Little Ladyship

Meet the bloated, useless General Medical Council

18 October 2014

It used to be little more than a clerk and a disciplinary committee; now it's a nest of power-hungry bureaucrats


How to fix the NHS: a doctor's prescription

18 October 2014

Competition – and ideology – isn't working

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin op

Why the West will surrender in its new cold war with Russia

18 October 2014

Sanctions over Ukraine hurt Germany and France far more than anyone else – Moscow included

Shrien Dewani Murder Trial Begins

At least South Africa has the world’s best murder trials

18 October 2014

First Oscar Pistorius, then Shrien Dewani: at dinner parties, talk has been of little else for months


Does Jonathan Powell really want to negotiate with the Islamic State?

18 October 2014

Or does he just want more people talking about Jonathan Powell?


Brighton has become an object lesson in why it is a disaster to vote Green

18 October 2014

The eco-comrades have experimented with a series of bizarre policies


Why it won’t be Ukip’s fault if Cameron loses

18 October 2014

Lord Pearson, Ukip’s former leader, on the deal that might have saved the Tories from coalition

Quiet, quaint and understated: Cobblers Cove

Chasing the shadows of slavery in Barbados

18 October 2014

History is never far away, even on the Platinum Coast


Every 73 seconds, police use snooping powers to access our personal records. Who'll rein them in?

11 October 2014

Anti-terror laws are being used to suck in sensitive data without the traditional protections. It’s journalists now. It could be you next


Our suicidal newspapers are throwing press freedom away

11 October 2014

The Tory papers seem to want their own human rights abolished. The leftist ones cheer when journalists are arrested. Does their civil war matter more to them than their civil liberties?


The unbearable vanity of Kevin Pietersen

11 October 2014

His latest autobiography is a self-portrait as a wronged genius


The US military does everything – except win wars

11 October 2014

These feelgood humanitarian missions suggest that money’s being spent in the wrong place —and that we’re not facing up to failure in the Middle East


I’ve spent years in war zones. And the most terrifying moment of my life just happened in Norfolk

11 October 2014

The English bull terriers had come flying toward us like calf-high missiles


Letter from Donetsk: 'Soon, Scotland will leave you, and Putin will be tsar of the world'

11 October 2014

Rockets, rogue science fiction writers and relics of MH17 in Ukraine’s disputed territory

casino royale reshaped

A casino clash worthy of James Bond reaches its climax in the High Court

11 October 2014

Phil Ivey, Crockfords of Mayfair, and the dangerous game of edge sorting

Knockout lemon sorbet: Gelateria Bonaparte

Napoleon's birthplace feels more Italian than French

11 October 2014

Corsica has a complicated history – and some great ice cream


If Hong Kong burns, we'll all pay the price

11 October 2014

The island’s vital role in the global financial system means the effects of a Tiananmen there would be felt worldwide


Stock pickers vs robots

11 October 2014

New computer programs are challenging even the best asset managers


My investment secret: be as boring as you can

11 October 2014

Dull old smelly shares are often a better deal than ‘new economy’ ones


Since when was it a human right to take pictures of your genitals?

4 October 2014

Brooks Newmark, revenge porn, and a heady brew of hypocrisy and narcissism


The old man points at the sky. I assume he hears American planes. Instead, he says simply: 'God is real'

4 October 2014

While the Commons voted to bomb, we were getting over the razor wire


I was a liberal atheist. And then my stepson found radical Islam

4 October 2014

Ask yourself how you would feel if your child started spouting hate-filled bile against homosexuals, women, Jews — anyone, in fact, who wasn’t a Muslim man


What really scares Beijing about the Hong Kong protests

4 October 2014

The island and the mainland are drifting further apart. But it may be Hong Kong that represents the true, rebellious spirit of China

Sit In Protest Continues In Hong Kong Despite Chief Executive's Calls To Withdraw

Am I wrong to fear another Tiananmen?

4 October 2014

I can't look at Hong Kong without thinking about how far the Chinese Communist Party will go – and how little we'll do to stop them


Louise Mensch: I'm a divorced Catholic. And I'm sure it would be a mortal sin for me to take Communion

4 October 2014

Accept liberal arguments for the convenience of people like me, and you threaten the foundations of the Church