How liberal Britain is betraying ex-Muslims

28 February 2015

These incredibly brave people are risking their lives for the freedom not to believe. They deserve better from us


Why an SNP surge at Westminster could mean the end of Britain

28 February 2015

Scotland’s political earthquake isn’t over, and the rest of the UK doesn’t yet understand the consequences


The myth of the housing crisis

28 February 2015

We’re destroying green belts and despoiling villages for the sake of a moral crusade based on developers’ propaganda


America’s greatest tradition: inventing spurious traditions

28 February 2015

From the State of the Union address to the marine’s salute as the president leaves his helicopter, we like nothing better than creating complicated little rituals


My wood-burning stove is expensive, trendy – and miserable

28 February 2015

According to Radio 4, wood-burning stoves are a mark of wordly success. Mine is reducing me to a cold, tired, red-eyed wreck

Sir James Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith: How my dad saved Britain

28 February 2015

If you’re grateful not to be in the euro, it’s James Goldsmith and his ‘rebel army’ you should thank

Dramatic mountains and hidden bays

A cruise around Cleopatra's wedding present

28 February 2015

Turkey's Turquoise Coast is beautiful, fertile and relatively unspoilt


How Vladimir Putin is waging war on the West – and winning

21 February 2015

Across the new Europe, a little bit of Russian influence is going a long way


A survivor of the Copenhagen attack speaks: ‘If we should stop drawing cartoons, should we also stop having synagogues?’

21 February 2015

Helle Brix was with Lars Vilks when the gunman opened fire. Vilks raised a beer


It takes a village (or six): the battle for rural churches

21 February 2015

Can the Church of England keep the doors open for 10,000 tiny congregations?

WRACS Celebrate

VE day anniversary: why politics will take second place the day after the election

21 February 2015

With just ten weeks to go, however, plans for the 70th anniversary of VE day remain sketchy


Attack of the personal space invaders

21 February 2015

Who are these chaps who insist on standing so close that you can smell their breath?


The dark comedy of the Senate torture report

21 February 2015

I didn’t want to read it – until I was asked to write a preface for the French translation. I was startled by what I found

A worker stands in front of British fash

When did the advertising industry get so obsessed with swearing and innuendo?

21 February 2015

It may have started with French Connection’s tedious joke about FCUK

The Piazza Duoma in Syracuse

An earthquake with a Baroque legacy in Sicily

21 February 2015

The joys of architecture and Mafia-built motorways in Syracuse, Sicily


I wouldn't want to be a girl in the age of Tinder

14 February 2015

Smartphone romance is all swipes, clicks and sexts. And real life is going the same way

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Ed Miliband’s critics hate him for his success

14 February 2015

On Murdoch, big business, Syria and Palestine, the Labour leader has changed the game. Some will never forgive him


Paganism is alive and well – but you won’t find it at a Goddess Temple

14 February 2015

Religion, as a special category of life, is a modern, Protestant invention and the most anachronistic feature of modern paganism is that it so eagerly claims to be a religion at all

BGC Charity Day

My moment of mortification with Saint Joan Collins

14 February 2015

She was magnificent. Then something terrible happened

Steve McFadden

EastEnders wanted to show Thatcher’s Britain. These days it would make Maggie proud

14 February 2015

In its efforts to reflect the real world, the BBC’s flagship soap has unconsciously embraced the Tory vision

Camila Batmanghelidjh

The trouble with Kids Company

14 February 2015

It’s a favourite charity of David Cameron and many celebrities. But does it do what it claims to do?

A future pensioner seizes control of his saving strategy, 1951

Five questions to help you take control of your pension

14 February 2015

More freedom means more chance to make mistakes. Here’s how to use the Osborne reforms responsibly


As oil prices plunge, I want to profit from the next spike. Here’s how

14 February 2015

A careful contrarian’s guide to betting against the oil bust


Worry about the eurozone crisis if you like. But profit, too

14 February 2015

How much the economy does or doesn’t grow from here is neither here nor there for the stock market

A sniff of the ancient world: Fez’s tanneries

A walk through Fez is the closest thing to visiting ancient Rome

14 February 2015

For the visitor, Fez offers up extremes by the hour, be it the beggar a palatial riad hotel or hammer blows from the metalworkers market set against the calm of the mosque