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Nigel Evans (Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty)

The Nigel Evans case proves that juries are smarter than our liberal elite

19 April 2014

You may remember this little gem of a story from a month or so back. Justifiably worried at the ramping up of rhetoric by western politicians over the crisis in… Read more


I've found the perfect compromise on breastfeeding

5 April 2014

What attitude should we take towards women who wish to breastfeed their babies in public? Older, more conservative readers may feel a little squeamish about this sort of thing and… Read more

MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

An ex-fascist or two isn't the BBC's problem. Its boss class is

29 March 2014

We live in a recriminatory age, one in which we are only ever a step away from the cringing, self-abnegating apology. Take the case of BBC Newsnight’s latest appointee, as… Read more


So now we know – the BBC is more scared of offending Muslims than gay people

22 March 2014

Are there enough black and minority ethnic people on our television screens? The comedian Lenny Henry thinks not and has proposed targets to ensure better representation. Lenny means stuff like… Read more

A devil monkey. Should they be restrained with Ritalin, or told to behave?

Dyslexia is meaningless. But don't worry – so is ADHD

15 March 2014

There is a beautiful symmetry to all things, I think, and probably related somehow to the concept of karma. Only two weeks ago, a bunch of researchers at Durham University… Read more

Boris Johnson Supports Shelter'S Overcrowding Children Campaign - London

Why Boris is wrong to say that the children of jihadis should be taken into care

8 March 2014

Do your children have a bleak and nihilistic view of the world? It’s hard to tell, really, when they spend 30 per cent of the day blamming away at those… Read more

Arrest Warrant Issued For Former Ukrainian Leader As Square Becomes Shrine To Dead

If Ukraine’s protests were a revolution, why wasn’t the Stop the War march?

1 March 2014

It’s ages since I last went on a decent demo and had a bit of a dust-up with the pigs. I should get out more, there’s a lot of fun… Read more


Rod Liddle: Neknominations – this is what the internet is for

22 February 2014

Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone behaved much as you behave? If everyone expressed themselves similarly? Let a thousand flowers bloom, I say. Take the case of Torz Reynolds. You… Read more


We buy dogs to reflect ourselves. So who’s buying all these killer pitbulls?

15 February 2014

I’ve called the doggie hospital three times now to find out how Jessie’s getting on. She’s just come round, at the time of writing. I think it’s partly guilt which… Read more

Gove to remove Ofsted baroness

I've invented a new game. It's called 'Six Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti'

8 February 2014

Can someone please explain to me why the BBC newsreaders were not wearing black armbands last weekend when reporting the tragic story of Sally Morgan being given the boot from… Read more

(Photo: Tal Cohen/Rex)

Why I'm on board for the homophobic bus

1 February 2014

London has long since lost its allure for me — altogether too many cars, foreigners, cyclists, middle-class liberals and people who, like me, work in the media, as they call… Read more

Lord Rennard Photo: Cathal McNaughton/PA Wire

Why didn't Bridget Harris just slap Lord Rennard?

25 January 2014

When I was promoted to being editor of a programme at the BBC, back in the late 1990s, my line manager came and talked to me in a deeply mysterious… Read more

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012 - Portraits

Christians – and Muslims – still behave better than the rest of us

18 January 2014

Two years ago this week the philosopher Alain de Botton unveiled his proposals for a giant gilded tower in central London at which atheists such as himself could indulge in… Read more

Enoch Powell and a farmer (Photo: Express/Express/Getty)

Why should Nigel Farage have to fight the ghost of Enoch Powell?

11 January 2014

One of the genuine seasonal pleasures to be enjoyed as 2013 slipped around the U-bend was Enoch Powell making his familiar comeback as the Evil Ghost of Christmases Past. Enoch… Read more

Napoleon Bonaparte (Picture: DeA Picture Library /M. Seemuller)

Rod Liddle: Try my new year resolution - ignore the internet

4 January 2014

At last, it has been scientifically proved that Jesus Christ is better than Muhammad. We’d always known that our lad with the beard and the holes in his hands was… Read more

The UK Observes Remembrance Sunday

Rod Liddle: Gordon Brown has vanished. Why?

14 December 2013

It may come as a grave surprise to you that, when it was offered as a prize in a charity auction, the opportunity to attend a dinner lecture by the… Read more

Is it racist to want a high street where you can understand the shop signs?

7 December 2013

A very useful feature in the Daily Telegraph informs me of the best 20 towns in Britain ‘for Christmas’. Number one on the list is the Cotswold village of Chipping… Read more

Who is Robina Hood?

Which female media star wrote the right-wing Revolt? It says a lot that we can't think of many candidates

23 November 2013

I am still trying to get some sort of closure. For almost three weeks now I have been tormented by memories of Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark dancing to the song ‘Thriller’… Read more

(Photo: Getty)

Soldiers aren't social workers, Mr Cameron. Remember that before taking on hopeless wars

16 November 2013

The ghost people, the letter people. The ones we hear about in court but never call by their real name; instead, Baby P and Girl A. And now Marine A.… Read more

Is that you Rod? Photo: Getty

Rod Liddle: How I was bullied when I wore a burka

2 November 2013

I dressed up in a burka to wander around the streets of Canterbury recently, to see what level of Islamophobic abuse and discrimination I suffered from the infidel locals. This… Read more

Maria with the Roma couple who allegedly abducted her (Photo: Getty)

Rod Liddle: What do you call travellers when they are no longer travelling? 

26 October 2013

How should we describe the people who allegedly abducted that little girl in Greece, after a neighbour claimed that they actually paid £850 for her to a passing Bulgarian? It… Read more


Rod Liddle: If we don't stigmatise fat people, there'll be lots more of them

19 October 2013

Trying to get good, healthy, nutritious food down the ungrateful throats of the lower orders, especially northerners, has become a serious national problem. At the moment these awful people eat… Read more

The Investigation Into The News Of The World Phone Hacking Allegations Continues

Rod Liddle: Is Hugh Grant a pawn of the mad metropolitan left?

12 October 2013

It is a peculiar alliance, when you think of it, which wishes to bring to an end 300 years of press freedom in this country. The handsome actor Hugh Grant… Read more

An Alternative View Of The Labour Party Annual Conference

Rod Liddle: Ever since I criticised a leftist icon, the Beeb hasn't stopped calling me

5 October 2013

Ring, ring goes the telephone every minute God sends. Sometimes I pick it up and say hello, sometimes I don’t. I know who is calling, anyway. It is one or… Read more

The Labour Party Annual Conference

Rod Liddle: Under New Labour, it really was the loony left

28 September 2013

There is a little vignette in the first volume of Alastair Campbell’s diaries that makes it abundantly clear that, at the time, we were being governed by people who were… Read more