miliband (Photo: Getty)

Why Ed Miliband may have lost Labour the next election, too

20 June 2015

You wait ages for a Labour leadership contest, then five come along at once. In the past few days, nominations have closed for the contests to be leader and deputy… Read more

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Revealed: David Cameron's rehearsed resignation speech

13 June 2015

At 6.30 p.m. on 7 May, the Camerons invited guests at their home in Oxfordshire into the garden for a drink. Everyone stood on the patio, wrapped up in coats… Read more

David Cameron Meets With Angela Merkel In Berlin

There’s no date yet for an EU referendum. But the ‘yes’ campaign has started

6 June 2015

Forty years ago this week, Britain voted to remain part of the European Community. That remains the only direct vote on the European question that the country has had. The… Read more

The Prime Minister And Home Secretary Address Immigration

Welcome to the EU rollercoaster, Prime Minister

30 May 2015

We have just had a very insular general election campaign, but the mood at Westminster is now determined by news from foreign capitals. There was a flurry of excitement last… Read more

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Cameron's small majority means big challenges ahead

23 May 2015

In ancient Rome, when a general rode in triumph through the city, a slave would stand behind him whispering into his ear, ‘Remember you are mortal.’ Today, there is no… Read more


David Cameron's big secret: he's not a great politician

14 May 2015

This was a vital election. A Tory failure would have been an act of political treason. Five years ago, the UK was grovelling with the PIGS in the fiscal sty.… Read more


The election when first past the post lost

9 May 2015

The defence of the Westminster first-past-the-post voting system is that while it’s certainly unfair, it delivers decisive results. A relatively small swing in support from one party to another can… Read more


The Tories have survived a near-death experience. But they’re not home yet

18 April 2015

At 5.45 a.m. Lynton Crosby holds the first meeting of the day at Conservative campaign HQ. The aim is to work out what threats need to be neutralised that day… Read more

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Attends CND Scotland Scrap Trident Rally

A Scottish revolution is coming, and everyone’s losing their heads

11 April 2015

Normally, if a candidate whose party came fourth in a constituency last time tells you they’re going to win, you put it down to election derangement syndrome. But in post-referendum… Read more

How will voters react to uncertainty? Will they turn to the main parties in the hope of a decisive result or will they be more inclined to vote for a minor party in the belief that they’ll have influence in a hung parliament? Photo: GEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images

The election result that everyone expects – and no one wants

4 April 2015

To form a coalition, David Cameron had to give up the Prime Ministerial prerogative to determine when the election was called. But it is hard to imagine that, given the… Read more

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A typical coalition Budget – designed to put the Tories back in power

21 March 2015

George Osborne usually tells his aides to prepare for each Budget as if it were his last. This time round, the Chancellor and those around him needed no reminding of… Read more


Wanted: a party leader willing to talk about defence

14 March 2015

In the 1984 US presidential election, Ronald Reagan came up with an effective way of embarrassing his rival Walter Mondale over defence. ‘There’s a bear in the woods,’ ran his… Read more


No one wants to fight a national campaign. This will be the least general election in years

28 February 2015

There’s normally an easy way to tell which party is losing a general election campaign. Whenever one side starts telling you to ignore the national polls and look at what… Read more

Liberal Democrats Canvas Before May's General Election

Why the Lib Dems aren’t scared of this election (and why they should be)

21 February 2015

One of the most remarkable features of this parliament has been the sangfroid of the Liberal Democrats. Nothing seems to shake them. The mood of the two main parties is… Read more


The Tories are coming to believe in David Cameron's election hunch

14 February 2015

‘You did this,’ David Cameron repeatedly declared to Tory donors as he reeled off a list of the government’s achievements at the Black and White ball on Monday night. Three… Read more