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Gunboats are the humanitarian answer to Libya's refugee crisis

25 April 2015

More than a thousand migrants have died attempting to get into Europe over the past week, including 900 who perished horribly, trapped in the hold of a Tunisian ship near… Read more


Call me insane, but I’m voting Labour

18 April 2015

Quite often when I deliver myself of an opinion to a friend or colleague, the reply will come back: ‘Are you out of your mind? I think that is sectionable… Read more

Abase Hussen, father of Amira Abase Photo: PA Images

Whose fault is the jihadi bride? Certainly not her astonishing dad

11 April 2015

Like you, I suspect, I have been terribly worried these last few weeks over the plight of 15-year-old Amira Abase. Amira fled the country on 17 February in order to… Read more

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Photo: Getty

How Ukip became the incredible disappearing party

28 March 2015

The establishment drive to marginalise Ukip has been under way for three months now, and it has having its effect. You will not read anything about Ukip in your newspapers… Read more

Trevor Phillips Photo: Getty

Liberal absolutism may be the most pernicious kind of all (as Tim Lott has discovered)

21 March 2015

This week I would like you to share the deep pain of a liberal who has been called ‘right-wing’. This is a terrible thing to happen. It is hard to… Read more

Fourth And Final Day Of Crufts 2015

Cats can get away with anything. So why does Britain hate dogs?

14 March 2015

So who is poisoning all the doggies, then? I assumed, when the first horrible reports came through from Crufts, that it was either the Russians or the Muslims. Russians seem unable… Read more


Oh joy! Sean Penn has tried to crack a joke

28 February 2015

What a pleasure it is to see the Hollywood actor Sean Penn neck deep in PC ordure. The rodentine thespian was handing out an award at the Oscars to his… Read more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Getty

It’s not Netanyahu’s fault that Jews in Europe are afraid

21 February 2015

Have you seen the prices for houses in Israel? Astronomical, mate. You wouldn’t believe it. An arid and perpetually embattled country which everyone has recently decided to hate, and with… Read more

General View Of The Offices Of The Guardian And The Observer Newspapers

The delicious cant of the Guardian is such a treat on a Saturday morning

14 February 2015

One of the highlights of my week comes on a Saturday morning, when I make myself a cup of fair-trade coffee and settle down to read the letters page of… Read more


Here's my rule: If the word 'he' will offend, then always use it

7 February 2015

Isn’t it about time the English language got itself a gender-neutral pronoun? This was the clarion call from the Guardian last week — and when that particular clarion sounds, we must… Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch Photo: Getty

'Black,' 'coloured', 'BME' - any kind of label is essentially racist. It's time to move on

31 January 2015

How should we refer to non-white people, and foreigners in general, given that of course we do sometimes need to mention them, perhaps over dinner in White’s or when mulling… Read more

Iranians take part in a protest outside the French Embassy in Tehran Photo: Getty

The Islamic world is rioting – and not for free speech

24 January 2015

They have been burning churches and murdering Christians again in Niger. You’d think that they’d have more immediately pressing concerns than worrying about a cartoon, Niger regularly winning the award… Read more

French cartoonist Renald Luzier, aka Luz, holds up the new issue of Charlie Hebdo Photo: Getty

Everyone says they’re Charlie. In Britain, almost no one is

17 January 2015

Je suis Charlie indeed. This is the problem with placards — there is rarely enough room to fit in the caveats, the qualifying clauses and the necessary evasions. I suppose you… Read more

Ched Evans playing for his former club Sheffield United Photo: Getty

The utterly ludicrous and petty campaign against Ched Evans

10 January 2015

A new name to help us welcome in the new year: Jean Hatchet. A name which is almost certainly too good to be true for a perpetually infuriated radical feminist… Read more

Tony Blair, Alex Salmond and Stephen Fry: Winners of the Utter Arse of the Year awards Photo: Getty

And the winner of the Utter Arse of the Year award is…

3 January 2015

A glittering cast list, delicious food and spectacular entertainment — I just wish you could have been there. But tickets were at a premium for The Spectator’s prestigious Utter Arse of… Read more

General Election - Social Issues

Why are there so many fat people in pictures of food banks?

13 December 2014

Were you aware that the famous actor Andy Garcia was born with a foetus growing out of his left shoulder? It was removed from him when he was a toddler.… Read more


Left-handed people are stupid (and everyone who worries about immigration is a bigot)

6 December 2014

Thoroughly cheering news emerged this week that left-handed people are likely to earn between 10 and 12 per cent less than their right-handed colleagues. (So 11 per cent less, then).… Read more


What you're not allowed to say about divorce

29 November 2014

Would you find it difficult to remain friends with someone if he or she suddenly revealed that they intended to vote Ukip in the next election? Or perhaps it is… Read more

Philae tweets and sends pictures back to mission control Photo: Getty

Sulking, weeping, throwing tantrums: we’re all toddlers now

22 November 2014

I wonder how long it will be before we actually crawl back into the womb? The average mental age of our population stands at about four. A decade or so… Read more

Anjem Choudary Photo: Getty

There just aren't enough Brits getting killed in Syria

15 November 2014

The news is always grim, isn’t it? Doom and gloom everywhere. And even the news which appears to be good has a dark cloud hovering behind it. For example, we… Read more

Nigel Farage with Mark Reckless Photo: Getty

It's not immigrants that Ukip voters hate: it's London

8 November 2014

It is interesting that neither Scotland nor Wales have been much bitten by the Ukip bug. The supposedly sensible view is that both of these countries are more kindly disposed… Read more

Philip Seymour Hoffman Photo: Getty

Rod Liddle: The top 10 most fatuous phrases in the English language

1 November 2014

An apology. A few weeks back, in my blog, I promised a regular series called ‘Fatuous Phrase of the Week’. Like so many publicly uttered promises, this one has failed… Read more


Wear a veil if you like – but don’t treat women like that

25 October 2014

What sort of clothing do you wear when you go to the opera? I assume some of you do go to the opera, otherwise the Royal Opera House could be… Read more


Panic about Ebola in Africa – not here

18 October 2014

Got Ebola yet? Early symptoms are very difficult to distinguish from either winter flu or, indeed, a particularly bad hangover. Bit feverish, aches and pains, sore throat and so on.… Read more


Who are Ukip’s new voters? The kind of people who decide elections

11 October 2014

An opinion poll to be published next week will reveal that Labour leader Ed Miliband is slightly less popular with the public than the vibrant Islamic State commander ‘Jihadi John’… Read more