The return of God: atheism's crisis of faith

19 April 2014

When we talk about morals, we end up back talking about religion. That's a good thing


Would human life be sacred in an atheist world?

19 April 2014

It's disturbingly hard to say so


Don't call him an oligarch - meeting Dmitry Firtash

19 April 2014

A rare interview with Ukraine's mystery billionaire

(Photo: Alexa Stankovic/AFP/Getty)

As a doctor, I’d rather have HIV than diabetes

19 April 2014

One of the most feared diseases in the world is now, for British doctors, a manageable chronic condition. It’s a triumph we’re oddly scared to talk about

Della Francesca’s ‘Resurrection’

The mathematical revolution behind ‘the greatest picture in the world’

19 April 2014

Piero della Francesca, maths and masterpieces

View to the Acropolis

Where it's all kicking off in Athens nightlife

A savvy visitor's guide to the post-crisis Greek capital


Shakespeare invented Britain. Now he can save it

12 April 2014

We need the voice of our shared culture now more than ever

(Photo: Getty)

Scots and English are the same people, with different accents. Why pretend otherwise?

12 April 2014

Why are unionists so scared to talk about what unites us?


How fascist is Ukraine's Svoboda?

12 April 2014

Not at all, says its members. Just a little, well, 'emotional'...


Why can’t country views be protected from wind turbines?

12 April 2014

In cities, changes to the skyline are subject to careful planning. Not so here

Tom Hollander

The summer of love

12 April 2014

On Costard the Clown and a half-forgotten showbiz dream

(Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Getty)

Governments have failed — mayors are the future

12 April 2014

The power to effect real change may lie with dynamic city halls rather than ossified national governments

Reading: it’s not as solitary as you might think

Book clubs

12 April 2014

Everyone knows somebody who belongs to a book club. From informal gatherings of bookish friends in living rooms and cafés to ticketed events organised by newspapers, publishers and hubs like… Read more


We have a new climate change consensus — and it's good news everyone

5 April 2014

Climate change is now a question of adaptation. And it's not as frightening a question as you might think

Energy Price Rises Leave Elderly With Fuel Debts

How green policies hurt the poor

5 April 2014

Cold? Hungry? Short of cash? You can always eat carbon credits...


We've got gay rights, now let's have gay responsibility

5 April 2014

Monogamy matters, and not just for straight people


Before you talk about 'Lessons from Rwanda', read this

5 April 2014

I saw what happened. I will never forget the smell of death. And I don't trust anyone who says 'never again'


Michael Lewis vs Wall Street's new predators

5 April 2014

His latest book has started a war of words. It deserves to

Illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy

The Visit

5 April 2014

A reprint of Clarissa Tan's first, award-winning Spectator piece

Roger’s version: the mosaic of Christ Pantokrator in Cefalù cathedral

Secrets of Sicily

5 April 2014

An island of myths and wonders


It's time to reclaim Islam from the fanatics. Here's how

29 March 2014

Can my religion be reconciled with free expression? The answer is yes


Please stop trying to raise my awareness

29 March 2014

Once, campaigners and charities tried to fight social evils. Now they just tell us about them


Why Simon Stevens - more radical than most Tories - may save the NHS

29 March 2014

Simon Stevens may make more difference as chief executive of NHS England than anyone has yet realised


Why I won’t let my children learn French

29 March 2014

It’s ‘the language of human rights’, says François Hollande. Not in Africa it isn’t


Let Putin have Crimea – and it will destroy him

29 March 2014

Why losing this province could be the making of Ukraine