Michael Gove vs the lawyers - his toughest fight yet

23 May 2015

The Justice Secretary's new mission makes education reform look like child's play


Should we fear a Mugabe-style land grab in rural Scotland?

23 May 2015

The rise in Scottish nationalism may have implications for landowners and immigrants alike


'We need 10,000 mayors' - an interview with Steve Hilton

23 May 2015

An interview with Steve Hilton, Cameron's former chief strategist


What does your front garden say about you?

Local weirdo, agoraphobic, or ambitious vicar?


Nigel Farage cannot lead the Out campaign

23 May 2015

If he does, he will alienate Tory Eurosceptics


Letter from Kathmandu: China's beating India in the aid wars

23 May 2015

Meanwhile it's said India and China are using the relief effort to compete for influence


Why I won’t be going on Celebrity Big Brother — despite being tempted

23 May 2015

In the end, I turned down my invitation to appear on the reality TV show

Guild houses in the Grote Markt, Antwerp

Antwerp: the compact, charming capital of a country that doesn’t quite exist yet

23 May 2015

It combines Dutch can-do and Catholic joie de vivre – just don’t try to speak French…


Inside the Milibunker: the last days of Ed

16 May 2015

The Labour leader's court kept its fantasy alive right to the end

Jim Messina (Photo: Getty)

How did the polls get it so wrong? Jim Messina knows

16 May 2015

Cameron's data guru speaks exclusively to The Spectator

Ed Miliband Launches Labour Party Election Manifesto

The two Labour tribes preparing to go to war

16 May 2015

Four candidates, in two camps, chasing a vote scattered in at least three directions. This could be messy

The Spears 500

Posh, educated and energetic: meet the servants of the super-rich

16 May 2015

London’s greatest growth industry is catering to foreign plutocrats — and someone sent us its trade directory

Labour Wanted

Despair after VE day… the men left behind by victory

16 May 2015

Newspapers bulged with small ads placed by demobilised officers. One journalist followed up


As Kurdistan strives for a new life, its old traditions are dying

16 May 2015

The herders are under pressure not just from Isis, but from a thrusting new urban culture


How your funeral director is ripping you off

16 May 2015

There’s no legal obligation to use a funeral director. And it may be that you can make a better job of it

Le Perche: every farmyard looks like a painting

Beauty, tragedy and black pudding: the delights of Normandy

16 May 2015

The little town where I discovered the wonders of boudin noir


Reflections on the revolution in Scotland

9 May 2015

Nicola Sturgeon dominated in a way Alex Salmond could not have. But where now for the Union?

Ruth Davidson Meets Voters And Activists At A Street Stall

Ruth Davidson: on the campaign trail with Scotland’s top Tory

9 May 2015

She's a Conservative moderniser's dream. But she swears she's not coming south

SNP Launch Their Manifesto In Edinburgh

The year that Scotland learned to hate

9 May 2015

We have a new politics, yes. And most of us are quietly terrified of it


What opinion polls feel like from the other end of the line

9 May 2015

We in this call centre don’t know or care about politics. But if you hang straight up, we will call back

2. WK Bombenangriffe, Ausgebombte in Hamburg

The carpet-bombing of Hamburg killed 40,000 people. It also did good

9 May 2015

We must face the horrors we inflicted on Germany’s cities in the later years of the war. But they were not futile crimes


Shame, sex, violence and race in 1980s London – and today

9 May 2015

The student Ione Wells’s account of being attacked on the street summoned painful memories


How the other half of the press parties – a war correspondent’s letter from Washington

9 May 2015

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the needs of traumatised veterans

A stormy day in Hastings, Barbados

The swankier the hotel, the sulkier the tourists

9 May 2015

Julie Burchill rediscovers an eternal truth in Barbados