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I’m utterly sickened by this story of a man trying to talk to a woman on a train

29 August 2015

What can we as a society do about the relentless harassment of women by terrifying men? Menacing men, threatening men, priapic men. Something must be done — and quickly. I… Read more

Edward Heath playing the piano to the amusement of Kermit the Frog and Paddington Bear (Photo: Evening Standard/Getty)

Who would have thought that about Ted Heath? Well…

8 August 2015

In another blow for freedom and the protection of the vulnerable, Conservative MP Mark Spencer has suggested that anti-terror legislation should be used to punish teachers who hold ‘old-fashioned’ views… Read more


Jeremy Corbyn won’t destroy Labour. But he might yet destroy the country

1 August 2015

Imagine, for a moment, the following scenario. In 2016 Britain votes narrowly to remain within the European Union, despite the Prime Minister having achieved little in attempting to renegotiate the… Read more

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron (Photo: Getty)

Tim Farron, an evangelical Christian, is the victim of a secular inquisition

25 July 2015

I wonder who will win the battle for Tim Farron’s soul — the Guardianistas or God? This is assuming that God gives a monkey’s either way. I know that He… Read more


I’m off to join Islamic State. See ya, kafirs!

18 July 2015

I am getting heartily sick of being subjected to low-level racist and Islamophobic abuse whenever I go out wearing my black Islamic State flag. It is a very beautiful flag,… Read more

The Holstentor

Grexit's a good start, but can we also kick out France, Spain and Portugal too?

11 July 2015

I think it is time to put into effect my plan for the re-shaping of the European Union. A somewhat scaled-down European Union: Greece wouldn’t be in it, for a… Read more

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Sorry, but you can’t take the Islam out of Islamic State

4 July 2015

At last, British politicians have been galvanised into action by the appalling events last weekend in the Tunisian resort of Sousse, in which 38 people were murdered by an Islamist… Read more

Nigel Farage leaves Broadcasting House after an interview on the BBC's Today Programme (Photo: Getty)

Roger Mosey and the questions you don’t ask at the BBC

27 June 2015

There was a remarkable scene in one BBC Today programme morning meeting in about 1995, as all the producers gathered together to discuss what stories would be on the following… Read more

London suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, relays a message before claiming the lives of six people and injuring 120 in the Edgware Road Circle Line attack (Photo: Getty)

Suicide bombing seems to have become a new Yorkshire tradition

20 June 2015

Where would you rather live, Dewsbury or Bradford? I ask because it seems that there are probably some good property deals to be had in this particular corner of West… Read more

Jon Snow, one of the many luminaries posing with a tampon. Stephen Fry will, doubtless, be next

Rod Liddle: why I’m supporting the #JustaTampon campaign

13 June 2015

I have spent the last few days posing with a tampon as part of an international campaign to demystify the important issue of menstruation. I do not usually menstruate myself,… Read more

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Football’s elite deserve the foulness of Fifa

6 June 2015

My favourite moment in the crisis engulfing football’s governing body, Fifa, came with the intervention of a man called Manuel Nascimento Lopes. Manuel is the Fifa delegate from Guinea-Bissau, an… Read more

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My new plan: let’s pay people benefits for not moving here

30 May 2015

Yet another exciting discovery from the world of Islamic science. As you are probably aware, Islamic culture has always paid a high regard to science and Muslims will tell you… Read more


Let’s set the cops on barbaric fox-hunters

23 May 2015

Among those deeply disappointed with the Conservative party’s victory on 7 May was Britain’s diverse and vibrant community of wild animals. They have not yet daubed anti-Tory slogans on war… Read more


What Labour needs to do is estrange its awful voters

16 May 2015

And so now we have to suffer the epic delusions, temper tantrums and hissy fits of the metro-left. They simply cannot believe how you scumbags could have got it so… Read more

Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth (Photo: PA Images)

After Miliband’s ‘tablet of stone’ stunt, I may just spend election day in the pub

9 May 2015

You have the advantage over me. You know the result of the general election, whereas I do not — a consequence of the moronically linear progression of time. Indeed, you… Read more


Once I've voted for him, Ed Miliband wants to make me illegal

2 May 2015

A couple of weeks back I wrote an article headed: ‘Call me insane, but I’m voting Labour.’ Among the many hundreds of people who reacted with the rather predictable ‘Yes,… Read more

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Gunboats are the humanitarian answer to Libya's refugee crisis

25 April 2015

More than a thousand migrants have died attempting to get into Europe over the past week, including 900 who perished horribly, trapped in the hold of a Tunisian ship near… Read more


Call me insane, but I’m voting Labour

18 April 2015

Quite often when I deliver myself of an opinion to a friend or colleague, the reply will come back: ‘Are you out of your mind? I think that is sectionable… Read more

Abase Hussen, father of Amira Abase Photo: PA Images

Whose fault is the jihadi bride? Certainly not her astonishing dad

11 April 2015

Like you, I suspect, I have been terribly worried these last few weeks over the plight of 15-year-old Amira Abase. Amira fled the country on 17 February in order to… Read more

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Photo: Getty

How Ukip became the incredible disappearing party

28 March 2015

The establishment drive to marginalise Ukip has been under way for three months now, and it has having its effect. You will not read anything about Ukip in your newspapers… Read more

Trevor Phillips Photo: Getty

Liberal absolutism may be the most pernicious kind of all (as Tim Lott has discovered)

21 March 2015

This week I would like you to share the deep pain of a liberal who has been called ‘right-wing’. This is a terrible thing to happen. It is hard to… Read more

Fourth And Final Day Of Crufts 2015

Cats can get away with anything. So why does Britain hate dogs?

14 March 2015

So who is poisoning all the doggies, then? I assumed, when the first horrible reports came through from Crufts, that it was either the Russians or the Muslims. Russians seem unable… Read more


Oh joy! Sean Penn has tried to crack a joke

28 February 2015

What a pleasure it is to see the Hollywood actor Sean Penn neck deep in PC ordure. The rodentine thespian was handing out an award at the Oscars to his… Read more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Getty

It’s not Netanyahu’s fault that Jews in Europe are afraid

21 February 2015

Have you seen the prices for houses in Israel? Astronomical, mate. You wouldn’t believe it. An arid and perpetually embattled country which everyone has recently decided to hate, and with… Read more

General View Of The Offices Of The Guardian And The Observer Newspapers

The delicious cant of the Guardian is such a treat on a Saturday morning

14 February 2015

One of the highlights of my week comes on a Saturday morning, when I make myself a cup of fair-trade coffee and settle down to read the letters page of… Read more