The technology giants are breathtakingly irresponsible about terrorism

29 November 2014

We know they can be good citizens when they want to be. So why are they acting in ways that could endanger us all?


Nerds, spies and terrorists: the online battle for freedom of the press

29 November 2014

It is too easy, sometimes, to forget that new media is media at all

The National Newspaper Launches In Scotland

The National shows just how much danger the Union – and Scotland – is still in

29 November 2014

This new newspaper, whatever its quality, is a reminder that the thirst for change in Scotland remains unquenched

Bob Marley Performs On Stage

Bob Marley: from reggae icon to Marlboro Man of marijuana

29 November 2014

A new line for the world’s ninth most lucrative dead celebrity


Is Nicolas Sarkozy headed back to the Elysée – or to jail?

29 November 2014

Just when it seemed that French politics couldn’t get any worse, the former president has put himself back in the game

Controversial Mural Of Breakdancing Jesus Is Unveiled

When did ambition become a dirty word in Bristol?

29 November 2014

A culture that sees itself as one continuous collective protest eventually suffocates itself

String Telephone.

The agony of dying gadgets

29 November 2014

For a technophobe, the one thing worse than a new device is the slow To survive as a technophobe in the 21st century, you must depend on the kindness of strangers


The hidden price of more overseas students at British public schools

29 November 2014

Sometimes they arrive with firmly held ‘traditional’ views which clash with the values of such establishments


Pacific-sized love

29 November 2014

The runner-up in The Spectator’s 2014 Shiva Naipaul Memorial Award

Grande dame: the Grand Hotel Stockholm as seen from the Palace

A cure for Christmas stress in Sweden

29 November 2014

The Stockholm Grand: I saw no reason to ever leave the room


Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’

22 November 2014

Student unions’ ‘no platform’ policy is expanding to cover pretty much anyone whose views don’t fit prevailing groupthink

Poor Manager

Deflation: the new spectre haunting Europe (and how to exorcise it)

22 November 2014

It’s a real problem, but the answer has less to do with bond-buying than with applied psychology

The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit Tower seen from Green Way

You’re paying £175 million to give West Ham a new stadium

22 November 2014

The full cost of the 2012 Olympic Games is still far from clear


The Islamic State and the left’s secret love affair with misogyny

22 November 2014

The way they treat women is not the catch – it’s the unspoken main attraction

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2

How America’s right wing is becoming a lot more like Britain’s

22 November 2014

Today’s Republicans talk less about God and more about fighting illegal immigration


Did you do something for the last time today?

22 November 2014

An acceptance of these occasions, surely, is a sign you’ve accepted you’re not immortal. It’s death by a thousand lasts


Steve Jobs’s button phobia has shaped the modern world

22 November 2014

It’s time for those of us with an irrational fear of touchscreens to have a say

Three glamorous guests, 1921

A miracle: French hotels actually like dogs

22 November 2014

Especially those that are stopovers for long-distance drivers rather than destinations in themselves


It’s not just Ed Miliband. Labour’s on the wrong side of history

15 November 2014

Thanks to globalisation, ‘progressive’ politicians have nowhere to turn

CBI Annual Conference 2014

There’s only one Alan Johnson (that's why Labour's in such trouble)

15 November 2014

What’s happened to my party?


The rich marry. The poor don't

15 November 2014

This ought to concern the left. But they’re too worried about making ‘moral judgments’


Is the Islamic State about faith – or profiteering?

15 November 2014

The dirty business of kidnapping, and other IS money-making schemes

Thousands Of Trees Felled To Halt Spread Of Sudden Oak Death

The National Trust is spoiling beautiful places in the name of people who’ll never visit them

15 November 2014

It’s time to take a stand against the absurd, patronising drive for ‘accessibility’

American Nazi Party Holds Rally At Valley Forge

Hug a hoodie: can there really be a kinder, gentler Ku Klux Klan?

15 November 2014

The people Klansmen seem to hate most are each other


The subversive wonders of Kilkenomics – where economics meets stand-up

15 November 2014

This brainy festival is fast becoming a part of Ireland’s popular culture